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I can see two sharp eyes looking at me and asking “are you writing the love story between us?” 😀 😀 . Throughout the typing of this review, those eyes were looking at me with lot of love in it.

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So about me, I am Akhil P Dileep presently doing my mechanical engineering degree in Coimbathore and basically I am from Palakkad, Kerala. First of all let me tell you, it is not a technical review, it may contain lot of imaginary and poetic terms. It is all about the love between man and machine.

Like every boy, I too was interested in bikes from my childhood itself. My main hobby was the collection of bike pics that come in newspapers when others were interested in collecting stamps and coins ;). My dad was a speed freak and like in every individual case of mine, in biking too he became my hero and inspiration. I still remember the speed in which he used to ride his bike making me sit in the tank of the bike.

I learned riding bike by myself at my 6th grade with the help of cycle balance and by observing the way my dad use to shift the gears. I use to steal my dad’s bike and go for a ride whenever possible. But one day one of my mother’s co-worker caught me red-handed and she informed my parents about it. But they didn’t believe it which gave me more confidence. For my bad luck it never last longer as during in one such ride, the petrol was over and all I could do was to call my parents.

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They were both surprised as well as angry to see me riding a bike as not even my legs were reaching ground at that time. Though my mom scolded me a lot, my dad supported me and encouraged me by giving bike to small rides like to nearby shops and all that he told was “it’s the problem of blood”:D. No more the speed of my “hero siren” cycle was thrilling to me and as usual in every case bike became mine as dad was having two other cars.

Guess what, all the relatives, started telling that my parents are spoiling me and also the complaints from the riksha drivers and others on road started increasing day by day and my dad was forced to sell the bike. I still remember my first bike, ‘Hero Honda passion plus’, the first bike which showed the biker in me. It was during the last time of my 10th and I was not having much problem in selling it as I knew that I will be leaving to hostel for next two years.

Yamaha Fazer:

Last 3 months of 12th grade was study leave and I came back to home and home without a bike was so tough for me. I told my parents that I need a bike, and they promised me to buy me a good bike once I get a license. But I was not satisfied and I started forcing them. Last they agreed but next thing was which bike I should go for. It was at that time Fazer was just launched and I told them that I need it since Fazer was the best looking bike at that time for my eyes and no other bike was there to compete with its looks.

Don’t know why, R15 didn’t impress me much and I took a red Fazer and became one of the first owners of Fazer. I was thrilled by the power of Fazer. Than numbers, looks were primary importance to me at those times and for my luck, digits too were not bad for fazer. It is having a 153cc motor which generates 14bhp. The bike is completely smooth and is of good quality and as we all know, fazer is one of the bikes that brought the fortunes of Yamaha back in India.

Again all my relatives got a new topic, all were scolding my parents for buying their son such a powerful bike at this small age, but my parents told that they do have belief in their son and I always tried and still try to keeping it up. Later I joined in college located at Coimbathore which is 60kms away from my home. With 2 months vacation between school and college along with the holidays of college, I managed to hit an oddo of 7000 kms. During my first year itself I told my parents that am not liking the food in hostel and need to come out of hostel though my aim was only to bring my bike to college as they won’t allow taking bike to hostel.

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Karizma ZMR:

It was during that time I got a chance of driving “karizma ZMR” from my friend and it impressed me lot. I got my license and I told my parents that I need a ZMR to go to college and they agreed. 223cc 17.6 bhp, the big bikes feel especially in its white colour impressed me much with neutral design features.

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 But the Hero Honda’s service was cheap and within those 6 months I understood that ZMR is not the bike for a guy like me who looks much for perfection. The tight gears, vibrations from fairings, unqualified technicians in hero Honda, everything were irritating me like hell.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (21)

Ninja 250R

It was during at that time I got a chance of seeing a black big bike in my town. I was amazed to see the bike, but for my stupidity I thought, it would be a modified one. After few weeks, I saw the same model “modified” bike in my campus and from my friend I came to understand that bike is not modified and the bike’s name is Ninja from Kawasaki. Till that time I have heard only about Ninja and for the first time I saw that in flesh. I was touching the bike like one use to feel a just born baby. I lost my sleep and I was fully dreaming about me riding a ninja.

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Guess the next step, without any hesitation I told my parents that I need a Ninja. They got a mini heart attack when I asked for it since ZMR was bought few months back and a major attack when heard about the on road price of 3.2 lakhs. Somehow I convinced them and took them to the nearest Bajaj showroom. But God was not with me, showroom guys told that ninja is available only in Bajaj Probiking showroom which is 700kms away from my home and they gave me the number of a person from my hometown who owns a ninja, the same guy whom I saw on that day.

