Yamaha ‘The Call of the Blue’ Version 3 Launched; More Products Coming?

Version 3 of Yamaha Call of the Blue campaign will involve a more aggressive promotion, expansion of Blue Square showrooms and hopefully more motorcycles…

Yamaha India has announced the official launch of the new ‘The Call of the Blue’ Brand Campaign which goes into Version 3.0 now. The Call of the Blue is the company’s strategy which it framed back around 2018 to penetrate in the Indian market.

This involved moving away from the commuter 100-125cc segments and positioning itself as a sporty, exciting brand. This campaign involved new motorcycle launches, exhaustive marketing and various customer engagement activities. Through this campaign, Yamaha informs that it has improved its market share in the premium motorcycle segment from 10 percent in 2018 to 15 percent in 2021 (more details).

The Version 3 takes this a step ahead as Yamaha promises, however, it hasn’t revealed specifics about it. The company says that it will enhance its customer touchpoints. Yamaha has 80 Blue Square showrooms in India at the moment – it intends to take this to a wider set of audience in the future.

Yamaha call of the blue
Will we get the new R3 now…?

Yamaha also says that it will intensify its promotion activities and will organize more of the Track Days, Blue Streks Rides, etc.

To mark the date, Yamaha has also introduced #MyCalloftheBlue contest which will be held online. The top 4 winners will win a trip to watch the Sepang MotoGP live in action. Here is the new brand film that it has released.

We wish the company could have revealed more details about the products that we can expect under the Version 3 of the new strategy.

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