( 20th November 2008 Update: Get the latest Yamaha FZ16 Review and Photos: Click Here )

The news is hot, Yamaha is here with another of its great bike to rock the Indian market. The launch of the new Yamaha FZ 16 right after a few months of R15 is a sure Indication that Yamaha is very serious. In this preview, I have written a brief description of all the features of this bike. As soon as I get my hands on one, I will be writing a road test review of this bike.

Yamaha FZ 16

The launch of this aerodynamic-looking, sporty, yet rusty mobike is going to please one and all bike lovers like you and me! While I say sporty, believe me I also meant that Yamaha FZ 16 is also designed by Bike manufacturing Giant Yamaha Motors keeping in mind the rugged and crater-filled Indian roads.

[flv:https://bikeadvice.in/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Yamaha-Fazer-Review.flv 480 360]

The motorbike is believed to shake the entire two-wheeler segment market of the Indian automobile industry. With its launch Yamaha as a company will in no time get synonymous with the youth of the country and will mark the beginning of a new era. The premium bike maker is all set to roll the dice in its favor posing tough competition to Apache, Pulsars and Hunks.

Yamaha FZ-16 mobike is set to take the generation next by storm with several unique features, while the basic design is adopted from earlier series of FZ, though. With its diamond-shaped frame, this mobike is different with its killer-like looks and originality. It can really snatch away second glance from every person on the road.

The craftsmanship and engineering feat of Yamaha is revealed as you take a close look at the minute details of the vehicle, if I have to say it’s crafted to perfection.

If you are the one who would first give vote for style, look and color, well let me tell you that FZ16 is rightly branded as the ‘Lord of the Street.’ The motorcycle reflects power, strength and dynamism from any angle of view.

This Lord of Street is available in bold colors of flaming orange, midnight black and lava red. The kerb weight of the vehicle is 126kg, with a length of 1975 mm, height of 1045 mm and a width of 770 mm.

The engine of Yamaha FZ-16 is a bi-valved 153 CC, air-cooled, Single Overhead Camshaft Engine (SOCE). It gives an envious output of 14 PS and the peak torque it can generate is about 13.6 Nm. The pickup speed of this toy is mindboggling and an electric starter will only be a kicker (I didn’t mean you need to kick start this). Yamaha FZ-16 breathes through a BS26 carburetor and is neither fuel injected nor oil cooled; but working under negative pressure.

Fuel tank: The 12-liter fuel tank is built of stainless steel but has an outside plastic cover to give that molded look and reflect the perfect dynamic and muscular image of the vehicle. The tank has integrated shrouds and an eye-catching exhaust.

Brakes: Who likes those ol’ brakes? Well my vote is for disc brakes and there is a large disc brake on the front side of the vehicle that helps with great braking power and high-end balance to ride it. If you ask me if any downside, I would say that there is no rear-end disc brake in the Yamaha FZ-16.

Suspension: Suspension is the thing that impressed me like hell. The Mono-cross suspension at the rear, inner tubes in the front, hydraulic forks of diameter 41 mm provide excellent shock absorption typical of Yamaha craftsmanship and gives all the riding pleasure during those long drives for the rider and the pillion. Not to mention adding stability to the bike as well.

Tyres: Both, rear and front end tyres are tubeless with rear-end tyre having aspect ratio of 60 per cent. The advantage of tubeless tyres are, on being punctured it is less susceptible on getting flattened (I assume you know it also reduces the kerb weight of the bike as well). Yamaha FZ-16 has the fattest rear-end tyre with specifications as 140/60-R17, while that of the front tyre is 100/60-17. Which means the balance is perfect!

Headlight: The multi-reflector headlight with transparent lens on the front side provides with perfect illumination.

Dashboard: Yamaha FZ-16 sports fully digital speedometer and all other measuring indicators including the odometer, fuel gauge and the tachometer that have a characteristic of Liquid Crystal Display for clearer vision.

Performance: It’s from the Yamaha portfolio, so you can expect a performance par excellence with respect to the start-up speed (the company says 0-60 this bike gives the best time. The running speed of Yamaha FZ-16 overtakes all with its unprecedented torque. What more? it comes priced at Rs. 65000 (ex-showroom). Additionally, the gear ratio provides with awesome agility and optimum performance on the Indian roads. It’s gotten a spacious seat, so you don’t have to worry off your over-sized butts!

The new Yamaha FZ 16 is going to rock the streets! Are you game for it?

Yamaha FZ 16 Specifications:

Engine: 153.7 CC four-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder, 2 valves, SOHC
Power: around 15PS
Gearbox: 5-speed
Fuel System: 26mm CV Carb
Wheels (F/R): 5-spoke 17″ die-cast alloys
Tyres(F/R): 100/60-R17, 140-60-R17
Brakes(F/R): 267mm single cross-drilled ventilated rotor with 2-pot calipers / 130mm drum
Front: 41mm Telescopic Forks
Rear: Monocross type
Headlight: 12V 35W Halogen with Multifocal Reflector
Exhaust System: Mid Ship type, side mounted
Tank capacity: 13 litres

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(20th November 2008 Update: Get the latest Yamaha FZ16 Review and Photos: Click Here)

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  • Ravi

    Great review. How do you compare it with YZF-R15 150cc which you already reviewed.

    I was about to buy R15 and now I saw this preview. Any inputs will be appreciated.

  • Deepak

    Hi Ravi, I cannot compare it with R15 until I have a test drive in FZ 16. This is just a preview alright… and details may be different than the actual feel of the bike. I give more importance to the feel of the ride than the specifications, some users prefer it and some don’t but I stick to my style.

  • vikas trehan

    This Bike is set to rock the youths hearts by its amazing and dashing look.It has atractive lamp and chasis is so eye catching that it fires on the indian roads.But its price is high so it takes time in indian market

  • vikas trehan

    I was to buy this buike.

  • Kaushik

    It is a very good looking bike no doubt, but it’s got plastic everywhere. The fuel tank that is visible is actually made of three parts. The centre black panel housing the fuel filler lid is made of metal. The painted designer bulges are tank shrouds (plastic) bolted onto the metal tank, which is a pretty small one at 12 litre. The so called air-scoop below the fuel tank hides the puny single down tube of the frame. It is actually a puny bike blown up with plastic, reminded me of Vadivelu in Kaadhalan!

    It is an imitation fazer, Delhi make, with a diamond frame; the real ones abroad sport the Y frame which lends it the characteristic handling. This is just another one in the current crop of 150cc bikes. Calling this one the Lord of the Streets is an overkill. It won’t sell for just its looks; Yamaha in India is notorious for its poor quality, service backup and spares availability. Only time will tell.

    No doubt its styling is in a different league altogether, and I wanted to buy one for myself on an impulse the minute I saw the pics. It’s reasonably priced too, 65-70K. But hey, I would any day get myself the unpretentious ‘Made in India’ RTR than the ‘Made for India’ imitation Fazer. Thanks for doing us the favour!


  • Deepak

    Dear Kaushik, I agree some of your points. But there are too many factors to be taken about India. Most people will love the bike and Yamaha will love the money it makes by selling it 🙂

  • sibu

    Hey Kaushik,

    have u seen this bike in real. From the way i see it..its just awesome bike and i am planning to sell off my pulsar and buy it. I had pulsar for 4 yrs now and i dont think the bajaj service was good or their service and parts either. We are in India be it any Indian bike..its gonna be the same so i vote for fz16


  • Punkii

    For me this one is amazing in style and looks, as far as indian roads and driving style concern. This one is perfectly fine.I’m sure mileage part and Torque also appreciable.I’m ready to buy it on day one. for servicing and spare parts we need to rethink. But new business plan of yamaha must carried out with resolving this problem also.

  • rejoy

    @kaushik … well would you expect the tank to be scuplpted in such a way that fuel fills in the overhangings …i think its gonna effect the weight distribution overall …!and then abt 12 litres .. maruti Zen has a fuel tank capacity of 35 litres ..so for a 150 cc bike wont this be reasonable ..??
    About ‘Indian bike ‘ and ‘ made for india imitation ….its a matter of fact that though a company be indian or foriegn no1 does business for charity ..its all profit n money .. the difference is all about who offer the customer , the best value for money ..Do u think the bajajs n tvs were doing justice to the ‘ value for money ‘ ??
    Think abt the XCD .. they claim it to be the cheapest 125 cc bike …but wats the bhp put put of this 125 cc engine ..mere 9.5bhp ..even the splendour has 8.5 bhp ..( more than 14 year old tech or watever ) ..arent they tryin to fool the cusotmers with this higher cc tag , but nothin offered more than a 100 cc bike..??
    The overhyped 220 cc pulsar ..so called oil cooled engine …churnin just 20 bhp and amazingly the max speed of 120km/hr .. ( 10 km/hr more than a Unicorn / p150) isnt it exploiting our biasness to broad tyres and bigger engines ..but no performance offerd …
    How many of us could cruise this bike at a steady 100+ km/ hr speed without any vibration ..

    Lets dont be taken away by mere cc and tyre sizes …technology matters ..quality matters ….!!


  • This bike will really make Bajaj think about a new design for the Pulsars.

