Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Ownership Review by Jayakrishnan Pn

Hola bikers, am Jayakrishan from Kerala. A pure automobile enthusiast by heart. Old BikeAdvice visitors should know me, because this is my second review in BikeAdvice. First review was back in October ’10. By then, my bike was XCD 135. Here is that review.

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About me, now doing my degree of B.CA in Chinmaya Mission College. Living in sweet home situated in Thrissur district. Since childhood one of my wishes was to own and ride a Pulsar. Now it has been fulfilled. I own the meanest, quickest, craziest Pulsar ever. Yes, it is Pulsar 200 NS..! To the review now,


Frankly writing, there was no other bikes in the list other than Pulsar. Because I like the character of Pulsar than any other bike in the country. I was all set to purchase Pulsar 135LS one year back. It was all of sudden when spied pictures of “Next Generation” Pulsar’s spread the digital world, I’ve stopped the plan of getting Pulsar 135.

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Spent a lot of time in different forums and followed the spied picture a couple of months. Speculations were it is a tuned version of KTM 125 and tuned down version of KTM 200. And by the end of the year ’11, Bajaj has announced the official reveal of the “Next generation” of Pulsar on January 30th ’12.

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So I waited for the launch of the bike. By January mid, almost all biking web sites confirmed that it is a 200CC motor and much clearer spied pictures came out. So I thought as it is 200CC motor and considering its size, it will cost a bomb. So I dropped the idea of getting the new Pulsar and again gone into Pulsar 135LS.

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But in the evening of revealing day, I came to see a picture of red bike standing. And it was taken with a cam from a monitor. I thought it was a foreign bike. But my thought was wrong. It was the Next Generation Pulsar. I was really blown away by the looks of the bike. Especially the shot from rear right corner. Doubted it’s from Bajaj itself.

I was staring at the monitor for hours, you know. After looking into engine specification picture, I finalized that bike in my mind, and was at the top of happiness. Told father that I’m gonna book it. He agreed, but told me that maximum budget is 1 lakh. I agreed.

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And the moment of truth came. Bajaj revealed the 200NS Pulsar to the world and announced one more thing – it will cost under 1 lakh Indian Rupees! I’ve jumped into the pool of happiness after hearing this. Was in an awesome mood. So started calling nearest outlet for asking about the bike.


After the launch of 200 NS, I’ve asked my outlet so many times and their answer was, ” no Sir, there is no news about the bike you are talking about.” I was like, WTF, Bajaj revealed the bike to public and Bajaj outlets have no details about the bike.

Thought of booking it in advance. But they not accepted booking of a “unknown” bike. So I booked for 220, and told them that I will take delivery after some months. When the official booking start, I can change into 200 NS. Visited showroom every week which is about 30+ km one way for knowing any details about it. So it was about April or May, bookings started in metro cities.

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But not in Kerala, Tamilnadu etc… was waiting like hell. All my notebook’s pages was covered with the drawing of the bike. And finally on July 20th, I’ve got a call from the dealer, “Sir, first lot of bikes are arrived, come check it out now and one bike of which is yours”. I was really happy, finally I can take a glimpse at the bike.

So in eve, I gone to showroom. When I looked into the entrance, there was a yellow beast resting. It was the first time I taking a look of it. Initially blue color was in my mind. But after seeing the yellow one in person, I changed to yellow. And there was also no blue color in first batch. So went for yellow.

I talked to them and came to know that mine was the first booking of 200 NS and the first bike rolling out from showroom is mine. Hearing that I was like yeehaw. And they told Monday is a good day to start delivery, because it is a new bike. Then started extreme waiting. Saturday and Sunday gone very slow.

As you guessed, I’ve got up early on Monday and got ready to college. Whole college day time felt like a lifetime. Last five minutes were the slowest. I rushed to the showroom after college. Monday is uniform day, so I was in uniform. I kept a yellow t-shirt with me from home.

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On the way to main road, I’ve changed t-shirt while walking. Hehe that was funny… My father and some friends were waiting there in the showroom. Completed all cash and paper related formalities and waits for the delivery. It was about 5.00 or 5.30 pm.

