Yamaha R15 v2 Discontinued? Taken Off from Website…

Yamaha R15 v2 discontinued after v3 settled down! Taken down from the official website…

Yamaha seems to have discontinued the R15 version 2 from the market as it finds no place on the website anymore. R15 v3, which was launched in February in India, is, quite obviously, the replacement of the outgoing model.

Yamaha kept on sale the R15 v2 for a little longer than what we had expected, probably to ensure the higher price tag doesn’t deter buyers from the brand altogether. And now that the R15 v3 has successfully taken over sales for the mini ‘R’ brand in India, the company thought it is good time to shelf the v2 off from the market.

Talking about sales, R15’s June 2018 sales stood at 7847 units which are remarkably higher than the 2985 units the R15 v2 achieved (along with the ‘S’ version) in the corresponding month in 2017. Ever since March 2018 ie around the time R15 v3’s dispatches commenced, R15 has been successfully selling between 5200-7900 units every month.

R15-S continues to be on sale

It must be noted that Yamaha has kept the R15-S (which is based on the R15 v2) on sale to ensure they do not loose out on the customers who want a sporty motorcycle with a (relatively) comfortable pillion seat!

Yamaha YZF R15 V3 vs V2 vs V1 comparison shootout
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Before the V2 went out of the website, about Rs 8000 separated R15 v2 and R15 v3’s prices.

We have the R15 v3 for road tests in Delhi. Till we pen down its detailed review, you can go through our first ride here. Yamaha has recently commenced bookings of the R15 v3 MotoGP edition and may also bring in the M-Slaz which is based on the same platform to India.