  • Mohith

    YAMAHA this is called as a companies name you all talk about bajaj and tvs but the fact is YAHAMA IS LEADING IN BIKE RACES THEY HAVE THE THECNOLOGY THEY ARE LKEADING IN MOTO GP as per this bike this is unique in all the norms of indian biking history yahama from all its bunch of so called GLADITORS $ RX HAVE COME TO R15 & THE FZ 16 WHICH NO ONE WOULD IMAGINE THIS IS A GREAT BIKE ………


  • pathan

    hi everyone.
    wat do u say by watching the design of this rz16, i m thinking that it has a gud design and gud style, so i m also thinking to buy it. wat do u say? right now i have hunk and i m planning to sale it off so if anyone want it just call me on 9909558448, its red colour and broad tyre, and good in condition, can anyone suggest me abt this, that whether i should sale my hunk and buy this yamaha RZ16.

  • gohil

    this is a faticher bike and i dont like it, i want to buy ur hunk pathan, watever may be the cost. u have made it extremely wonderful.

  • $ANTHO$H

    hey buddy……….
    wats the mileage………..?

  • kunal

    bike is awesome guys wid great power n pick up muscular & macho look bt the point is milege the bike gives only city milege of 40-45 and in highway 50-52 ……………
    company says we only concentret in performance nt in milege
    bike is comfertable bt nt lyk honda unicorn n apache rtr fi …………..
    n its really different frm r 15

  • Deepak

    Santhosh, I do not know about the mileage yet. This is just a preview. Actual road test will be posted later. To make sure you do not miss it, visit – https://www.bikeadvice.in/subscribe

  • chaitanya

    hey can it go more faster than yzf r 15??i want to buy dis r15 bt dis fz 16 came on to road ..wch 1 shuld i buy.i require speed.

  • I would like to buy this bike,please provide the list of dealers
    from whom i should contact and buy this bike as soon as possible.

    Vikram Ahuja

  • tejas

    hw much mileage does d FZ 16 give ?(approx will do)

  • TusharG

    I can definately see Yamaha is serious about its operations and want to change its image in Indian market. The bikes they are introducing are definately creating a positive image about the Company. I’ve Pulsar 180 and I’m just waiting for Yamaha to launch Fazer 250. Cause I do not see any point in steping down from 180 to any lower CC bike. Waiting for Yamaha to launch 250 CC bike. I hope they will do that very soon.

  • kunal

    it gives 40-45 city milege
    and 45-52 of highway milege

  • Hey friends
    As soon as i saw this bike i m just curious to get som e details…..so just went..thru this website….this bike has smart looks….now waitng to knw the cost and mileage….one more thing u can get a pulsar and always nd modify like FZ16…..so lets hope for the best….Ronak chao mow

  • Aruj


  • Anupam

    Hi Everyone,

    After going throuh all the comments posted, I would like to have some comments, As far as technology is concerned no doubt that yahama is unmatchable to all indian bike mfrs. and they finally lauched their product which they planned 4 yrs back ( rem, Gladiator 165 Cc)
    I have not a great experience riding bikes but i have good knowledge regarding tech.

    so the tech being used by yamaha is one of the best hence you can make your choices better.


    Performance depends on quality of fuel and engine oil. We all know that in india we have adultrated fuel in most part of country, It really affects bike in bad manner.

    So far yamaha has a great history of manufacturing great bikes. so we can expect that something will be better than pulsars they will offer.

    If you want to be different then go for it.

    I would love to sell off my RTR 160 to have a bike like this with mono suspension but will wait for reviews from Bikeindia mag.

    So far I could not get a time to ride RTR more than 3000 km depite it is 1 year old.

    Thanks a ton to yamaha to provide us a good option (R15 & FZ)

    Keep tracking reviews to decide.

    Bye & have a nice day.

  • FZ16 Lover

    Nice review. The FZ16 looks very good. One of the best bikes in our country and being a Yamaha you expect it to good.

  • Paras Dorle

    This bike looks like Dukati. I am going to buy this bike right now.

    -Paras Dorle

  • Shekhar

    Looks really cool…It’s gonna rock…Hope 2 buy 1…

  • Deepak

    Hey Shekar, Let me know when you buy one. I want you to share your thoughts about the bike with me.

  • Sathish

    Guys,,i am planning to buy a karizma R…but after seeing this,,i got the confusion about these two bikes,,,,, the overal look of this bike is extremely wonderful,,but i think the size is small compared to other bikes of the same class,,,so, please anyone suggest me?

  • Deepak

    Hey Sathish, this bike stands no match against Karizma. I have been biking Karizma for the past 5 years, go for it, you wont regret it. 223cc of adrenaline pumping power, awesome comfort and smooth engine.

  • Triple H

    jhakkas bike… but it is meant for hunks (i am one).. so teenie weenie skinnies don’t even think of buying this one.. muhahahahahahha….

    • somesh mishra

      the bike is for those who re young and stylish .for hunks they should buy hero hunk.the bull bike!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Hey can anyone help???
    Which one is better Pulsar 200cc or yamaha fz16????

    both cost same

  • Balakumar

    HI ! This bike is really lookin good in the fotos than in the showroom…… the bike got lot of plastics tht makes the bike to weigh low in this 150cc range… the digi speedo meters are not having good look and finishing.. the color of the bike is only the color of the tank and front wheel cover, there are welded spots in the back gives a very bad look. The back tyre is lookin amazing but the suspesion in the back is not that much perfectly supported like Honda Unicorn, so it may give back pain . The Head Light looks really Bad!!!!!!!!!!….Moreover it seems not that much worth for above 70k when compared with Unicorn and apache….I will say Unicorn is the best in this segment….. yamaha will try new models to capture the market share they had with 2 strokes….Now its a different game plan….service and spares are always a question mark with Yamaha?????

  • vikesh goswami

    hi gys, you know i have lost my apache bike but thank god yamaha made FZ16 THE DREAM GIRL. NA KEHOGE TO PACHTAOGE.BYE

  • Deepak

    Hey Sam, consider Pulsar 200cc. But I can’t be sure until I test drive the FZ16.

  • chandramany

    Bikes realy looks g8 but no logic behind the plastic fuel tank!!!!

  • prags

    The plastic look of any Yamaha bikes puts me completely off.

  • Deepak

    Well, Yamaha could have made the bike more solid! Many of the enthusiasts are worried about plasticity! 🙂

  • Milind

    Guys.. is teh plastic body really bad?
    i mean they say its a steel tank and covered with plastic. Isn’t it good to hv a 150 cc bike with around a weight of 130 kgs.


  • Trupal

    hey buddy can u say whats the milage and whats its axect price??????

  • Mihir

    Plastic has the best moulding ability and hence the bike gets that awesome macho look . . now instead of the reinforced fibre if the would have used steel again the production cost of the bike would have increased and the same people who are cursing and cribbing about plastic tanks would have cribbed about the price of the bike.

  • Vicky

    I have seen this bike on news and they said that it gives millage of 50-52 kmpl but this site provides information of millage of 36 kmpl only… I don’t know what is the millage of the bike… so I’ll think before buying it… actually, I should go for this bike because no bike can be compared with this one’s performance….I mean no one bike gives such great performance with 150 cc engine.. and also as you say, Milind, this bike have lightest weight amongst all 150 cc bikes…

  • Milind

    Actually i never wanted to go for a 150 cc bike bcoz of the weight (around 150 kgs – almost all of them). But i think the looks of the fz 16 are awesome. Like someone said … its like a Ducati. I am seriously thinking abt it. If someone could provide where in Mumbai are yamaha showrooms that’ll b gr8. Navi mumbai will do.

  • Shoeb

    This is an awsome bike from yamaha.. i have already booked one.. those who are cribbing about plastic tank shoud go and buy themself some other bike and not fz16.. everyone is not worth this lord of the street…

  • Shuaib

    This is an awsome bike from yamaha.. i have already booked one.. those who are cribbing about plastic tank shoud go and buy themself some other bike and not fz16.. everyone is not worth this lord of the street…

  • mack

    i have taken a test ride of the bike and it has an amazing pick up and very good handling and even the suspension is amazing for indian roads value for money

  • BikeRider

    I am a very avid bike rider and have been focussing on almost all the indian bikes.
    I would say that please do not purchase a bike by its look or color or just by the color. There is so much more to biking that this.

    R15- From a distance it looks like a great bike, Low CG provides excellent stability and killer looks with two horizontally aligned headlamps. But when I insect it closely, the icture changes complately. Have you seen the amount and quality of plastic used? I think in karol bagh those modification shops use better plastic than the one they have used in R15. Pay special attention to the transparent plastic on the front visor. try feeling the plastic on the fairing. very cheap stuff. The muffler sound is like anyother average bike. When i insisted on a test ride i was given a few meters of test ride and i could hardly touch 40 KMPH on that little stretch. The power it produced was definitely better than what I get in my unicorn but thats the only difference I found. The revolutions of this bike was stuiffer than what I get in my unicorn.. Breaking was definitely better due to the rear disk brake.

    When i rode my unicorn again after the test ride.. I felt that besides that killer sporty look that R15 sports my unicorn is far far better specially for the price I had to pay which is almost half of what i had to pay for R15…..
    Unicorn Rock guys seriously… the refinement, power delivery handling…. everything is superb. The only problem with Honda is that they do not market themselves well…

  • Dino

    Can you tell me if the maker is comming up with an upgraded virsion under the same model like the 180CC or the 220CC in future

  • mangesh bachhav

    yamaha is really manufacturing a great bike & this bike beat the all karizma ,pulsur 220, appachi& unicorn is nothing in front of fz-16 . some bludy mention yamaha bike give back pain I will tell u no one bike india smoother than yamaha bikes like gladiator old,ss & rs
    this bike gives the 100 % customer satisfaction & 100 % engine performance bike. unicorn gives the 93 % efficincy but gladiator gives the 100% performance efii.

