After Aerox, Yamaha Considering NMax 155 for India

Yamaha NMax 155 launch is being considered for India if Aerox 155 fares well here… It gets better storage capacity and rides on smaller wheels…

So, after revealing their plans to bring their popular MT-07 & R7 motorcycles in limited numbers to our country, Mr. Eishin Chihana (Chairman, Yamaha Motor India) has shared some more interesting tidbits in his interaction with an online portal. 

For a while it was talk of the town that Yamaha might be bringing a 150 cc powered scooter in India, and their much-admired ‘NMax 155’ maxi-scooter was at the top of the list. But Yamaha threw a googly by launching the ‘Aerox 155’ sports scooter last year boasting a scooter-motorcycle hybrid design. 

Yamaha NMax 155 launch

While interacting with the online portal, Mr Chihana shared that the company had identified the potential of a 150 cc powered scooter in our country and decided to introduce ‘something different’ in the market, and hence the Aerox 155 was launched. 

Presently, Yamaha is studying the customer response to their new Aerox 155 sports scooter along with gauging the desire for the Indian customer to have a 150 cc scooter with more luggage capacity and/or touring capability. And if the need arises, the company will definitely bring their NMax 155 maxi-scooter here. What makes NMax an interesting scoot is that it carries the same R15’s motor – like the Aerox.

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The good news for the enthusiasts, and in turn for the company as well, is that since its launch, the Aerox 155 sales have been doing really well. So much so that slowly & steadily the demand for the sports scooter has surpassed the supply in a relatively short time. 

Yamaha NMax 155 launch

Addition to this, the Indian biking enthusiasts have started to understand the potential of touring on their two-wheeler and have started to undertake short and long road-trips on their scooters and motorcycles. There have been numerous reports and stories of riders taking their Aerox 155 to the proving grounds of Ladakh & Spiti, either in stock form or adding small modification fit for long-haul. 

So, this means there is a big chance that we can see the Yamaha NMax 155 entering our market in the near future. 

Till then, you as a customer have an opportunity to consider another maxi-scooter that has been introduced by the Hungarian brand Keeway. Their Vieste 300 has been launched at Rs. 2.99 Lakh and you can read all about it here.