Focus on Premium Motorcycle Segment Gained 5% Market Share: YAMAHA

Yamaha motorcycle sales performance has gained momentum ever since it started focusing on the premium, sporty segment in India…

Like every other manufacturer, Yamaha India was trying to fight out in almost every segment – including the entry level 100-125cc motorcycles a few years ago. However, after exhausting everything, it decided to ditch this segment and focus on premium, sportier products around 2018-19. It called this strategy as “The Call of the Blue”.

It planned its product lifecycle, new models, marketing and many customer engagement strategies and portrayed the Yamaha brand, rightfully, as exciting and sporty. The company informs that as many as eight global products were introduced. As a result, the company boasts that this has increased Yamaha’s market share in the premium motorcycle segment from 10 percent to 15 percent from 2018 to 2021 – an important gain of 5 percent!

As far as we can count, Yamaha introduced the R15 v3, R3, FZ v3, MT15, FZ25, Fazer 25, FZS25, FZ-X and the BS6 versions of some of them; and more recently the R15 V4 in the motorcycle segment.

Yamaha motorcycle sales
For some reason Yamaha has decided not to launch the XSR155 in India uptil now…

Though the R15 and MT15 are here and doing well, it is the XSR (on the same platform) that Yamaha choose NOT to bring here (till now). Instead, it introduced an XSR-inspired motorcycle but based on the more affordable FZ platform and called it FZ-X.

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And though the company has very sporty products in the 150cc segment, it offers entry level, utility offerings in the quarter liter space under the FZ moniker.

We hope we get to see some more interesting models in the 250-300cc segment from the company in the near future, including the return of the R3 – but at good prices.

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