Leaked: Tomorrow’s Unveiling is Indeed Yamaha R25!

A few days back Yamaha launched a teaser micro-site Rev Station which had a timer to unveil ‘something‘ on 25th March. It also featured a video which had sneaking glimpses of a scooter and a motorcycle. We have talked about it here.


Since there was no official or direct word about it, speculations were ripe about the possibility of R3, R25 and something else as well.

However, it has been almost confirmed that tomorrow’s unveiling is the Yamaha R25. Next question is – How?

Well, the answer lies in the following pic. The designers of the website forgot the inquisitiveness of bikers who are interested in the bike. It clearly lists the keyword ‘R25’ confirming that the whole propaganda does have something related to R25 and that can not be anything else apart from the unveiling of the production version of the much awaited motorcycle tomorrow. (Credit: BigBrad)


There are other keywords as well, however, we do not care a wee bit about anything else. Talk about the R25, Yamaha!

This almost culls any other possibility and the rumours and various speculations going around over the internet.

We have already seen the R25 Concept at the Auto Expo in Noida. How would the production version differ from it, remains to be seen. For the starters, R25 Concept was powered by a 249cc in-line 2 cylinder liquid cooled engine mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Power and torque figures were not revealed and we see the production version sporting the same motor.

Let us stop here and wait for an official word from Yamaha itself. We are barely 18 hours away from seeing how Yamaha’s quarter liter will look like. And by the way, India launch will not be too far! Stay tuned!