I called him at the spot itself and I got totally bad opinion from him about the bike. Lack of servicing and parcelling the bike for service to probiking showroom made the bike totally damaged and he advised me not to take a ninja. And for that he advised me to go with CBR250R which was launched by Honda recently with a price tag nearly half of ninja and he told CBR is the competitor for Ninja in international market. I was happy with that.

Honda CBR250R:

I visited the Honda showroom and booked the bike after a good test-drive. Here again, I became one among the first owners of CBR250R since the bike was just launched. I was totally excited, reaching three digits speed was not at all a difficult job in CBR250 which made me so happy since the previous bikes were not loving to push beyond a speed of 90kmph. Vibrations were too less in the bike though it was a single cylinder.

Combined with that, a power of 25bhp and superb handling made CBR more loved though few plastic parts like the silver portion in the fairing were of cheap quality. It was not so cheap quality but compared to other parts, it was a step back. Since all others parts were of high quality, especially like the bullet proof engine, it was more than enough to leave a small plastic piece issue behind

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (14)

But that happiness never lasted longer. I gave bike to one of my friend after his long request though normally I never use to give my bike to anyone. I was sitting behind him as he was not having much experience in riding such a bike. This guy was not able to control the power which resulted in a serious accident.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (5)

Both I as well as the bike was seriously affected. The right side was fully damaged and back brake assembly as well as handle was replaced. After the replacement the back brake lost its braking power completely and it was like a dummy brake. The handle lost its alignment completely. I took the bike to many showrooms but not even the “fireblade mechanics” were able to solve the problem though everyone accepted the problems. The tip amount to the mechanics was more than that of maintenance cost of the bike.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (6)

It was during that time my roommate; my friend took his green ninja. It was our ninja rather than his ninja. Gradually I started forgetting the issues of CBR as Ninja was there for me and it was during that same time, a KTM showroom was newly opened in Coimbathore, so service was no more an issue.


 Few months after his purchase, Ninja 300 was launched and we both were eagerly waiting to see the bike in flesh. Normally I used to join with him to Ninja showrooms and as usual we went to the showroom to see the 300 as they informed him that ninja 300 reached the showroom.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (2)

It was nearly 4 days before the launch of Ninja 300 in Coimbathore. We rushed eagerly to the showroom even without changing our normal home dress. We reached showroom and the sales man told that the bike is there in the storeroom.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (3)

 I ran to the store room but suddenly the sales man told only my friend alone is allowed to see the bike and I shouldn’t see the bike. When I asked the reason, in a cheap way he answered that I don’t look like a guy who can own a ninja and everyone was laughing at me including a girl who came with his brother or boyfriend to take the delivery of his duke 200. Guess how much I would have been insulted.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (4)

Ninja 300:

Here starts the real review of my bike

I told my parents and brother whatever happened. I started feeling that my friend’s ninja is no more my ninja too and I told my parents that I want a ninja. But my parents were not interested in buying me a new bike since it was last year of my college life. I sold the CBR which I kept for nearly 1.5 years covering 17k kms. I somehow convinced my parents and they gave me Rs 4 lakhs to buy the ninja and I booked the bike.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (8)

The next atom bomb came; my dad told that I should not register the bike in my home town due to some personal issues but the showroom guys told that it is not an issue as I can register the bike in notary address of Coimbatore though it will be 15k bucks more in Coimbatore compared to Kerala and also told that there will be few legal formalities which will take max of 2 days. So the bike reached the showroom but they couldn’t deliver the bike for next 25 days since the legal issues were not solved.

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Throughout these 25 days I use to go to showroom without fail to see my bike which was 20kms from the home where I stayed. Those were the worst days, It was like a newly married couple who was not even allowed to even touch each other ;). I lost my sleep and for those 24*25 hours, only ninja was there in my mind, no fb, no what apps, no late night talks, nothing except my white beauty.

Finally the waiting was over, I got a call from showroom on 2nd August telling that the bike is ready and I can take delivery on next day. I took 2 day advance leave from college and after a long waiting period, I got the bike on 3rd august 2013 Saturday. I knew Saturday is not a good day to have a new bike, but I was at the peak and I didn’t take it as an issue.

So why not a duke 390?

During the time of washing and polishing the bike, they offered me the keys of Duke 390. I liked its power but hated the exhaust note and also the vibrations in the handle. The parts were of cheap quality, especially the plastics. I think KTM has compromised much in quality to reduce the price tag of the bike. So why not a duke 390? Yes, the bike is having more acceleration than Ninja 300 that too at half price. But I always prefer a faired bike over a naked one, simple.

