What if R15 Would Have Been an ADV…?

A digital artist has imagined how the R15 ADV sports would have looked if it would be present. We are sure there would have been many takers for it!

It is a fact that Yamaha R15 is a special motorcycle. In fact, the overall platform is special and immensely popular. Yamaha currently makes four models based on it – R15 sportsbike, MT15 streetfighter, WR155 dual-sports and XSR155 neo-retro. What if the company, one fine day, decides to introduce an Adventure sports on this very platform?

A creative artist Abin Designs has come up with his imagination of how the R15 would have looked if it would have been an ADV or we can also call it as the Adventure sports version of the sportster. First up there is a very nice raised stance, accentuated by the sharp fairing of the R15. There is a very small beak just under those headlamps.

R15 sports tourer

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Overall, this is a very proportionate design with high-raised suspension and USDs (which means that it is the international version that has been modified here). It carries the R15’s deltabox frame and a windshield that is more vertical than the R15. We can also notice those knuckle guards and that the rear view mirrors are mounted on the handlebar.

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This is obviously just an artist’s imagination at work and chances are that the company may never come up with such an ADV. But what Yamaha has actually done is that it has patented the the ‘Tracer’ brand in India. Under the Tracer brand Yamaha sells Sports Tourers – currently 700cc and 900cc, internationally. However, there are rumors of a 250cc version also under development (more details here).