Will Hornet 160R Do it For Honda This Time? Launch Soon

How many of you got excited when the first teasers/updates/spottings of Unicorn Dazzler and Trigger made way? I see a very few hands raised… And how many of you see the new Hornet 160R as your next motorcycle in the 150 cc segment? The answer is evident!

Hornet 160R is possibly the first ‘exciting’ sub 200 cc motorcycle made by Honda in India and in that sense, it may end the drought Honda has suffered in the premium 150 cc space so far.

Honda has always tried to lure younger customers but both Dazzler and Trigger have failed and Unicorn attracts the more mature folks.. (is quite strong at that!). So, the recipe this time was a tried and tested one – bring in an internationally acclaimed brand name (160R will be the smallest motorcycle in the Hornet series) and make a sporty looking motorcycle to go with it.


Though, in an exclusive interview with a top Honda official, we have confirmed that Hornet 160R will continue with the same engine and similar power/torque output as the Unicorn 160 (link to report), we hope that the baby Hornet comes with some segment-first features to justify the extra premium it is expected to command.

Hornet 160R will be the toughest challenger for Gixxer, FZ (link to shootout) yet and looking at Honda’s hunger for market share, we will not be surprised if it is promoted as a larger-than-life product.

We have tried to narrate the story in this Meme… Do you see Gixxer/FZ Suffering?

A prominent website recently reported that Honda has opened bookings of the Hornet. We tried to verify and connected with a lot of dealers in Delhi but none of them was taking any bookings yet. So, while a few dealers may be taking unofficial bookings of the anticipated motorcycle, they are not officially approved by Honda.

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But, according to a sneaking bit we have, Honda is warming up for the Hornet 160R and it will be launched soon in the market. So, once it is available, which one will you buy – Hornet or Gixxer?