I really wished to have the bike keys from the salesman who insulted me, but for my bad luck he left the showroom before that.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (16)


The power of the bike was not a problem for me as I was used to it from ninja250 and cbr. It was fully under control unlike for the new users of such a powerful bike. It is a signal little distance after the showroom; everyone was looking at my bike and was asking about the bike. Yes no more I am normal rider, but a celebrate on road and the feeling was making me go crazy.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (17)

The first drive was to my home town which is 60km from coimbathore. On road everyone was looking at the bike especially because I was in my full driving suit which is not a normal sight in such roads and also the DTRL was taking lot of attention towards the bike. It was raining softly and I was feeling like showers were from heaven for the newly married couple

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (10)

Technically speaking, the bike is a 300cc parallel twin engine with two in one exhaust which generates 39 bhp of power. The engine is rubber mounted and is occupied with a slipper clutch. Over the 50cc addition, it’s the slipper clutch and rubber mounting that separates 300 from 250 other than styling and instrument cluster. 300 is totally different from 250, and is not simply 50cc extra bored engine.

Even the engine components like piston and other parts are totally made of other compound. Since the engine is rubber mounted, the vibration from the engine will be very less and the vibration reaching to the handles will be minimum. The main advantage of the slipper clutch is that, one can down shift the gears without the fear of back wheel locking up. I don’t wish to speak much technically since it can confuse and makes the reader boring.

You can take a Closer Look At Slipper Clutch of Kawasaki Ninja 300 here

Simply speaking it is so easy to take corner without applying brakes; Instead we can downshift which reduces speed and also increases the control over the bike. Downshifting is also good idea in hard situations to reduce the speed though it is not so good for engine

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (15)

Sure, Ninja is one of the best looking bikes in India. Ninja got its design inspired from its elder siblings. Every parts like its sharp looking twin head lights, fairing design, the exhaust, the sharp body panels etc. The bike is eye catching and is even more in its green color. The bike looks superb in every angle and if you disagree with me, it means you are disagreeing with everyone on the road ;).

The pillion seat may be small for a big ass like me, but am least bothered about it since rarely I use to sit in it and also the main person to sit in those seats are not that so fatty, so no worries with that. Ninja got and integrated under grab rails which serve the purpose and also won’t affect the look of the bike.


Speaking about the comfort level, the bike is having a sporty posture. It may make a new ride feel difficult, but since I was used up with cbr and ninja, it was not at all a problem for me. But the hard seats were hurting me for the initial days. The fairing of the bike is designed such a way that it radiated all the heat generated away from rider to the road unlike in cbr which will flow directly to rider’s legs and is a great problem especially during city drives.

One will never feel the speed in ninja and 3 digits will be reaching within seconds. Till 6k rpm, the bike is like a small cat, underpowered and is very useful during city drive which reduces the need of lot of gear shift unlike in a cbr. The torque of ninja is very high that one can easily push a ninja from 40 to 191kmph in top gear without the fear of knocking.

Once you cross the 6k mark in rpm, the bike will push you back with a change in exhaust note and one can clearly feel the power. Unlike the cbr which is having irritating row power, the ninja got a smooth power. The cbr may impress first, but once we get used up with the smooth power of ninja and how to use it properly, ninja will score much more than the cbr. The bike got good cornering capacity and the bike is more towards a track tool.

The tyres serve the purpose properly on road as well as track with good road grip. The tyres are made of sulphur mixed rubber and will takes few kms to get to its actual potential after getting heated properly though the wet road stability is bit low. Beating ninja in highways is totally difficult task that only higher capacity bikes and luxury cars can do. So most of the time, ninja will be first on road since those luxury bikes and cars are not found all the time. Bike can be easily cruised till a speed of 140 in fully stability on highways and after which the high winds will strike hard which makes us bend to the tank and thereby increasing the aerodynamics of the bike. The shock absorbers of ninja is perfect and is slightly modified for Indian roads, so can’t find any issues with it.

Maintenance and mileage

As prescribed, I maintained 4k rpm till 800km and 6k rpm till 1600 rpm. But after clocking 1600kms, the bike never gone below 5k rpm each time I starts the engine. The ‘maintenance free’ tag really suites ninja. I rarely use to take the bike to service center since there won’t be much issues with the bike other than periodic services, chain lube and brake pad replacement unlike the cbr which takes me to ASC most of the days and thereby made mechanics my best friends :p.

The maintenance cost of the bike is comparatively high. A single service costs nearly 4k, the chain lube costs about 120 and brake pads cost about 1.7k which lasts for about 7k kms. The first service was done at 957kms and second was done at 5900kms. In both services, oil and filters were replaced and were using Motul oils and lubes as recommended by Kawasaki. It requires a periodic lubing of chain at every 500kms.

The bike is having an average mileage of 23 kmpl in town, about 33 in highways and an overall mileage of 27kmpl. The bike is having an eco mode. The eco mode logo displays from 45kmph to 116kmph and disappears when you ride rash. The eco mode is very useful in maintaining good mileage and also it tells that we are riding bike in a good way.