  • Bunny

    this bike looks kool it can beat bajaj pulsar very easily if it gives milage like 50-55 kmpl

    i don’t think anyone will buy pulsar instead of this…

  • sankesh sethiya

    the byke!!!!!!!!!!what shoud i say about this byke it is like love at first site………….. cool and osam design

  • nilesh sawant

    give me the details of distributer in maharashtra & its milege

  • jugadus

    Dear All,

    After reading the posts, would like to clarify that the fuel tank of FZ16 is metallic and has plastic parts fitted on it, if anyone wants to change the color of the bike he just needs to purchase those parts and plastic guard of front wheel in just Rs 2400 and the color is changed, that is the only colors in the bike.

    Secondly company declares mileage as 50-55 but some sites posts as 36, if anyone goes for this bike, please post the mileage details which are been experienced, its expected to be low before first servicing as well, but atleast puts some clear light on it.

    It seems deliveries are scheduled on 10th oct, in Maharashtra, if somebody buys it please comeback and post the experience, we are awaiting….

  • Shoeb Bojgar

    Hey can anyone plz suggest me what to do abt the no. plate.. i dont want to put it on the headlight.. and the sticker on the mud gaurd also wud not luk so gud… plz help

  • Shoeb Bojgar

    hi! freinds… Few days ago i was confused to buy a bike.. thought about
    Honda Stunner but did not go for it because of its 125cc engine,
    Unicorn is a good bike however it looks very simple, TVS apache has every thing power and looks but T.V.S guys messed up the bike with its size, it looks like a toy on street.
    “BAJAJ” Pulsar was no where in my mind, they make good wadrobes and celing fans not engines.
    CBZ was the last option though it dosent looks so good from front but has the quality and power..
    How ever thanks to YAMAHA they launched fz16 it did not take me second to take the decision to get this beast.
    It has Power,Looks and Quality. i have booked Flaming FZ-16 a week ago but i am yet to get a test ride. The Yamaha Riders Outlet in camp Pune those guys are not ready to give test ride and asked me to wait until 7th oct to get a test ride.
    I am going to enjoy my ride.. It gives average of around 35 to 40Kmpl.. but the Yamaha guys Boast of about 50.. LOL

  • jayesh

    this bike rider is actually a sales manager in another bike company who has different cc variants of just one bike …

  • jayesh

    and he is just afraid that FZ will ruin the well created market for his bikes ..lamer


    I booked the fz.. any of u guys know when its being delivered in chennai?plz post if any 1 does know.. cheers

  • deepak

    i wwant buy dis bike

  • Melroy Martin

    Hi all this bike is the coolest i have ever seen.

  • Ketan

    So many speculation so little truth…People having pulsars are just jealous that a bike helluva better looking then theirs is gonna be out on the market.

  • Sachin

    Overall look ,died than others.
    Best choice if you going to buy. Economically not perfect designed. I sure it dashed to indian market.

  • Mayank

    this bike is a good one but the major prblms are that it is made of fiber…the first 1 year it will be good but later when ever there is even a slightest bump these things r gonn make noise like hell….
    the good point is that its lite weight but the main factor is that does it has the same or better stability than the baja pulsar 150cc….
    whats the basic average claimed by the company????

  • black hawk

    Hey guys.. i want to purchase my fst bike today or tomorrow itself.. bt i am confused between APACHE rtr 160 and YAMAHA FZ 16 ….

    i am not really into bikes and since this is my fst one.. i need ur advices buddies to choose between these two..

    best regards,

    GOD bless

  • Sandy

    I want to buy a 150cc bike.before this bike entered in to the market i want to buy unicorn.but after seeing this bike i was in confusion.friends pls suggest me which bike is better as a matter of performance.i heard that yamaha dont have spare parts.

  • tvs apache is betterHey guys.. i want to purchase my fst bike today or tomorrow itself.. bt i am confused between APACHE rtr 160 and YAMAHA FZ 16 ….

  • Shuaib

    Probably jayesh has a ” bajaj” pulsar and he felt bad abt what was said about bajaj in the comment above his..

  • Shuaib

    Hey mayank Plz dont compare Yamaha with Bajaj.. Bajaj guys make good celeing fans and not bike engines.. they dont deserve to be in automobile market.. and actualy i thank bajaj to be in this automobile industry so as i can differentiate the people who understand quality and prefer quality over any thing else..

  • Manoj

    Hey guys,

    Anyone who bought this bike please answer my queries because I am planning to buy this as soon as possible.

    What is the onroad price, What is the mileage, and what is the delivery time for FZ16

  • rahul

    This might have plastic… i donno.. it looks neat though..
    But i bet you wont get a mileage more than 40… i bet all i have…

    @ Anupam on September 22nd, 2008 at 5:11 am

    u must be crazy to sell your RTR of for this bike… you dont know bikes and biking my friend… have you gont thru the specs of this bike?? you got any idea wat your RTR is made of??huh??
    My friends R15 cant stand my RTR… R15 cries to move ahead at higher speeds.. name any 150 bike and i ll tell you the story of me smokin it in the drags we have every weekend…
    here is the deal.. one on one .. this bike and my RTR… if RTR looses i sell my rtr and buy this bike…

  • Dude looks like ur in love with ur apache rtr . Get ur facts right before u compare the rtr 160 to a yamaha bike . Ur so called superbike is a copy of a yamaha bike . Yamaha R125 which was lauched in the USA

  • Sid

    Post reading all these reviews it seems no one is ready to digest the fact that racing bikes are made of fiber glass (or you may call e’em plastic). You cannot have iron and steel all over the place and have a great pickup as well. I own a Machismo 350, which is of no match to any bike in India. However, every individual has his/ her own choice of picking what bike(s) they want to drive.

    Agreed that Yamaha have not had a great history in India only because their bikes of more than 220 CC will be affordable. They are one of the best in the World. We should never forget RX100 and RD 350. Today, they have come up with an amazing looking bike. I would have definitely gone for it, have i never driven a Royal Enfield, which I’ve been driving for the past 6 years.

    Their technology is one of the best. Do not compare it with Pulsar at least, because every 2nd bike in India is a Pulsar. The FZ 16 has killer looks, which comes up with mono shocks, cool looks head lamp and great finishing (much better than any Indian bike).

    This bike will give Bajaj and Hero Honda, who are the front runners a run for their money.

  • Sid


    Agreed that Yamaha have not had a great history in India only because their bikes of more than 220 CC is not affordable.

  • Naveen

    hello everybody!
    This is a small info to all those frnds who r concerned abt fz’s mileage.let me tell u something before that-see… many of my frnds own pulsars,cbzs,apaches&unicorns; when asked about mileage,the reply which most of them gave was that, their bikes initially gave 45-50kmpl but in a short span of time, ended up giving fairly 35-39kmpl,and they are quite satisfied with that too.So, if that is the general case with almost all 150CC’s , why not go for this one.SO NO MORE HESITANCY AND, I FEEL , IT’S A FANTASTIC BIKE!

  • vasanth

    i like the bike and way it s designed the exhaust must have been placed little higher than it s now as it seems to be too low

  • Rahul ur so called knowledge abt biking seems a bit unclear . According to u ur apache rtr is the fastest in drag races eh ??the bike itself is a cheap copy of yamaha R125 which was launched in the USA. So please get ur facts right and don compare ur stupid apache to yamaha R15

  • shashi

    hi friends

    Actually i wanted to buy R15 bike on this deewali.. but after seeing this bike fz16 i jst confused which bike should i buy….?pls help me which is better. rite nw i having yamaha rx 100 bike…

  • Sarvesh

    hey guys i saw da bike in da showroom
    i have 2 say da bike looks awesome. the overall look of da bike is macho,it has a large tyre (140/60 r17) the fattest tyre till now on any indian bike
    the tank also is gud,it does’nt look like da plastic fairing is attached 2 it.the suspention’s are also fat in size even da mono cross suspention looks gud ND big.
    comming 2 da speedometer it looks really gr8,but da sound of da bike is nt dat gr8 itz normal
    till now i have not got my hands on any1 for a test ride
    i will write my review after test riding da bike
    bye mates
    tk cr
    hopw my information would proove useful 2 sum of u ppl


    CHILL PEOPLE!!!!!!! Has anyone considered the fact that this bike runs on a carb rather than fuel injection? Of course the pricing is lesser than some other in the 150Cc category. Looks won’t do any good if you’ve got Worldwar 2 technology under the hood.

  • Dinesh

    Its really a nice bike & a naked beauty, good in 150 cc segment

  • Anupam

    Hey Rahul,

    After reading reviews in Bike india for FZ I think most of the bikes is 150 cc catogary have no match to RTR, I just said it before reading the acutal road test. After a long search I decided to purchase RTR last year so there is no point that i should sell my RTR I just did not review FZ carefully.

    RTR is far better but i am unhappy by the service provided by TVS here. That was a reason only. Next time I will try to get my RTR serviced at Castrol Bike zone.

    I will be more than happy if you provide your valuable suggestions .

    Enjoy your riding RTR

  • puneet

    to be dressed better, we wear suits.compare ordinary cinema with multiplex cinema.i have changed 6 bikes in the last 7 years.why? for great look and better technology.and now for the lord of the streetFZ16 i can only say that never seen such a bike in small segment of 150cc.i booked one in chandigarh coloure(flaming orange)and bike will be delivered to me till 14 otober.

