We Will Take Some Serious Leaps: Hero’s Sanjay Bhan

Hero is getting aggressive again but the last term aggression of 2014/16 has not bore fruit yet!

Hero seems to be very excited about their big motorcycles that were launched recently. They are very vocal about their plans and clearly spell out that they are working on more such motorcycles.

The quantum of their happiness can be gauged by the following statement given by Sanjay Bhan, Head of Sales & Aftersales to Autocar Pro

There’s a lot happening and the three launches – Impulse 200, Impulse 200T and the Xtreme 200S – have given a huge demonstration of the capability set at the CIT (Hero Centre of Innovation and Technology) in Jaipur.

No doubt these motorcycles, specially the Xpulse 200, are innovative but on the mechanical front they are absolutely average and we have been seeing most of these basic tech/specs for at least a decade or so.

But, in the same breath, Sanjay adds..

…So, we will take some serious leaps and not probably tread the normal path.

This is what is encouraging because they are entering a segment which is present here from the last 10-12 years. If they have to compete they will have to create differentiated products with segment-beating specs.

Quick Note on Xpulse & Xtreme 200S Bookings & Deliveries

Hero upcoming products
Hero, in fact, showcased this 620cc Hastur at the 2014 Auto Expo

We Have One of the Youngest Product Portfolio Now: Hero

In another instance, Sanjay has already spoken that they will launch motorcycles over 150 cc till 400 cc in the coming few years. He elaborated that in the next 3-4 years Hero would want to be the number one player in the premium motorcycle segment. You can read that story here.

After HX250R, Hero Ditches 620cc Hastur

What is problematic for Hero is that they have showcased similar aggression way back in 2014 (and 2016) when they showcased products like 620 cc Hastur, 250 cc HX250R and diesel scooter RNT. Now five years later, either they have been shelved or they are not even talking about them. Let us hope Hero doesn’t disappoint this time!