Results of BikeAdvice Ownership Review Contest 12: Jayakrishnan Wins Daijya Helmet Worth Rs 4750!

Hello Avid Readers and ownership review contestants,

First up we apologize for a week’s delay in announcing the results of our ownership review contest No 12. But, for all of you who kept your fingers crossed to see the polo position finishers, here are the consolidated results.

TOP 3 Reviews:

Out of the 50 odd reviews we received, here are the best 3




So, Jayakrishnan takes away a Daijya G-Fit Tribal helmet worth Rs 4750, Aditya takes away DSG Revive Gloves worth Rs 2250 and Dinesh wins a cool Keiti Carbon Look Tankpad for his supercool Hunk, worth Rs 1000!

Selection Process:

As we announced earlier, we divided the complete review process in three parts. All the reviews were rated on a total scale of 40 points. We attributed:

  1. 25% ie 10 marks to the voting results
  2. 25% ie 10 marks to Facebook like results
  3. 50% ie 20 marks to Reviewer results

Through this process, we ensured that apart from the general public liking, we have manual intervention to actually check and award the reviews which actually fulfilled our purpose of having this very contest – maximum information about the bike/bikes people may be considering buying.

Here are the final points every review received and the final standing:


3 Consolation Prizes:

Apart from this, we are also giving away 3 consolation prizes for an awesome job done by the following 3 reviews listed below

We thank each one of you for participating in great numbers. Every review we received was written with a lot of enthusiasm and it was one herculean task for us to come up with these top 10 reviews. And for all those who wish to participate and win cool prizes, keep tuned to BikeAdvice as we will announce our Onwership Review Contest No 13 shortly 🙂

I request every winner to get in touch with me at to claim and get their prizes delivered at their doorsteps 🙂

Happy Biking!