  • aaron

    oh boy i think pulsar is on its way out of the market with the launch of ‘the lord of the streets’!!!!!!!!

  • Deepak

    Hey Punnet, I have never seen anyone changing bikes nearly every year. Hope you are satisfied with FZ 16!

  • rahul

    you must be rich bugga puneet….he he…





  • jagjeet singh

    I am looking to buy a new bike and i prefer Yamaha FZ16 as per the style say b’coz i am using Bajaj Pulsar 180cc,so what are your views for the bike.

  • Deepak

    Hi guys, I have posted a review of the bike today (Oct 7th) – https://bikeadvice.in/yamaha-fz16-review-and-road-test/

  • Srikanth.V

    CAN ANYONE help me out!
    What is the best way to get rid of feul stealing from carb version of motorbike as flow is continous until blocked! Is fuel lock the only way or anything else!!!!!!!

  • Apoorv

    i think the geest of the whole review melts down to that, the bike seems to be for an average indian, who is loking for a ballanced bike. and an avcerage indian is stuck in traffic most of the time. so straight forward indian market is not muck about latest technology but about the tecnology that stands tall and firm and is much relying upon. even the highways are no much safe to drive high speed all the time.so for a guy who works some where or is a student and wants to get a sporty loking byke which does not cost hell on petrol this seems to be the right upgrade. all i mean is that it seems to be…………we all should see how the market takes this bike.also one should look on getting 2009 model of the bike. let the enhtusiasts test the bike for us. if it turns out to be ok one should buy it.

  • shantanu

    can any one tell me its price in india….

  • Srikanth.V

    Hi shantanu,
    On road price is 73456/-(HYD)

  • Syed

    hey guys
    we got fortune tellers in here sayin after an yr this bike is gonna give noise, good for u
    and mr rtr drag, i guess u havent had a drag with an orignal RX100 which can kick off rtr any time in a drag
    and all those with pulsars and unicorns are surely jelous of the way this bike looks

    and let time tell
    let this bike be on roads, then see which has more fans. Even b4 its release we have so many fz fans

  • naveen m

    hats off 2 yamaha!!!!!

    third eye racing team

  • zahyr

    its a awesome bike better than all other female bikes.

  • Jeeshan

    This bike has killer looks, but 14 Bhp is not fair.
    Monoshock,different design,Ruff n Tuff looks whats more.
    This Bike is made to hit the masses,has only three colors available(forget about exclusivity).
    There are vibrations,well every bike has.

    RTR can beat this thing in races with out arguments(don’t start a debate it can easily).
    But HH HUNK is gonna run low for its sales figures.

  • Srikanth.V

    Hi jeeshan! I think ur taking only performance to account for RTR, but fz16 is combination of comfort and performance with its balance on all aspects, and definitely going to be a mean machine! It is not only that you won the race it is that you won the race with ease and comfort! I do accept yamaha is not to the mark of winning with ease but definitly ahead to RTR lacking comfort and road grip!




    A real fun of Advanced mobiking begins from here, welldone Yamaha, Ab na Na dhak dhak na bak bak,Keep Going,,,,,,,GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! (“,) i LOVE YOU.

  • cool freakabhishek

    hey coooool man cool this bike is really a beast with coool head and i will have this on 26october yeah this is the lord of the streets and by me this is muscles on the road…………..cooooool

  • asai

    fz16 wil be billed and send out of company only on 24th of this month.
    since the truck doesnt fit for the new broad back tyres it s getting late.


    what is the average ??????
    and on-road price…..
    i m from nashik, maharashtra.
    so who is d dealer close to me ???

  • Romans

    Hey Guys what about frazer FZ15 is it good ??

  • Pankaj

    Hey guys i hv booked my fz on 30 sep but still no news from the dealer… got ny idea wats happening??? when is the bike expected or is it already there in the market??

  • harit

    r u guys engineer.yamaha engineers are better than the others
    they know what they have to do
    how can u say dis a bad bike orr bekaar bike hai blah blah
    dis is a nice bike in its segment
    pulsar,unicorn,apachee,hunk dont have better lookthan fz 16
    they dont perform better than fz 16
    than how can they be good

  • Deepak

    Hey Harit, Cool down. I agree that you love Yamaha. I too believe that it is much better than others in 150cc segment.

  • vivek

    hiii guys i’ve read all da reviews posted…..i’m confused to buy fz16 OR karizma….i want to know da correct mileage and performance of fz16……i’m confused regarding da performance between karizma and fz16….so guys pls help me out

  • Deepak

    Hi Vivek.. go to http://reviews.bikeadvice.in to read customer reviews of Karizma!

  • Srikanth.V

    @      @          @          @            @           @         @            @           @
       @@         @    @       @   @ @   @        @   @       @  @  @  @        @   @
       @@       @   –   @      @    @     @      @   –   @     @  @  @  @      @   –   @
       @@     @           @    @            @    @           @   @            @    @           @

  • Aman

    Atlast the wait is over, the lord is on the streets now in bangalore, awesome bike with great looks. The black is ultimate, wow the sound of the bike is better than any indian bike as of now.

  • Shree

    Hello frens,
    I booked my RED FZ on 22-9 at pune (wakdewadi). The showroom guy told me that the bike is available but some RTO stuff is pending. He also asked me to take away the bike but with some legal hitch… god knows.

    Well according to him i will get get the bike on 24-10.
    But yes the reviews by shoeb and akhil… have made me impatient about this byk. could you both write more about the pick-up and cornering of this byk.

    i brought my last yamaha ybx some 9-10 yrs back and since then i was waitin for another power pack yamaha which is on road now.

    i didnt like R 15 coz i feel the bike is too big for a 150 cc engine. no doubt i salute the engineers at yamaha that they packed the R1 technology in R15 but i felt the the byk is not fit for 150 cc, also the tyres are disappointing.

    CRUX, FAZER, LIBERO… forget them as bad dreams.. god knows what went wrong with yamaha those days,,,,

    but now no looking back.. YAMAHA ROCKS…..

  • vivek

    hey thanks deepak for ur post….
    i’m still confused dudes so which one should i buy karizma or yamaha fz16…..please help me out dudes…………..

  • aaron

    Truly the lord of the streets…pulsar5 sucks but the unicorn rocks

  • Ashish Mogha

    I AM ASHSIH MOGHA ,yamaha engineers are better than the others,FZ16 THE DREAM GIRL.

  • shrikant shingade

    I booked FZ16 on oct of 5TH but i stll didnt get due to STOCK

  • kunal m

    h!!! Every!
    i have got my bike
    itz juz awesome
    u can’t compare with r-15,hunk,apache,unicorn N the worst pulsar,
    it’z totally DIFFERENT NAKED BIKE
    itz juz the awesome black in colour,
    when i was gone to ride (as i was 1st in ulhasnagar to bring from mumbai) everyone was watching even the R15 riders
    i have tested the average, itZ 40kmpl for sure,
    its front tyre is thicker than r15’s rear tyre

  • kunal m

    its pick-UP is far instant than R15
    N the vehicle is very much SILENT

  • Srikanth.V

    HI kunal!

    Congrats Dude! Nice to have ur Macho! May i Know the exact Mileage of it! Because i came to know it is only 30km/ltr from some other blog!

  • rohit

    R15 is d best option if u want to purchase a 150 cc byke i have gt 1 nd i have a very gr8 experince. it hace gt d best pick up among the 150 cc sector nd touches 144 speed easily on singles butu have to change gears properly dats d only condition. it has gt a very gr8 handling on a higher speed nd is far better dan ny bajaj or TVS byke. my cfrnd has gt a r15 nd i have bajaj pulsar evnthou i would say that go for R15………..

  • Hey All,I booked my FZ16 2days back (full payment 🙂 .I am blessed to test ride the vehicle only today.Gosh!!!It has macho looks and it has sky rocketing pickup blah blah..

    *When I touched 70Kmph,I felt the vibrations ( literally )
    *The Number Plate positioning has put me off.it killed the looks.
    *Mileage 38 ( read in review ).Imagine how much it gives 1.5 yrs down the line
    *The LCD Tachometer is yuk….
    *Rear Seat…..its gonna pain a lot in the ass for big bottomed pillion riders…literally

    I was about to buy Pulsar200 but bcoz of the hype,i had chosen this one.But guyz, its really a showstopper ( for Apache,Pulsar )…

    Hope this one will help..

  • Madhu

    Hey Prabhas.. I think you should go for red. Red personifies Yamaha. And Deepak is probably rite, You in fact will stand out of the crowd ideally with a red one. Though black is a real smart color, it might give one an impression that it is a pulsar from distance.. Because there are a million black pulsars all around us you see 😉 I am sure you wdn’t wanna have one 🙂 :).
    And this is for Srikant.V : k, the exact mileage of this bike is 41..
    I’ve checked it, may be the blog that you are talking abt has tested under the conditions of belting the shit out of the bike.. hehe.
    30 is ridiculous, that’s probably less than the thiny puny tired r15..

  • Madhu

    Btw, wtf are we talking abt mileage when we are talking abt Yamaha.
    No one enters an Yamaha showroom with mileage in his mind. Its all abt power.. So can we not have those dumb ass questions abt the mileage.. If you are so concerned abt the mileage then you better go for starcity or platina. you don’t deserve a yam..

  • prabhas

    hey!! guyz…
    pls help me out with the color….
    iam lil cofused wid the red n black.
    i anyday go to black…but for this m lil double minded.

