Want Your Own Ducati That Is Like None Other?? Meet Ducati Unica

This is an exclusive program and not every request will be considered by Ducati…. the machines will be like none another in the world…

There is one issue we all face but never think about when we buy our own motorcycle or scooter. And that is the two-wheeler we have just purchased or are about to, looks like every other bike or scooter running on the road or parked on the side of the road or on the dealership floor. There is no uniqueness or individuality about your two-wheeler that you have bought using your own hard-earned money.

Ducati, the premium Italian motorcycle brand, is out to change this norm.

Ducati have created and are introducing – Ducati Unica – their new Customisation Program which is dedicated, they say, to those customers who want to design and build their own exclusive and unique motorcycle.

The Ducati Unica program will be offered to all new prospective Ducati customers through which they will work directly with Ducati Centro Stile (Ducati design) team of designers and technicians to create their own motorcycle that will be unique and reflect the customers’ choice and likings.

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The Ducati customer or Ducatisti will get direct access to Ducati Centro Stile Atelier (Ducati Design Studio) where, after sharing their desires and requirements regarding the motorcycle, the customer will get periodic visits through which they will get to experience the progress of their machine first-hand.

The Ducatisti will also be provided an option to choose every small detail of their machine, from precious materials to be used on the bike, dedicated finishes to special colours and Ducati Performance accessories. Each and every stage of the creation of the bike, from first sketches to delivery ceremony, will be documented thoroughly and every delivered Ducati motorcycle will be accompanied by a Certificate of Uniqueness which will attest to the originality of the machine.

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However, Ducati adds that because of the level of uniqueness and the attention to detail required in this project will mean they will only accept a very limited number of requests each year. Another criteria for consideration of requests that have been put is they will only consider those customers who align with the values of their brand.

Speaking on Ducati Unica program, Mr. Andrea Ferraresi (Centro Stile Ducati Director) said –

“Design is a distinctive element of our creations. We wanted to give Ducatisti the chance to identify themselves even more with their own bike, making it a direct expression of each person’s individual style. Therefore, we created Ducati Unica, an exclusive program that testifies to the excellence of Made in Italy of which Ducati is a representative in the world. An exciting and unforgettable experience of customization to be experienced directly within our Centro Stile”.

For those who are interested in this exclusive program, they can contact the Ducati dealership to get the necessary information to request access. This program is offered worldwide and is applicable to Ducati and Scrambler Ducati range.

So go ahead… Create your one-of-a-kind Ducati and flaunt your individuality through your choice and creation of machine.