Yamaha FZ25 is Now CHEAPER Than Pulsar NS200 First Time Ever

Yamaha has taken a lead in this FZ25 vs Pulsar NS200 price battle yet again after a major reduction yesterday. We also talk about Apache 200 here…

As we said yesterday, when Yamaha announced a major price slash of almost Rs 20,000 on its 250cc FZs – that the company should not forget the very USP of its quarter liter models – the price!

In the last few months or lets say 1.5-2 years Yamaha had been increasing prices of the FZ25 (which was originally launched at around Rs 1.19 Lakh) aggressively without understanding that it is hurting the model. The major set-back happened during the BS4 to BS6 transition when Yamaha surprised us by announcing a whopping Rs 17,000+ increase. This took it closer to the mainstream 250s and sales tapered off.

The bare basic utilitarian platform of the FZ25 was introduced here to offer a no-frills, entry level motorcycle. It has to remain that way. And it is good to see that sense has prevailed.

FZ25 vs Pulsar NS200

FZ25 vs Pulsar NS200 vs Apache 200 – Price Comparison Pointers

  • At its new price tag of Rs 1,34,800 the FZ25 is almost similar to its last BS4 price tag (of Rs 1,34,680).
  • The FZ25 now undercuts even the 200cc Pulsar NS200. The NS200, after tons of regular increments, is priced at Rs 1,35,354 which is Rs 554 higher (than the Yammie). This is the first time ever this has happened.
  • In fact, it is priced almost at par with the Apache RTR 200 which now costs Rs 1,34,365 (for the dual channel ABS version.

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These 200s can be better on a few parameters but we must tell you that FZ25 scores on a lot others as we found out in our test of the (BS4) model (we haven’t tested the BS6 yet).

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At this price point it is a terrific value for money offering and should be in your list if your budget hovers around this price tag. Yamaha informs that there has been no feature or spec change after this price reduction.