Trips and top speed

According to a video in YouTube, one can see that stock Ninja 300 can reach a top speed of 191kmph though I could reach only 173kmph. Within 4 months I completed about 6500kms which includes few trips too. In all my trips, my friend (roommate as well as trip mate) with his ninja250 has been joining me.

The following are the trips:

1) Coimbatore to ooty and nearby areas (180kms total). my friend with his R15 were there with we both Ninjas.

2) Coimbatore-goodalore-mysore-sathyamangalam-coimbatore (400kms total). The trip was good and was through forest. We were able to see lot of wild animals, even wild elephants on road.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (18)

3) coimbathore-aanakati-silent valley-palakkad-coimbathore:

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (28)

 This trip was nearly 170kms in total and I was accompanied with the Ninja 250

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (25)

4) coimbathore-nelyampathy-palakkad:

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (23)

This trip was about 160kms in total and again it was Ninja 250 and Ninja 300 alone.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (24)

5) coimbathore-ooty-koothagiri and nearby places-coimbathore (total of 200 kms). In that trip, R15, Duke 200, DS and CBR150 joined us. It was one of the best trip in which the roads were superb like a race track with lot of corners.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (27)

The trip was total fun with full discipline with all wearing jackets, gloves, helmets. We were never in over speeds but enjoyed it to the core. We stopped in many spots for taking pics and visited lot of places.

Ninja-300-Review-Pic (13)

6) The next trip was a sudden planned trip starting from coimbathore to karur and back to coimbathore. It was nearly 380 kms and since it was not a planned trip, we were not interested in taking pics other than to ride. Again ninja250 was there with me in this trip too.


Throughout this 6500kms, not even a single time ninja made me regret for spending 4 lakh rupees for it. With ninja I got lot of contacts including many super bikers with lot of knowledge in biking. I studied lot about biking and ninja taught me a lot which can never be expressed in words.

The attention that I get on roads, it is all that is because of ninja. Again I do have a special attachment towards ninja. One lakh out of 4lakh for the bike was put by my elder brother who just joined his profession hardly a year before that time, and it was the first savings of my brother. He was saving it to buy an RE for himself which I did not know at that time.

Later when I came to know all these from my mom, I asked my brother about it and told him that he should not have done it. But he just told that riding a RE can never give the happiness of my smiling face that he can see while I ride my ninja. Throughout that one year I was irritating him for not buying me a big gift even after getting a job like other siblings use to do for their younger ones.

Tears were dropping through my eyes and all I could do was to hug him tight. But on that day onwards I started giving more care to my bike because it is the sweat of my loving brother and even now am giving the same care to it. The bike is still scratch free and is shining just like a brand new bike. I am very well sure that only the odo reading of the bike can tell someone that the bike is a used one. I regularly use to wash and polish the bike which makes the bike look brand new and it is very good for the bike as the color of the bike will never fade.

No bike is perfect. Every machine is having its own advantage and disadvantages.


  • good design with aerodynamic nature
  • rubber mounted engine which reduces the vibrations reaching to the rider
  • power and refinement of the bike which makes it as the king in its segment like all other Kawasaki models
  • customer service provided by Kawasaki, at least in my case
  • the fairing design which radiates heat generated away from rider
  • slipper clutch
  • the day time running lights which seeks the attention to the bike
  • the exhaust note, one of the best sound in the segment
  • the quality of parts that Kawasaki offers
  • big bike feel

The list will be going on and the review won’t end once I start with the advantage 😉


  • It seeks attention of many and parking in public places is totally difficult though paying extra to the watchman can solve the problem.
  • The low ground clearance of the bike tends to hit the ground especially while taking xxxl sized speed breakers of India.
  • The day time running lights, many don’t know the purpose and will be showing signals to us. Even cops will be catching and guess what there starts the story of fine amount and charging for riding a “modified “bike.
  • Rusting issues, mainly the silencer tip. It is not a serious issue as the ASC mechanics repaint the rusted part periodically.
  • Irritating questions about the price and “modification”. Common advice “you could have gone for a car than spending 4lakhs on a bike” :p
  • Lastly, the usual complaint, “you love your bike more than me” ;). I can do nothing with that :p :p

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So here I conclude my review. Guys always wear a helmet and if possible, have all the protective wears. At least wear a good quality helmet, not only it saves our heads, but also we can enjoy the beauty of chicks on road without the fear of being caught. 😉 😉

Sorry for the grammatical mistakes and spelling errors if any as it is already late and I haven’t got much time in editing, again this is my first review. Thanks to every one for reading the review. God bless everyone and wishing everyone a long and safe journey. Lastly thanks to BikeAdvice team and all those who wrote their bike reviews which was the primary inspiration for me in writing this review. Comments and opinions are most welcomed.

