ALERT! Ownership Review Contest No 13; Win a Jacket, Helmet, Gloves & more (Prizes Worth Rs 20,000!)

Ever since our last ownership review contest ended a few months back, we have received so many enquiries from our avid readers on the next upcoming one and here is the official announcement!


I am pleased to announce BikeAdvice Ownership Review Contest No 13 and as you can see in the image above, it is grander than ever.

Our Motive of These Review Contests

We take pride in saying that BikeAdvice is the only biking portal in India which has a treasury of actual user reviews. And there is no word better than the actual rider who lives with the bike. You can find reviews of as rare a bikes as RD350 to electric bikes as Ampere V60. And we have tons of reviews of the regular bikes you generally see on the roads.

To see all of them, Check our revamped Bike Reviews Page.

  • Through these ownership review contests, we encourage more and more people to share their reviews which helps a lot of you in getting answers of specific queries of bikes you already own and letting you know your fellow bikers’ views on the bikes you are planning to buy.
  • If you notice, our prizes also impart and encourage safe riding!

Why is Ownership Review Contest No 13 Grander then Ever?

Last time the total prize money was Rs 10,000 and this time it is exactly the double of that. Yes, as a small souvenir to your contribution to the biking community, we are offering prizes worth Rs 20,000!

That’s not all! this time every review that gets published is entitled for a complementary prize from our side- We know how involved you get when you describe your other part of life 🙂


Details of the Contest

  • Contest Starts from today and will end on 11th January 2014
  • Write a review of the bike you own in at least 500 words. No maximum limit.
  • Include photos wherever possible. Minimum of 3 photos is compulsory. A photo of you along with your bike adds a lot of credibility and trust to the review.
  • Send your entry to ‘admin[at]‘. Add photos as an attachment. If the photos are too large, resize it to around 1024×768 pixels using the free software called Light Image Resizer.
  • You will receive a confirmation reply within 48 hours from our side.
  • Once your review gets published, share it across the various social channels like Facebook, Twitter to gain maximum points.

What to Include in the Review – A Guide

  • Inspiration: Talk about how you decided to buy the bike and what inspired you to choose the model you have chosen.
  • Bikes Shortlisted: Also talk about bikes you shortlisted before buying that one bike!
  • Regrets: After a few weeks of using it, every biker can find fault or negatives with his bike. Just like humans, no bike is 100% perfect. Talk about that.
  • Previous Bikes: If you have owned other bikes in the past, talk about them and compare them with your new buy.
  • Details: The review should include the time which you have spent with your bike (in kms ;)) and the number of days you have been living with it. Talk about the price, mileage, handling and other details unique to your bike. General details which are available in the official website like specifications of the bike can be left out.
  • Tours: Have you taken your bike for long rides? Talk about the experience of the same.
  • A review with a lot of beautiful photos is always appreciated.

The above points are just a guide and you can write your review in your own unique way – which is most appreciated at BikeAdvice.


The top 3 reviews get a lot of accoldes. And apart from them prizes from our sides. Here is a quick dekko at the prizes we have for you:

  1. First Prize: Cramster BREEZER-RS Mesh Jacket
  2. Second Prize: LS2 Full Face Helmet – Reality
  3. Third Prize: DSG Motomesh Gloves

Apart from this every review that gets published at BikeAdvice under Contest No 13 will get complementary prizes from our side.

*In case the above mentioned prizes go out of stock, you will be entitled to a prize of similar cost.

So, what is the wait for..? Take your beauty for a ride to an isolated land, Sit down and pen your views, your fellow bikers are waiting!

And do not forget to share and spread this among your fellow biking mates..!

In case you have forgotten, here is the email ID again and you can also post your queries to us here…


For a quick check of last time winners, visit here..

All The Best,