  • Deepak

    Hi Prabhas, I think red is better. If many people buy black, you may not stand out of the crowd.

  • Srikanth.V

    Hi Guys!

    Mail ID: Srikanth.V

  • vikram

    I have rode the bike FZ16 for whole one day and it really feels great. I never ever liked any yamaha before like this one. It handles awesome, great and smooth power delivery(far better than pulsar180 which i own), and great brakes. The build quality is fine and solid. It gives a macho feel, the sound could have been better with an inbuit muffler. The looks are great, a low slung body design , center weighted a good crafted machine , my girlfriend liked it also.. Now after riding this it seems the pulsar really sucks.


  • sushrut

    at par with the conventinal 150ccs….>>>

  • rock

    hey m planning to buy the new fz16………..but m too confused in coloures i have two choices red or orange??…….i m more concerned about orange but will it look good on road…..any body can load on road pics of orange yamaha fz….or give me links of d site which has one.

  • rock

    and wont the orange colour give a cool sporty look………plz help me on this m too confused about colours red or orange?

  • bunty

    acctually this a a nice bike
    m buying this bike
    but the comopny is nt delevering soon
    its takng so much time
    so my request is that plzz delever fast in pune ok
    bye thanks

  • i dont like orange…i like watermelons….also apples…therefore i like red….my girlfriend tina like cherries….so she also doenst like oranges….only red…..
    please buy red…

  • vicky

    hey guys, i just bought this bike.Its indeed a very slick bike which has got mesmarizing looks and great performance as well. this is the bes bike i can imagine 4 myself. just take a test drive, i am damn sue, you would buy it soon.

  • Nilanjan

    hi guys,i booked the naked beast yesterday and believe me…..it s the best bike in india today.the pulsar 150 comes for 65 on road…….and it surely seems sensible to put in another 8 grand to own the dream bike…….considering that every second bike here is a pulsar.But is is good if a lot of people dont buy the FZ 16….it will remain exclusive to the genuine yamaha lovers.Im counting days till I get my hands on the lord of the streets!!!

  • yuvaraj

    Hi Guys i purchased new bike FZ Yamaha 28th october but know my wheels are start danching no proper response from the delaer and service side pls awit for few months and book if the service is good otherwise. selft for your joice

  • frozen stone

    orange is a good colour on the fz considering tat it gives u the look from a far off distant too… the red and the black are common and they look like pulsars from far off…. ORANGE indeed is the colour… or wait till new year i’ve heard plans off the green or a blue colour to be released…

  • sandesh

    hey tel about mileag n any bad thing in this bike kya…

  • keyur

    Looks great, 150 CC.

    but not clear the avarage of fuel efficiency

  • What is the mileage of the bike !!!!

  • shravan

    hi guys can anybody tell me wat’s the On road price of YAMAHA FZ 16 in bangalore??????
    and which showroom will offer best service in bangalore…???
    please help i wanna book one BLACK FZ ……….!!!!!!!!!

  • shravan

    hi guys can anybody tell me wat’s the On road price of YAMAHA FZ 16 in bangalore??????
    and which showroom will offer best service in bangalore…???
    please help i wanna book one BLACK FZ ……….!!!!!!!!!

  • Akshat

    Guys,i booked this byke a month bak…my delivery date is 7th Nov.
    m quite puzzled bout its mileage…plz. help…

  • Gautam Dogra

    Its one of the best and safest bet. I just confirmed its on road price to be 75000 including all taxes.
    They have Yamaha finance which requires 30000 downpayment and 24 months * 2000 installments.
    With Superb styling and the streetfighter concept, this bike is going to be the best. I personally feel all engines can be modified for performance. So later when we are done with the street riding, we very well might customize the engine a bit. Yamaha engines are no doubt fantastic in reliability and performance.
    Even am going for this beauty!

  • nitin

    guys m rly confused, pls help me on this. i wanna buy a bike and i cant decide between yamaha fz 16 and bajaj pulsar 180 cc. i want reliable and comfortable bike. i dont care about mileage, handling and riding comfort is what mattters me.i like fz 16 more but the only thing m worried abt is it has only self start and lot of my friends and other ppl i know say that thi is not good and self start doesnt work in rains and winter also its not realiable at all. pls tell me which bike i should buy.
    thanks guys.

  • balaji

    hi frns fz16 s really kool bike dan r15.so who ever s int den plz go 4 fz16 itself so dis s my suggestion 4 ever. even i tat 2 buy de sam bike which i av said u rite nw.

  • Hey guys..
    i have booked this bike today.. its the Lord of the Street ..
    amazing bike ..wonderful creation of yamaha..FZ 16 is one hellova ride.. its two months waiting… m counting the days …nice ride guys trust me killing looks great features… Mileage is arnd 40-45 km/pl. No Kick,,, Electric start..Thats My Bitch…Yamaha FZ 16.. I have posted about the same on my blog


  • Roshan

    I know a distributer who is giving 20 % discount.
    Yamaha FZ16 on road price is about 75000 but distributor is giving it on 61000(on road price).
    if any one is interested call me at 9819697178.
    all bikes are available on 20 % discount.
    limited offer.

  • Madhu

    Hello people..
    Well, its been exactly 24 days since I got my bike delivered..
    Thats wright, it was on 21st of oct.. My bike has been through its first service.. To tell you all in detail about this bike, its 75k if you are paying the whole amnt, but if thru finance, then the yamaha guys will deduct 2k just like that apart from your interest and down payments… so make sure you are well informed abt this while booking.
    About the performance: its first mileage check- 49.8(riding below 45km/hr)..
    second check after the service-42.. under belting conditions(riding above 6rpm)-36km/ltr..
    The top speed that I could touch was 110km/hr.. But the roads here in b’lore are not too long enough to touch the complete top speed, so am pretty sure that the bike will go more.. Doesn’t vibrate as much as the pulsar or karizma at that speed.. but there are traces of vibrations(r15 is better in that context)..
    About the looks- I don’t need to say a word about it.. Thats killing pulsar, apache and karizma guys every day.. for a fact even the r15 guys are found drooling at it.. 🙂 🙂
    Super super road grip.. I have dipped the bike to almost ground level at 90km/hr speed.. Its as safe as you are riding at 20’s..
    And its surely worth the money.. But in the rainy season, make sure that the pillion wears an plastic cover on his/her’s back 🙂 🙂
    Since the mud guard is a unique shaped one, the slush is sure to hit the back.. My friends had to throw their t-shirts away.. I am planning to put another swing arm so that the slush doesn’t jump up.. Well you can take that as a suggestion.. 🙂 🙂

  • Madhu

    Any queries, don’t hesitate to ask me..
    Honest replies for sure.. 😉

  • moonal

    its 70 k in new delhi….cool and awsome bike….i’ve booked it few days back… i m gonna get it in january….

  • chintan

    @ Madhu..
    is this bike suits for 6 feet guy heavy built? bcoz my friends r saying that it looks small..

  • Rohan

    i am a gr8 fan of yamaha.. there is no match for this when it comes to performance…but guys could help noticing the design of the enginne and the mufler.. The mufler doesnt get the exhaust directly from the engine,, instead it looks like scooter (activa/access) mufler.. I couldn’t get any information from the Showroom….. could it be a new desig which is yet to be tried and tested…And last but not the least.. Yamaha 150cc and no kick start…. well can someone clarify these doubts

  • A.Latif Bhaiji


    I am avid fan of yamaha bikes. Previously i had a yamaha rx100 which was a hit in itself uptil now in so much of competition.but after seeing the FZ 16 i would surely want to possess it.

  • roshan

    I know a distributer who is giving 20 % discount.
    Yamaha FZ16 on road price is about 75000 but distributor is giving it on 61000(on road price).
    if any one is interested call me at 9819697178.
    all bikes are available on 20 % discount.
    limited offer

    • vinay kumar

      hii friend this is vinay kumar i am purchase fz please send the details and call me 9535506555

  • Chetan Mantri

    This bike is realll cool and hope every hunk would like it…just like me and I am so pleased with it. I would suggest all to go for it without any second thought….take it and rock it… 🙂
    “The Lord of the Streets”


  • ravi

    hi friend iam ravi plese send any body fz milleage why means i purchase a fz bike please send me all detail ok…..

    • vinay kumar

      hi friend iam vinay plese send fz milleage why means i purchase a fz bike please send me all detail ok…..

  • Vijay

    Hi guys, i m 4m muzaffarpur, bihar. The price of fz16 is Rs 69,930 on road here n price of r15 is Rs 1,03,730 on road. I was gone to showroom yesterday to book fz 16 n looked the bike. Its really rocking, macho look, muscular body. But i m a little bit upset to know dat there is no kick start. Abt milage the showroom guy tell me dat it may gives up to 54km/lt. but i dont think so. Pls tell me wat is the max. speed of dis miraculous creation.


    hello friends//////////
    i ll b buyin fz16 in few days?currently m havin yamaha rxz…the name yamaha is a brand in itself…..well …..m confused with the milleage of the fz16 some r sayin 55 n some 45,35?would like to know bout it axactly?pls?i dont wanna get away only with the looks but thr bike should b worth we payin for it…..like an average indian one thinks bout milleage n comfort first…..

    plz suggest…


  • Kaustubh

    Hi Muneed…

    I am also from Pune…I have got FZ and drove it almost 600Kms…I got average around 30-32….I think after 1 or 2 servicing i will be able to tell u the exact average….


