Yamaha Launches Recently Showcased Neo’s Electric Scooter In Europe; Costs Equivalent To Rs. 2.52 Lakhs

The Neo’s sports removable battery and slot for an extra one… the e-scooter is limited to 40 km/h…

Mere days after their global announcement of entering the EV domain and unveiling of their E-Scooter and E-bikes concept lineup, Yamaha have launched their first electric scooter in the European market called ‘Yamaha Neo’s’. 

Yamaha Neo’s Price and Availability

Yamaha have introduced their Neo’s electric scooter in the European market at € 3,005 which is equivalent to Rs. 2,52,713/-. 

They have further announced that the prices will vary on selective European markets and will be available starting May 2022. 

Yamaha Neo’s Electric Scooter Highlights and Features

  • The Neo’s is Yamaha’s greener take on 50cc-equivalent petrol powered scooters. 
  • The electric scooter is offered in two colours – Milky White and Midnight Black- which are accented with Aqua colour, which will become Yamaha’s signature colour for their EV range.
  • The design is a mix of futuristic elements along with the styling language from the actual petrol-powered Neo’s from the 90’s.
  • The Neo’s is powered by the company’s latest Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU), which they claim has been developed after the R&D of the past three decades. 
  • At the heart of YIPU is a direct-drive air-cooled brushless electric motor which significantly decreases mechanical power loss. 
  • Another design feature of the direct-drive motors is that the rear braking system is integrated into the system which is then connected directly with the rear wheel rim.  
  • The battery that powers the motor and holds the charge is a 1 kW 50.4V-19.2Ah lithium-ion battery which weighs 8kg and is located below the seat in the centre of the chassis. 
  • The removable high-density battery alone is capable of providing 37 km (claimed) of range on a single charge
  • Additionally, connectors and housing for a second optional battery pack is also provided by the company which when combined with the main one, increases the range to 68 km (claimed).
  • Neo’s is supplied with a dedicated portable battery charger which can be plugged  into a domestic outlet and takes approximately 8 hours for a full charge.

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  • The electric scooter gets two riding modes – STD mode and ECO mode.
  • STD mode provides the highest power of 2.06 kW (2.76 HP) which propels it to a top speed of 40 km/h, while the ECO mode restricts the power to 1.58 kW (2.11 HP) and a top speed of 30 km/h. 
  • The underseat storage provided in 27 litres which can be either used to store cargo or can accommodate the second battery. 
  • Other features include all-LED lighting setup, spacious floorboard, lightweight 13” cast alloy wheels, KYB front forks, LCD instrumentation, smartphone connectivity using MyRide app and much more.