Akhil P Dileep

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  1. Lovely review man. Just a quick question. How tall are you? I mean I’m wondering how comfortable will the bike be for someone who’s 6’1″

  2. I am at a loss as to how a reputed forum like Bikeadvice is publishing such ownership experiences of kids who are not even earning a buck, but coaxing their parents to buy them expensive toys. Reviews of this type will only urge more students to follow the same path as this idiot, who is going all gaga about how he manages to arm-twist his folks into buying him a Rs. 4 lakh+ motorcycle when he isn’t capable of earning even a penny.

    • i COMPLETELY agree with you Pulsarmania. I am a 20 year old guy, but i managed to buy a Yamaha r15 V2.0 of my own earned money and hard work. I know its how difficult to buy even a small bike with your own money and not of your parents money. I study as well as work hard and never force or convince my parents to buy me a bike/toy. Jo kuch karenge, apne dum pe. It feels really great to fulfill your pleasures by not putting others in tension. Thanks. By the way, Good Review. Bikeadvice, please grow up. We need professionalism, not kiddishness.

  3. @Pulsarmania
    who the hell are to call me an idiot ? and dont think that I cant speak in the same low level language of u .. am not doing that only because it will spoil my review ..
    I asked a ninja because I know its easy for my dad to afford it and not a ducati or bmw .. my parents were only afraid of the power and not the money though they have enough belief in my potential
    And one more thing, you are no one to call me an idiot or to judge me .. so better sit back and f**k your own business
    To others, sorry guys.. I never want to speak so, but this guy deserve this .. once again sorry ..

    • Don’t get agitated………if u are offended by my comments, I am very pleased indeed. Coz the point of my comment was to convey what a loser u are to buy fancy toys on your parents’ money by coaxing them, without even earning/contributing a buck yourself. I hope your dad kicks u hard someday to snap u back to reality, if he can’t I shall be glad to do the needful. Cheers.

  4. Hi Akhil, that is a really nice and interesting review/biking experience/life story put in one. You know how to write and it shows.

    However, could we please not have this “bike is having” and “I am used up” sort of phrases any more? It is simply painful to read those things in an otherwise good review. I do not want to sound like a grammar Nazi, but how about simple ‘the bike has irritating vibration’ or something similar? Please do not think I am trying to demean you in anyway, but everyone out there who tries to review a motorcycle on this blog.

  5. @Indy, thanks and sorry bro .. actually there was 2 reviews, one edited and other non-edited. But for my bad luck the second one got published.
    sorry and I will correct it next time for sure if I get a next chance

    • @ Akhil

      No sweat bro. Mistakes happen, keep up at it, I’d surely like to read more of your biking escapades, never stop riding, and writing too 🙂

      Also I am somewhat astonished at all the hate you are accumulating on your review. Surely earning and buying your own vehicle means something noble, maybe it makes you more responsible. But these ‘hate’ comments are not exuding much responsibility either, sounds more like petty jealousy.

  6. Dear Akhil,

    Forget about what others have to say, but one bit of advice. Please atleast stick to this bike. You are young, and you seem like some one who is not sure of what he wants. I am not an avid biker, but I ride my bike everyday, day in and day out to my work place which is 60 kms away. It is now 2.5 years old and has covered 55000 kms, but still when I sit on my bike in the morning, it is like I am sitting on it for the first time and raring to go. People would expect that feeling from you when you are writing a review. No offence, but you do seem like a small kid who throws away his toy and starts to cry when he sees a new toy.

    Any way nice review and hope you love ur Ninja and believe me it will reciprocate with good performance!

  7. Akhil,
    I hate giving free advices but this time i might want to… It is none of my business what you ask your parents and what they get you but as you have posted this for public view, I might, well, comment. First of all congratulations on owing this beast. I can surely understand your cravings for the bikes as I am one of the bike enthusiast too. This review shows the love of your parents toward you and I should say you are lucky. But on the contrary, it also shows your irresponsibility, I am sorry if I sounded a little rude. Be a little responsible in terms of your parents money you spend.

    Happy riding!!

  8. avinash and sarath,
    I totally agree with you people .. I told only half part and I never use to ask ma parents that they cant afford. I know what they can afford and their limits.And yeah this will be my last bike and if I go for another bike, it will be of my own income only .
    anyway, thanks guys 🙂 🙂

  9. hi Akhil,

    you must be crazy about bikes, changing bike every year. let me know when you all planned for next trip, since one of my frnd lives in cbe has a ninja 650r and want to experience the road trips…

    • I second that……..do paise ki aukaat nahin khud ki aur chale baap ke paison pe aish karne. To top it all, this idiot review writer is flaunting it……….its a shame.