  • munna

    hey guys……
    alll u people are saying that yamaha’s plastic work makes you completely off but the reason behind the plastic work is to give you (biker) an optimum mileage so that you can enjoy the ride and at the same time value for the money you spend on the fuel…….
    so FZ-16—-(160CC) ROCKS………….

  • sanjay


  • sanjay

    i liked yamaha FZ16 very much it has got a real killer looks and was about to book the bike.but came to know tht it hasn’t got a kick start so wat if the engine is cooled down in winter or on a rainy wat if the bike doesn’t starts.m much worried about this but wanna buy the bike so can any one give me a good advice and some solutions for problems like no rear covering of the bike which might spoil ur dresses and is the rear seat comfortable for sitting and a few more details of the bike.hope u give me ur valuable solutions

  • raghav

    i bought R15 but the back pain and pain in the rist is so high that it is irristable……and the byk height is so lov that u feel so below on the ground when there is any apache RTR or stunner on the next side to you…i get fed up so early with the byk that in decided to sell it but i shocked with the re-sail value …i had to sold it with 14000 less with only 1200km on it!!!
    now i had Apache RTR160.. even though it looks small from far but it is a beast….it got the pover…..i m very satisfied with my decision…..so frenz jast dont go on looks…yahama sucks……..all de best

  • kunal m

    Im the actual user from more than a month n covered 2000kms,
    if u want the pickup n everything that a bike should have, then forget the avg,
    its really 38-40kms in the city

  • anurag

    can u give ur mobile no??….

  • Yogesh K

    Hi guy’s need little help from all of u guy’s of FZ16 users and dreamers. I wanna to book a FZ16. So r they coming with “Rear disc brake”? on it or not?. If so then I’ll wait for some time. please reply this post or Mail me @ yogeshleo3107@gmail.com


  • Deepak

    No yogesh, It does no have rear discs… and no options too.

  • Yogesh K

    Thanks Deepak so I’ll book today evening.


    i just want the average of fz-16 in traffic and maintainence….plz provide such………..

  • gaurav

    i own fz from 2 weeks . it gives mileage of 50 in city.
    that,s great….pl accept this as this is true…

  • abhishek

    hi guyz… i jst bookd da beast… jstd wnted to know dat r da price about to fall??? bajaj have reduced upto 2000/model.. wat abt fz???????????

  • satyender

    I have booked the bike ‘yamaha fz16’ on 5th nov2008 at excel showroom in banglore.I’ve paid the down payment also ,but still i havent got the bike.Still he is not telling the exact date.please tell me what should i do now?Please contact with my mob.no. If you could. I’ld be thankful and appriciate and greatful if you call me.iam really mentally disturbed.please help me out.
    MY MOBILE NO.IS-09916956369 AND 09241736920.

  • sanju

    call me if any clarifications needed 9447840902…as i have 3 beasts at home including my dad

  • mahesh

    what is milage on City? And Exact On Road Price in Bangalore

  • Saravanan

    Can anybody say me wht’s the cost of the bike in chennai onroad???

  • avikal

    hiii every1….can any1 plz help me out wid thz….
    actually m jus crazy abt this beast…bt i need to get some modifications for my bike if available with yamaha wil b too gud…
    1)slide board as in FZ-1 in between dash board and head lamp.
    2)rear disc (which mst for this untamed BULL).
    3)and a blue FZ….tel u the blue color nourishes even more its deadly looks…
    plz tell me what shud i do…

  • avikal

    and one more thing i jus forgot to mention….
    there is no kick ….that reallly shockedddd me….atleast for indian roads one shudnt trust the cape power…..i mean there have to be or must be a back up zone to kip peddling isnt???

    so overall my question is what are the failure chances of self start..???
    plz lemme know sir…

  • aryan

    hi , this is aryan , i m buy this bike in nov. this bike is very nice . so smooth riding. and nice look

  • eddie_s

    I hav just bought this bike – The FZ 16 on the 20th of Dec, 08 & I must say,its the smoothest bike i hav ever ridden,it has a very low & soothing sound as well,pick up is great,n about the looks,its guaranteed to grab all the attention everywhere.If u want to build up your personality,go 4 this,i guarantee ull hav more self confidence if u havnt had it before.But that doesnt mean that i ddnt hav it before.Forget about mileage all of you. Dont be so stingy about fuel. After all,its all about the looks & performance & this one has it all.Its worth the money spent….Thanks all.

  • abhishek

    hey fz buddies. can sme 1 tel me abt the exct on road price… i herd dat de price have fallen.. plz sme 1 tel me yar as im abt to get 1 coming weekend!!

  • Gautham

    Hi all,
    I have booked fz 16 and the on road price i have been told by the showroom guys is 74,000/-

    I booked my vehicle black in colour on Nov 22 and been waiting till now, but thank GOD that I have received a call and been said that the vehicle would arrive on Jan 07.

    The bike is really muscular and tough looking and this is the bike I was waiting for if not just before booking the vehicle I was about to go for pulsar 200.
    Thanks bye……

  • pawan sharma


    YAMAHA’S FZ 16 is certainly a rocking bike, i am looking for this kind of bike for a long time and now my wait is over. i will definately buy this baby this year. my message for all bike lovers would be please take a brake from pulsar,tvs,hero honda etc. and really start the sports biking.


  • ridethewind

    Hey All!! Yes, definetly FZ 16 is the greatest one available!! It has such a great look, with beatiful colors, nice shocks and a lot of little details that make a worthship bike!! I am going to get one myself just next month…The price is about the same as the pulsar, tvs, etc…And I do really preffer a Yamaha bike than these ones!! Anyone who is interested in technology, quality, performance and reliability should go for a Yamaha!! I had a DT 200 when I was in Brazil and that was a nice bike!! DT 200 and DT 180 used to rule in Brazilian dirt roads trails!! There the only 2 national bikes we had were Honda and Yamaha, now there some korean and chinese bikes arriving to compete, but in my opinion they compete with price only as they are cheaper and the quality, well…In case they are the same price, and even if it is not and you can save a little more money, its worth to have the Yamaha.
    So yeah, it is not that hard to choose a bike, specially with these new great models from Yamaha..


  • Hari Prashath

    Hi Folks,
    The Bike looks awesome,but still the bike has few drawbacks

    Disk Brake:It Makes bad Noice.

    Kick Start:For Indian conditions it is always recomended to have two modes to start.In Cool conditons the electric start is not working up to the mark.

    Number Plate: No Proper area for Number plate,It Look awfull.

    Seat:The seat is not like a drivers confort one.Itz very narrow in the backside.

    Number Plate: No Proper area for Number plate,It Look awfull.

  • ashish

    hi this is ashisb nikalji as i saw the yamaha fz i like the model & th e look of the of the bike as i wish to go ahead and purchase it

  • Ashwin, Bangalore


    I own red FZ16.Onroad price 75000. I have been running it for past one month (500Km)


    Very stable and sturdy

    very good pickup

    very convinent to ride in heavy traffic.

    milage 40-45km/litre.

    Killing looks

    excellent road grip


    discomfort for pillion rider with the kind of seating arrangement, but no regrets.

    front number plate spoils the look

    Discomfort for the rider with pillion, with the tank hitting the personel parts (be careful).

    I have rarely gone above 5000rpm. till now, the gear shifting is not very smooth when compared to my old unicorn and there is vib when i cross 6000 rpm, but i think this will get resolved after first 2 services.

  • Roy

    I love My Pulsar 150cc…i don’t feel that fz has any competition with
    Pulsar….except for the gears….bike is the best in the market now……..if u tell me to buy a bike…i will only buy a pulsar 150….Mileage + power + confort + style…..compare it with FZ(mileage+power)…….pulsar deliver the package……

  • Rajesh

    I own red FZ16.Onroad price 75000. I have been running it for past two week(100Km)


    Very stable and sturdy

    very good pickup

    very convinent to ride in heavy traffic.

    milage 40-45km/litre.

    Killing looks

    excellent road grip

    But apart from the above leg-guard,chain cover, auto off indicator are missing…


  • Kiran Rai

    hi guys…..
    i wan2 buy the fz16 so please anyone can help me know the performance of the bike also please let me know bout the battery as it is not having kick start…fearing for the starting problems after some use… so please help me…

  • Saurabh


    I own red FZ16.Onroad price 75000. I have been running it for past one month (500Km)


    Very stable

    very good pickup

    very convinent to ride in heavy traffic.

    Gear ratio is very good. SO u can ride 35 km/h on 5th gear…

    milage 36-41/litre.

    Attractive looks

    excellent road grip


    discomfort for pillion rider with the kind of seating arrangement, but no regrets.

    Shock Absorbers are showing poor Performance…compared with my old unicorn….

    Front number plate spoils the look

    Discomfort for the rider with pillion, with the tank hitting the personel parts (be careful).

    I have rarely gone above 5000rpm. till now, the gear shifting is not very smooth when compared to my old unicorn and there is vib when i cross 6000 rpm, but i think this will get resolved after first 2 services.

  • shravan

    hi i heard that yamaha released 2 new variants of fz 16 named as fz s…. is it true ???? wen it will be on road????

  • rocky

    Hiii ,

    showroom price : 69,200
    Avg.. : depends on u ( 38 – 52 )
    Pickup : best in class (0 – 70 in jst 5 sec)
    Body : Fiber (to change according 2 ur need .. )
    grip : awesome
    suspension : feels like sittin in a car (not 4 lightwieht)
    ultimate performance
    Service Center : very Good Response (raja garden ,delhi)

    Full Satisfaction (in evry aspect)

  • Yeah,. Its True., Do Check out this Link..,

  • Really a cool Bike… Just loved the way it looks….

