LEAKED: Xtreme 200R Coming BACK…?

2023 Xtreme 200R launch will allow Hero to consolidate its 200cc portfolio with a fresher looking naked but why are those engine parts different…?

Hero MotoCorp has filed for a design patent of an interesting looking motorcycle that has stark resemblance with the now-discontinued Xtreme 200R, but with differences. Let us quickly talk about it.

The country’s largest manufacturer by volumes is desperate for sales in the premium 150-200cc segment where it has found some traction. It currently sells two brands in this area – Xtreme and Xpulse and there are four models that are on sale. Interestingly, the first variant Xtreme 200R with which Hero started its new innings in this space is not currently on sale.

In a latest update, the company is working on a new motorcycle that could just be the 2023 Xtreme 200R. The motorcycle design you see here has the rear and side panels, including the tank and extension, similar in looks with the older 200. The headlamp is a new unit and the console styling is inspired from the current Xtreme 160R. Another deviation from the 200R is the exhaust unit that is similar in design to the Xpulse 200T.

Xtreme 200R launch
Body panels of the new motorcycle look similar to this older Xtreme 200R but why are those engine parts different…?

But here comes the most interesting bit – the engine. The crankcase cover does not look like the any of the current 200s or even the 160R. Surprisingly, it has a resemblance with the older Hunk. This is a little confusing at this point.

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Chances are high that Hero has all plans to bring back the Xtreme 200R – a naked version in its 200cc portfolio but why is there a difference in the engine related parts is an answer that I am very eager to know.

With the motorcycle’s design frozen, Hero may be closer to the launch/unveil of this motorcycle that may happen in the coming months. We are waiting…