  10. vinodh, we do have a ninja and duke community and we go for trips during most of the weekends. Please do ask your friend to contact me in +918148340434.
    In between, may I know your friends name ?

  11. Hi Akhil…Excellent review about Ninja 300…Photos are very nice especially the group photo… How about the stopping capability of Ninja? Does it comes with ABS as default option?

    If possible please write a comparo of CBR 250r and Ninja 300…

    And please don’t try the top speed on open road… Its not at all safe… I think we have a race track near pothanur in Coimbatore…

    Happy riding buddy… 🙂

  12. Its not a question of what your parents CAN afford. Imagine how happy your brother feels when something he paid for is making his brother happy… Getting your first bike through your parents is fine, but if you are buying 3 bikes all paid by someone else, you will never enjoy ur bike… Hopefully this time “your brother’s sweat” will make you think harder. Anything is better when you work hard for it. Imagine your poor brother, he was saving up to buy something he wanted, but you made him give up on his dream bike n help you get yours… Grow up a bit…
    n btw, I can assure you no royal enfield user envies a ninja user, woh sachche mard ki gaadi hoti hain, bachchon ke khelneki cheej nahi 😀

  13. @Indy and Tanmay
    thanks bros for your kind words. And thats what I told in my last para that I have a special love towards ninja. And I am pretty sure that I cant love a bike more than this even if I buy a sime other in future whatever it may be. A simple reason, I love my brother more than I love myself

  14. @ rider, sure bro .. thanks for your support.
    @mari, sure.. I will write a comparison review, especially for you .. 😀 😀 .. and ninja got a superb stopping power though in India, only non abs versions are available

  15. @ Pulsarmania,
    more than 80% of the ninja owners are not earning and are students. may I know what you call all those people ? And do you think all those are Idiots as you “defiend” me ?. I donno whats your age, And if you are earning, did you paid back all those money that your parents spend for you till the date that you started standing in your own leg ?
    I got a brother and parents who knows what I wish and what I should own. If your parents want to know that, you must love them and in return too .. for your bad luck, you are not. So pray to god for having such a blessed life atleast in next life.
    and one more thing.. Rascal, you are no one to interfere between me and my parents. so better fuck off than teaching my parents and me how to live our lifes ..

    • LOL. Where do you get this figure from? 80%. WOW!! So what? Have you managed to get a job in Kawasaki accounts department?
      If you get something that is not from your own money, we call it impotence. And think about it, you got that multiple times.
      I guess its not your fault, it is your job to cry for new toys. The responsibility is of parents for teaching the importance of self sufficiency in life. I doubt you can survive even a month without your parents money. So, pray everyday and thank god for all the blessings you have been showered upon coz I doubt you would have even grown enough to think about a bike in first place, had you born somewhere else.
      And if you are thinking we are jealous of you, think twice. We are the ones who are responsible and trying to make society a better place. More specifically India a better place. I am tired of watching 20-30 year olds living on their parents money. The maid that might be coming at your place must have higher self esteem than you and IMHO much better than you.
      Let me give you an example, parents of rich brats like you are able to afford expensive, however useless, things which you showoff at college etc. Then there are students in the same college who watches all this tantrum spread by your community and then go to their parents asking the same. Now, FYKI not everyone is equal and have spending capacity as much as your ‘parents’. This results in frustration that in coming years hits society in various ways when that guy grows up.
      Now take an example of this review, BA have published this review (I dunno how and why?). A lot of people will read this. A lot of them are going to be students. They will expect the same from their parents. Some parents would be able to fulfil, other may not. Those who are not will be left dissatisfied and not because they cannot but because their parents cannot fulfil their demands and result into aggression etc. And for other few, they are going to be a burden their whole life expecting things from other’s just like you. So, both ways it is going to impact the future. Either it is going to be frustrated, aggressive or it is going to be handicapped.
      Another example of this handicap affecting the society: So, your parents can afford 5-10 lakh when you are not even productive. Now, when you grow up and feel the pressure (if any) for earning some money, you would have two options either go with family business (that your dad has established) and contribute nothing to world or you would apply for a job, which I doubt you might get. A stage will come your parents would be eager to do anything to show society that you are useful so they will bribe or approach to get you a job for which you are not even qualified because THEY CAN AFFORD IT. Other qualified people would not be able to score it coz they have a giant obstacle of money or corruption in front of them. So basically you at every stage of your life would be a PIA for someone or other.
      Think about all this if you can, and again try writing a review when you can purchase even a MOPED with your hard earned money. I will really appreciate that and consider it as a contribution to this society and present you as an example for others.

      Nothing personal, Hope you understand.

  16. @akhil,

    You can convey your message or “feelings” in other words also.