  • Nawal K

    I have just rolled out this Menacing Looking bike out of the Yamaha Stable …its called FZ16…. lord of the streets’ and for good reason. This is by far the sexiest look by in the market right now. Mind you its not a machine for the miserly. Fuel efficiency is a mere 40 kmpl… But what it lack on the mileage front, it more than makes it up in its looks. Handles like a breeze. I could from Delhi to Kolkata without even touching the handle bar (leave alone the throttle for now). Its that rock steady.
    I must add that this bike just loves to be thrown around the curves and corners. Engine is not so happy going to higher rpm’s (beyond 7000), but where u have twisted roads or twisted traffic to contend with, here’s your ticket home.

  • Gianetan

    This Fz16 is one big ORGASM for—–guys on it and gals off it.

  • varun

    guyz……confused between pulsor200 n fz16…..plz compare dese bikes n help me out……also…i wanna kno thier average….plz help…..regards……..

  • amar

    hiiiiii guyzz i have fz-16 in jan23 for the first one month i used to drive arpund 40 to 50 once i finished my first servies i started driving like i wanted…………….well let me tell u advantages and disadvantages ok………
    advantages:1.it has a really good look and from back view u will really like like it
    2.its pickup is good many of them says it reaches 0-60 in 5.08 sec and they say pulsar 180 goes 0-60 in 4.80 seconds and apache too…….. well me went race with pulsar 180 guess wat pulsar 180 cant beat this bike pickup is good i can grant u that u can beat pulsar 180 and rtr easily……..now just want go with pulsar 200
    3.speed ya good in city u can reach 100 easily then any other bike i know………
    4.road grip is really good u can drive as u like without falling…..
    5.stunningly no other bike comes with extra gadgets as thiis bike do in india u can chage this colour easily u must buy a kit worthy rs.2800 regarding which colour u want……and also yamaha launchs a new kit has brake lever,disc oil cap and many enige parts in gold plated metals which give u bike a really awsome look but this full kit is too much costly is 15,000 but u can buy spaertly hs which u like……………

    disadvantage:1.many disadvantage is its speed top speed is 115 only this not liked by many.
    2.the whole bike is made up wiht plastic material so u can easily put a scrach but u can change it easliy with part buying……
    only this 2 disadvantages i found for me if u ride in city much this bike is the best but if ride outcity much and want speed r15,or 220 or 200 or rtr like that………..these all information i gave is truth and fully tested and not telling for me before u buy check again for urself………..

  • Vas

    i heard yamaha is come up with a new sportier lookin bike.can anyone tell me the comparison between fz-s and fz-16?????

  • bhanu

    did u know when yahmaa fz 16 blue colore is launching

  • chirag

    does the fz have a kick start?

  • Angelo

    FZ-16 does not have a kick start option. It is an awsome bike. It is really Lord of the Streets! Amazing performance. Super Bike!I am proud to own it! great biking experience!

  • Angelo

    FZ-S is the same as FZ-16 when we talk abt engine and performance. Coz its FZ-16 itself. Just a wind shield added and some graphics added for more stylish looks. But I would rather say FZ-16 is better looking than FZ-S.

  • Raj

    I have this bike, the performance overall seems to be great. I agree with Angelo, FZ-16 is better looking than FZ-S.

  • Yashu

    I Own the new Yamaha FZ-S…
    It is completely awesome..
    It is available in two colours……

  • sukhbir verma

    comparison never allows bikes for getting der best review but Yes,definetly FZ 16 is the gr8 one available!! It has such a great look, with beatiful colors, nice shocks and a lot of little details that make a worthship bike! Anyone who is interested in technology, quality, performance and reliability should go for a Yamaha!!really a awesome bike guys..wan to know more featurs visit d link..http://www.yamaha-motor-india.com/product/fz16/index.html


    yamaha should make the bike more stronger.

  • sandip

    which bike is better?
    yamaha fz16 or suzuki gs 150 r??

  • Rutvij

    hey any idea as to till wat temp does the engine of the bike endure. as there is no kick does the battery gets down at low temp of abt 2 deg celsius or below..



  • parshu

    I got this bike and It look awsome and really people look back to it if it went pass them. But it got some problem with shocker. It is not good for uneven road coz it jumps alot. But on plain road it run smoothly. Handling is amazing. Dont skid much even in wet roads like pulsar(I got pulsar 180 too).

    If you planning to buy just ask the guy to change the horn. It really feel embrassing(you will know when u try its horn).

  • parshu

    One more thing although it has no kickstart but it electric start is awsome. i never had to press the button 2 time yet unlike my pulsar..

  • vipul vohra

    oh dear i owned fz16 and the bike is 2 smart about its looks as well as its 150cc engine and r15 is also a nice bike

  • eeshaan

    FZS fuKkd Fz-16!!!…betta color wid same prformnce

  • T.K.G.

    Vijay: Hi guys, i m 4m muzaffarpur, bihar. The price of fz16 is Rs 69,930 on road here n price of r15 is Rs 1,03,730 on road. I was gone to showroom yesterday to book fz 16 n looked the bike. Its really rocking, macho look, muscular body. But i m a little bit upset to know dat there is no kick start. Abt milage the showroom guy tell me dat it may gives up to 54km/lt. but i dont think so. Pls tell me wat is the max. speed of dis miraculous creation.

    hi buddy, the bike is roking no doubt..the av. of bike is 45-50 which is comp. claiming.

  • Arun Sharma

    1. I am gonna buy a bike sooner in one or two months. However, I am preety confused in which one to choose. I have been swayed away by the Yahama’s new bike (FZ-S) the upgraded version of FZ-16 and I am literally in mood of buying this upgraded version. But I am not able to get the complete review of this bike like mileage, Top speed,handling, servicing etc as none of my fried owns this as yet. I read on lot of web links about the review, but everybody says different things and none provided the actual information…
    Could anyone who owns this bike could provide actual review done by him….and his verdict for this bike against the rivals Pulser (all) and apache RTR’s.
    Thanks…..hoping for a good reply soon.

  • Guneet

    hey friends.. im new here at the forums… nways the thing is that im going to buy fz 16 next month… so i jus wanna ask what is the actual top speed of fz 16.. frankly i like to be a speedy roadster on the streets as well as on long roads(not highways)… i don’t have any doubts abt fz’s acceleration.. but all the i knw is what is its pure top speed.. the company claims it 132kmph but i wanna knw from fz 16’s users… coz the thing is ma friend got pulsar 150cc 2008 model… he ride it on 127kmph(bike was not goin above that) on noida road.. so can fz 16 beat this 127kmph of top speed or not?? coz he’s the only challenge for me among ma friends… though i have seen a fz 16 goin 121kmph in a video on youtube but then also i wanna ask this questions from the user of fz..so plzzzz guys help me in this regard as soon as possible coz if ur answer go opposite from what im expecting.. then i have to go for k & n performance kit for fz in order to increase its top speed & all if it can’t able to beat 127kmph range.. ma problem is i can’t take a bike more expensive than fz..& i don’t wanna take common lookin bikes also… sooo plzzz help me out.. so that i ensure that i don’t have to start collecting sm money for k & n performance kit..:(
    thank u…

  • brijeshbthebigboss

    yamaha–japan he know how to power boost 150cc engine….yamaha is something different ,,,,go yamaha woow

  • Gaurav

    hey fndz !!!!!
    awesome bike ….
    I m ridinG this bike from past 6 months …….
    It will Give u back even sinGle penny that u have spent on it..
    no bike can compare this……..
    that is wat called YAMAHA………

  • Waqas

    Awesome bike this is… When i 1st saw the ad on TV i completely fell in love for this bike. Very stylish and elegent look for everyday bike… The bike seems too good for everyday riding. Too bad we dont have these kind of bikes in our country (Pakistan). What we have at here for everyday riding if one sees, he’ll think he is in some kind of horrorifying mechanical disaster movie of 40’s. Something even worse than Mad Max. I hate it when we see these Indian bike ads and could not get one…. If only i could own this bike maybe…..

  • Kamlesh

    Hi All!

    The factory outlet in Calcutta have quoted price for FZ-S as Rs. 72215 (on road).

    Is is correct or is there a way to verify the price?
    Pls help.

  • dilip

    i want a bike with good mileage,terrific look and excellent pick-up,which bike will u advice m….

  • sridhar

    If you are planning to buy in Hyderabad, let me know you will get a good disconnect on show room price. meetsridhar_ch@yahoo.com

  • anurup

    kunal: yo0guysit gives 40-45 city milegeand 45-52 of highway milegeenjoyyo0

    thanks man…..thts wat i wanted to know…

  • Ranjan

    Yeap, I am facing problem with startiing…sometime m not able to start my bike (fz16) for 10 mnts.Can anyone help?

    PRADEEP: starting

  • yogesh

    Ranjan: one h

    Ya! take it to your nearest service station. LOL

  • Amit

    Hello fighter,
    I had beaten the APACHE RTR 160 from my Yamaha FZ16.

