After HX250R, Hero Ditches 620cc Hastur

Forget Hastur launch for the coming many many years – Hero is not even thinking about it!!!

The Hastur project has also probably been shelved by Hero. This is a direct message we get from the latest statement given by Sanjay Bhan, Head of Sales and After Sales at Hero MotoCorp.

According to Economic Times, Sanjay said that their focus has shifted to the ‘premium’ segment, which, kind of, reignites the hopes of Hastur..not this year, not next year but some time later. However, he goes onto specify the displacements of the motorcycles that they will be working on in the coming 3-4 years. Here it is in his own words…

We will be launching some bikes with engine capacity above 150cc to 400cc in coming years

This simply excludes the Hastur concept which was a 620 cc motorcycle showcased way back at the 2014 Auto Expo. It is almost a direct word that Hero is simply not thinking that big. This comes after they shelved the much awaited HX250R project four years after its first announcement citing that ‘the market has moved on‘!

Hero went onto claim the specifics of Hastur. It was supposed to have a top whack of 240 kmh (yes these were official numbers!)

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Hastur Launch
HX250R was supposed to produce 31 PS of power which is fabulous even today. However, Hero says they are not making it because ‘the market has moved on’!

Our next question is – Why was the Hastur showcased if we are not getting even close to it in almost a decade? In fact, ironically, after five years of aggression (read 2014 Auto Expo) the biggest motorcycle Hero has graduated to is a 200cc! This is considering that the current Karizma will not show up again in Hero’s dealerships! Moreover, this 200 cc commuter engine that Hero is relying on, is a rebored version of Honda Unicorn 150’s motor!

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In other breath, Mr Bhan said that they want to be number one in the premium segment. You can read details of it here. For this expansion, Hero will be investing Rs 1500 crores. And to complement the new focus on premium motorcycles, Hero also has plans to revamp their showrooms in the next 1.5 years.