    Your attitude is reflecting in your thoughts. This is the first time on this website I saw such comment from the writer!

    Ride safe and sound because as you mentioned, “I could reach “only” 173 km/ph” that describes a lot! Might be you have a good judgement of your bike but you can not judge judgement of other rider/driver on Indian roads!

  17. @ Abhijeet,
    most of the ninja300 owners have crossed beyound that speed.. and now I think that clearly explains the word “only” 🙂

    • Read the whole line and then reply – it is advice, as a rider from last 18 years I am witness of couple of accidents of two wheelers on highways! The chances of surviving at those speeds (which you have mentioned above) are very less no matter what kind of protective gear you are wearing!

      Now about youtube video which you are telling about, 191 km/hr: ARE WE IN GERMANY? come-on man be realistic and don’t tell me most of the NINJA owners because if you are referring most of the owners from YouTube then also fire a query of Ninja Accidents where you will get other most of NINJA owners who caught in accident.

      • Just knock it off guys. This seems like children fighting for the same toy!!!

        BTW Akhil, remember 173 is very fast even on 4 wheels. My boss’s son got killed on a CBR and according to witnesses he was only above 100 kmph.

        Ride Safe.

  18. Hi Akhil good review there. Akhil and guyz on this forum I have been reading your comments for past couple of days
    and what i personally feel that AKHIL, you need not reply on every comment posted (especially the negative one)
    in your review. Let the people talk and express their feeling and thoughts, you cannot stop them from doing that.
    Readers and all avid bikers out there, let’s take a positive message form whatever reviews are getting published on BA.
    Let’s not get on to the personal front with the author and spoil the overall intention and charm of the reviews published by them.
    Let’s not forget it’s the love for wheels that bonds us together.
    With all due respect to the readers who comment on posts and the authors
    as well, let’s maintain the quality of this “User review” activity started by BA and make it a success.
    Share our thoughts, feeling and pour our heart out to describe our love for wheels.

  19. @ Abhijeet,
    I was never talking about the youtube video. I am one of the member in ninja community, both in kerala as well as in coimbatore. I compared with my team members speed and not with a youtube video

  20. @Anuj,
    sure I will follow your words hereafter. I know that guy was purposeful writing comments only to spoil my review and also I know that my comments will affect my review badly . but I couldn’t resist myself from replying back. It was such irritating comments from his side
    and sorry mate, here after I will do what you told. And once again thank you 🙂

  21. Good review bro

    I personally ride a Ninja 250 (2012 model), and i saved for it since it launched in 2009 since i am a working professional..

    The point of purchasing with own or parents money is something personal & should not be judged.. its just a different way of lookin at things..

    I am more concerned about the other aspect, is that you are a young rider and we need to realize that these machines have massive power, if we do not respect their power, we can lose our life for short thrills..

    As for the speeds you have mentioned (170kmph), i sincerely would like to tell you keep a check on high speeds as roads in India aint that good.. Even I have touched 140kmph on my Ninja 250, but its really scary.. One fall at such high speed can be fatal..

    So as a fellow rider who wants to enjoy rides all his life riding at a steady speed of 100kmph(enjoy the ride & the power & rush), rather than speeding for short thrills, i advise to go easy on the speeding & enjoy the ride ..(Whenever you feel the urge to speed .. just think about how much your family loves you)

    Ride safe.. and enjoy your rides bro

    You can read my Ninja 250 review which was earlier published here ..

  22. Dear Akhil,
    Looks like your parents and brother loves you a lot and have put their trust and faith upon you. Please ride with care, responsibility and due consideration to fellow riders, pedestrians, animals and everything that may turn up on the road. Please don’t make your parents regret for their faith put upon you. If you do, you are spoiling the dreams not only of yours, but also of your brother and other boys/girls in your relation and neighborhood. Guess how?
    If ever you met with an accident, and is proved to occur out of your rash riding, the faith of your parents upon you will be revoked forever, and that will be a reason valid enough to prevent your brother or others from getting a two wheeler ever.
    Believe me, speeds above 75 KMpH are adviced only on closed circuits with full protective gear on, no matter whether you ride splendor or any Race Replica Supersport. People may laugh at me for saying this, but my logic is that at speeds above that, on an open road, the safe braking distance will be anything more than say 50meters, and a lot can surprise you within that 50 metres. A child in a bicycle can enter square on from pocket road, you didn’t see or a dog or cattle may change it’s decision of not crossing the road at the last minute. So be careful. Because your bike is expensive and more so is the life of yours and of everyone else.
    – Ref:Observations, learning and experience as a rider of CBR250R in the worst part of Chennai, where there is no practice called ‘discipline’ on the road.