  • amit j

    can ne1 tell me is der ne new model cuming up of FZ???????????
    REPLY PLZ its important……. thankyou in advance

  • fz 16

    dude kaushik now most of the bikes are mainly plastic,cbr 250,yamaha r series etc.one thing i really like bout da fz16 is da exchange able plastic panels so jus switch da panels and u got another colour.im gonna buy dis bike in bout a week and i really like it,but dere is sum cons too.no rear disc brake,pillion seat is too small,not so good fuel con sumption and dey also cud hav installed a kick start

    Kaushik: It is a very good looking bike no doubt, but it’s got plastic everywhere. The fuel tank that is visible is actually made of three parts. The centre black panel housing the fuel filler lid is made of metal. The painted designer bulges are tank shrouds (plastic) bolted onto the metal tank, which is a pretty small one at 12 litre. The so called air-scoop below the fuel tank hides the puny single down tube of the frame. It is actually a puny bike blown up with plastic, reminded me of Vadivelu in Kaadhalan!It is an imitation fazer, Delhi make, with a diamond frame; the real ones abroad sport the Y frame which lends it the characteristic handling. This is just another one in the current crop of 150cc bikes. Calling this one the Lord of the Streets is an overkill. It won’t sell for just its looks; Yamaha in India is notorious for its poor quality, service backup and spares availability. Only time will tell.No doubt its styling is in a different league altogether, and I wanted to buy one for myself on an impulse the minute I saw the pics. It’s reasonably priced too, 65-70K. But hey, I would any day get myself the unpretentious ‘Made in India’ RTR than the ‘Made for India’ imitation Fazer. Thanks for doing us the favour!–

  • hi

    i will tell u some points:-

    1.for average = is 40-50 (for best drive at speed of 40 to 60 do not fly ,keep engine cool,maintain ur bike)

    2.No vib at all (not at high speed also)

    3.for self = in winters keep ur bike covered,keep a bike battery charger at home.

    so go for it FZ-S or FZ16

    and for self i will keep updating tips

  • i will tell the solution for if the battery gets low far from ur destiny an the bike does not start

    just wait

  • viscmad

    the solution = 1.keep the key on
    2.the bike should be on gear
    3.and run with ur bike (pressing the clutch)
    4.do not accelerate
    5. as soon starts apply the front brakes (pressing the clutch)

  • John

    were can we get a battery charger..? Can we upgrade the current battery from 5 ah to 9 ah

  • imran

    yamaha bike super fz is i like iam bye this bike

  • viscmad

    john u will get the charger in any electric market & u need to ask about upgrading the battery from the shop u purshased the bike or service center.

  • Aravind

    Hi guys… i also felt happy to have FZ16 with me…its rocking…. but its an advice to all u guys who are in chennai…don go to Ambal Motors, puresevakkamm…i hav’nt seen such a irresponsible bunch of dumbs dere…i paid full amount ~75,000. After riding 300K i found the CHOKE connetced were not corrected(ON became OFF nd vice versa)…When i approcehed them …dere are not at all takng up reponsibilty…it seems dey want me to open the enginge nd check before i but…..

    So beware of Amabal Motors….If not avoidable don buy bike in cc…It seems some probs in assembling do occur in dis bike…take care.

  • Manoj Kr Das

    Bikes on par with Fg 16 should be launched by yamaha. it really changed my lifestlye and looks.

  • Prafulla

    I own an Fz16 from the past month. For people wondering why you should go for it rather than a pulsar or apache is the handling. you can totally screw around on extremem corners and the bike will not shake even one bit. The braking as well is extreme. Coming to a stop from top speed will take a little more than 3 secs.

  • roonie

    Dear all,
    just purchsed fz-16 1 month back, its STUNNING with the pickup and performance…..avg concerned people kindly don’t consider this byke coz thinking of getting more then 40 is hell. Performance is inversly proportional to Milege.
    one -ive point is tht after riding even for 5 kms ur hands starts a bit paining coz of its sitting position and weight.

    ELSE the othe rbykes SUCKS and YAMAHA FZ F****.(srry fr using this F word but i can’t resist)

  • karthik

    hey this bike s shit itself …it has only the good look…either it gives mileage nor it gives power… actually it has only best handling , but no power n no good mileage(30kmpl)…so i request not to buy this shit…the top speed is only 105…even after full throttle open it goes only up to 105…

  • Prashant

    Hey Guys,

    I bought FZ 2 months back and facing some problems. Just wanted to confirm whether the same case is with you guys as well or not.
    1.) It is giving me an average of 31-32 only. Thats not what I expected at the time of purchase. I normally drive it at 70-80 KMP speed. Could this be a reason of the problem? As of now only 1 service has been done on the bike. Will the average be improved after few services?
    2.) The Fuel Indicator is also not consistent, keeps on fluctuating….I can uderstand it going from High Bars to low bars….but it goes other way round as wellll….
    3.) The Rear tyre which I thought the best part of Bike has also lost its Grippings…..its becoming flat day by day…
    My bike reading is just 1000KM. is it the case with everyone or with me only??


  • john


    I am riding this bike since last 9 months(5500 KM) Fuel average kept increasing gradually from 40-45 to 45-50 KMPH. Please dont get fooled by the rear tyre size “ITS NOT MENT FOR GRIP”.. its just for STABILITY at high speed.. this bike is rock solid at 100+ speed unlike others which wobbles.

    Pls dont expect mileage at 70-80 KMPH the engine is around 6500-7500rpm at that speed.

    BTW.. its good driving experience.. you will never get it on other bikes. When i sit on pulsar.. i feel i m sitting on toilet seat.

    Bottom line>> This bike is not for Average seekers or long drive riders

  • Prashant

    Hey Thanks John for your comments.
    Agreed to whatever you said. When I purchased this Bike that it will definitely not give average more than 40-45 but I got concerned when my bike is giving me a mere 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyday I go to my office on FZ only and my office is 17 KM from my flat. So In a day it becomes close to 40 KM of drive.
    I expect it to give me that much average only…Am I Expecting too much???
    Whats your suggestion how much should be the RPM to get that average??


    • Dev

      Hey guies just wakeup it’s not good byke pusler is the best not purchase dis byke

  • john

    Hey Prashant,

    I m not a pro rider, but as i understand my bike(FZ-16).. i feel this is some of the point to keep in mind to achieve mileage.

    1. Drive at speed around 45-60 kmph
    2. Shift gear at 4000 RPM (at each gear)
    3. DONOT drive below 2500 rpm at any gear.
    4. DONOT use power fuel. Use normal unleaded petrol.
    5. Weight of the rider or/and pillon matters a lot.
    6. Use lower gears at slope.
    7. Gently open the throttle and dont go vrooom(instant throttle) at the first gear.

    Hope this helped you. I get around 50KMPL on highways and 40-45KMPL on inner roads.


    • Anil..

      hi friend thanks for your advice

  • harikrishna

    i’ts super bike back wheel is so wide so i like it very much

  • bikrom

    for all those who are facing starting problems or very low fuel efficiency(less than 35 kmpl) or poor acceleration or not so high a top speed (you should hit at least 102/3 easily), as a first step, please take care of your air to fuel ratio which some not-so-expert mechanics are too quick to touch and ruin the ride experience. after i had my first service, i was very happily flying at upto 107 kmph with a mileage of roughly 40 kmpl(and i rode rough too). after my second service, i had starting problems, and could not even touch 100. turned out the mechanic had fiddled with the screw. very important to have a good service center. you could easily be having a perfectly ok bike and still in a lot of pain.

  • aman

    awsme bike dont even think twice just purchase it…..coool bike

  • johny s r

    i like fz very much & i have a plan for buy an fz.
    but the only the problem is its rear break i want a rear dics fz. because i hate drum break.can you help me???

  • John

    Simple… Ask them to install one during purchase.. it might cost you few more thousands.

  • aathif

    fz16 okkkkkkkkkkk

  • Hey friends
    As soon as i saw this bike i m just curious to get som e details…..so just went..thru this website….this bike has smart looks….now waitng to knw the cost and mileage….one more thing u can get a pulsar and always nd modify like FZ16…..so lets hope for the best

  • Anil..

    hi friendszz please suggest me i have two options to own bike fz16 nd pulsar

  • Anil..

    hi wat is the best bike in hyderabad roads

  • anup topno

    hai guy this byk is roking its top speed is 120km its average 45-50

  • dr dilip panera

    hi guys! Since 11month i hvd fz s .it is a best bike in regard pick up,speed,balance,stability at high spd,lool.mileage 52km/lt.
    But rear tyre quality is not good.i had changed 2tyres costing rs5400/at 20000km.which is 27pr/km.it shoulde be steel belted as in car.

  • robin 9891490375

    heyy guys . i jst recentlly purchase this fz bike n it was like the life . u kno i won a stunt compitions in goa woooo jst cz of my bike . thnxxxx yamah n john ..

  • gioboy bellboy

    i cant believe that the fz 16 version of thailand is liquid cooled

  • raj kumar

    this bikes make me crazy and its speed is much likely to be said that we are flying in air so it is likely to be said that this bike really good looking and faster . i have also have this bike and i love this bike much more my friends say that the bike is much faster than other bike.

  • somesh mishra

    it will beat all the bike in looks and performance.good bike.

  • Ram

    Recently my friend bought this bike its looking very good but it has only one defect this will give less mileage even now days petrol cost will be incresing more so as my suggesion instead taking this bike better take to pulsar

  • milan

    awesome bikzz yyyyaaaaaaaar……….

  • andrii

    Hi guys. I bought this bike and have run 800 km already. Everything is OK.
    I like the bike. I have a question. Does anybody knows if this bike has a fuel filter?
    I have not found it and I do not know if somebody forgot about it while assembling or this bike just does not have it.

  • sourabh tehlan

    lets go

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