VIEW: Instead of XSR, Is This Yamaha FZ-X for India…?

Can we treat these as first ever Yamaha FZ-X spy pics in India? We share why this could be a big possibility…!

Yesterday, the whole online auto world went berserk with the spotting of a mysterious Yamaha test mule at the Yamuna Expressway. Anything from Yamaha is generally an exciting news. Most portals are claiming or reading it as the India-spec XSR250.

It does carry few XSR bits but it is neither sporting that 250cc engine from FZ25 range nor is it the 155cc motor of the R15. In all probability this upcoming motorcycle is based on the 150cc FZ-S platform and is sporting the same engine as well (link to our report). So, is it the India-spec XSR 150?

Well, let us note that Yamaha patented a new name – FZ-X for use in India few months back. Immediate reactions pointed at the possibility of it being an Adventure model because – one, X is generally used on ADV-type models and two, ADVs are the ‘in’ thing these days.

However, with the spotting of the XSR-like motorcycle in India, is it a possibility that this is the FZ-X for our market, name of which Yamaha trademarked recently?

yamaha FZ-X spy pics
Spy pics credit – Rushlane

If you look at the pics closely, most of the parts/platform is FZ-based with a wee bit of XSR in it (the tank and few other bits). So, there, actually is a big possibility of Yamaha carrying forward the well-known FZ branding on this one, instead of trying to popularize an absolutely new brand for our market (and taking that ‘X’ out of it).

yamaha FZ-X spy pics
International XSR155 which is built on R15’s platform..

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We have seen Yamaha Indian-ising few of its international models for India – like the R15 v3 and the MT15. This FZ-X could be the Jap’s way of giving the FZ range a shot in the arm. However, Yamaha please give us a wee bit more power…!