  23. I am not a bike enthusiast or a biker and I came to read this from my son who is a bike enthusiast like you all people. but as a police officer and as a father, I can say that what his parents done was right.
    Now a days there are lot of wrong ways to earn money.few months back we arrested a 19 boy who was from a good financial baground. he was doing some ilegal activities and after questioning him, he told that his parents hesitated to give him money and that forced him to do so.
    so in my opinion what his parents have done is right. they bought what their son needs and not only that, they made him understand the value of money which is clear from his words. so others please stop criticising him. no one in this world is perfect
    akhil, son, I liked your review lot. you told frankly how you got your bike than saying some false stories to impress others. You got a lovely parents and always love them back. I think now you know how you got the bike and its value. within few months, you will start earning (which I understood from your review which says you are doing last year of engineering) and lead a responsible life loving your parents as always.
    best wishes to you son ..

    • Nice try Jhonson (or Johnson?). So you mean parents should give their child whatever they ask just because to avoid them doing “some illeagal” activities? Its as good as teaching them or encouraging them to blackmail parents and also being irresponsible. Also, If parents buy whatever (I mean WHATEVER!!) the child asks, that child would never understand the value of money as its flowing to them without them putting any effort…. As I have written in my previous comment, I am not bothered about this kid or his parents’s money, but your theory might not be received by others pretty well.

    • I think Jhonson is same 19 boy who came from good financial background and got arrested doing some illegal activities!

  24. “The next atom bomb came; my dad told that I should not register the bike in my home town due to some personal issues but the showroom guys told that it is not an issue as I can register the bike in notary address of Coimbatore though it will be 15k bucks more in Coimbatore compared to Kerala and also told that there will be few legal formalities which will take max of 2 days. So the bike reached the showroom but they couldn’t deliver the bike for next 25 days since the legal issues were not solved.”

    what is that you ppl do illegal that prevents you from buying your bike with home registration???

    • Please read once more if it is not clear. It was some personal issue and not legal issue to register the bike in my hometown

    • @vic Do you think all this money is legal and hard earned??? Black money, havala, money laundering etc are the various names for these kinds!! 😛

  25. Let me just say, hats off to you for posting this account of yours. As a Duke 390 owner, I’d like to point out that what the Ninja 300 doesn’t have (but sorely needs) is ABS. It comes in especially useful on highway jaunts, as I’ve discovered for myself. Anyway, there will always be haters who don’t know how to mind their own business. Ignore them like the scum they are. Ride hard, ride long and ride safe.

  26. I just don’t understand why guys are fretting about how the reviewer got his bike(err,..many bikes). This forum is about riding impressions and he has given his.I have found this forum replete with immature reviews, pathetic grammar (This review qualifies as one IMO) and I think that should be a more pressing concerns for forum visitors, not how some kid coaxed his parents into buying him expensive bikes. That should not be the point.As long as the bike is not stolen, how does it matter?
    Also, I think there is definitely the jealous prick crying from inside when people complain about the brashness and irresponsibility of the reviewer. I mean come on, if your parents had the moolah , wouldn’t you try asking them for the bike first. Now please don’t tell me you’d ask your conscience first before asking :).
    I have a duke 200 and I bought it with my own hard earned money, but does that mean every guy has to ‘earn’ his bike? There would always be disparity and may be your kid would be more privileged than you were as a kid. he’d definitely get his first mobile phone faster than you did.
    The world is relative.
    There are guys who have better paid jobs. Many have them because they could get a better and sometimes expensive education(guys getting into IITs/IIMs/NITs invariable spend lakhs on coaching classes and then the course itself). Does that mean that they don’t deserve their jobs because they had an advantage of parental support and mindset?

    The guys(most of them) who buy it wit their hard earned money is mostly because their parents could only fulfill the basic needs and some more(by basic I don’t mean roti, kapda, makan, it includes lacs on education and other costs) and had no money left for indulgences.
    I was from one such household and could never have asked for such stuff, precisely because I knew it wa snot possible and that environment makes you disciplined.
    The reviewer has seen a household of plenty , justified by his parents granting his wishes.
    I think we should be a little less preachy (I was a lot here but please cut me some slck :))

  27. Dear Akhil
    I m here to say a few words.plz don’t get me wrong.
    I m a person who bought a CBR 250r to learn biking but I m not boasting of it or I m showing off.I now possess a zx 14r.leave that matters.some people r always there to criticise.u know aspirations are unfortunately never fulfilled for some people.people even abused me for buying such a bike for learning BT I didn’t refrain.follow or heart after all its or life live it large

  28. Tunai 4 bike kharidi chal khareed agar terai pass paisa hai toh khareed mujhai koi problem nhi hai
    Par tunai kbhi socha hai ki ismai sai mai thoda paisa gareeb bacho ko de deta jinkai pass khanai kai liyai paisai bhi nhi hai


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