Manager and all other workers gathered in front of the showroom with all NS resting near the road, in which first yellow bird was mine. First key giving function started. Manager handed over the “big key” to me in front of some local TV Channels, and news reporters. I was really thrilled..! Rolled out my NS from showroom.

A Dream, truly a Dream came true. A performance bike, that too a Pulsar as my own. Wow. A friend of mine rode the bike few meters. After some chit chats with friends, said goodbye and father rode the bike half way. Rest of half I rode. The ride was so smooth. Never experienced this smoothness in any of Pulsar’s before.

I was floating in cloud 9. On the way heads started turning towards me. All heads. Stopped for some snacks on the way. Some teenagers came and asks about the bike, “which is it? Is it imported? Where the hell is it’s exhaust? etc… which is still continueing the day while am typing this.

Almost every stops there are peoples asking me where the hell is exhaust? Is it really a Pulsar? Started riding to home after getting some snacks. While riding guys in bikes came closer to me and started taking pictures in their mobiles. I laughed inside my helmet and poses for them. After “photo session” they gave me thumbs up and gone.

Little bro and mother were waiting back home. They felt happy to see me riding Pulsar. Purchased new ‘LS2 Phobia’ lid to wear while riding NS. NS costed me about 1 lakh and 6 thousand rupees. Because, 70K paid cash and rest was loan. Mentioning 200ns as he/him now onward. Because at least to me this is a beast, so calling him Dominator. My Dom.


Heart of Dom is a 199.8 cc mill which is liquid cooled and equipped with triple spark plugs which is first in the country ensures more power and better fuel efficiency. It has 4 valves which helps the bike to breath faster. This engine produces about 23.5 brake horse power around 9.5K RPM and a healthy torque of 18.3 Nm at 8K RPM.

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It’s a carburetted engine. Because it is a liquid cooled engine, it has a radiator fan which cools it down when the temperature exceeds 98 degree. We can really feel the heat when ridden in only 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear in heavy traffic. I mean when the heat is 98 degrees. There is no heat while riding normally. No means, not nil.

There is heat, but its avoidable. Not forget its a 200CC engine. NS has 6-Speed transmission system. Gear pattern is one down five up which is common on all sports bikes. It really helps while a sudden braking occasion comes in heavy traffic. We can shift all down suddenly and it will always comes to first gear. No more struggling for finding 1st gear while in slow moving traffic.

NS is sharing its engine base with his elder brother Duke 200. Gear system and base is same as Duke 200. But head it Bajaj. Dom has a well designed, extremely engineered engine. Because it’s not a easy job to build a compact engine head which has 3 spark plugs, 4 valves, liquid cooling system. Very tightly packed engine. Engine is refined as well.


BMW designer Edgar Heinrich designed this bike. That is clearly seen in the overall look of the bike. Sharp edges, aggressive street fighter looks, thicker rear tyre, step type seats, muscular curvy tank cover, wolf like headlight, sporty split handle bars and grab rails.

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The quality of the materials used feels very good. Tank cover and other parts are built in plastic. It is not metal as older Pulsar’s. He has a dual tone color combo. Mustard yellow and black. Dual tone looks really well in person. Headlight is equipped with two parking lamps below the main bulb.

Goatee like design. Turn indicator lights are sharp and clear. L.E.D stop light is very bright at night. Headlight is awesome. In city low beam is more than enough. In highways high beam is superb. 65 W bulb is used. For extreme highway riders or tourers, a HID projector set-up is necessary. For normal usage, this headlight is more than enough.

Switches in handlebars feels very high quality. They are easy to use. Designed in symmetric way. Turn indicator switches are pain to use for the first time. Because it is placed not so comfortable position. But after some days of usage, one will get used to it. Both left and right hand side looks exactly same but different features.

Instrumentation contains a large rpm meter located in center with rpm’s marked up to 12K in which from 10K RPM redline starts. RPM meter contains a fuel indicator which is not that accurate, but it will give a rough idea of remaining fuel.

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In right of RPM meter, there is speedometer, odo meter, 2 trip meters, a digital clock, and some warning icons. Icons include, service reminder, low oil, high temperature, and low battery indicator. The display is crisp and clear. Clear vision even in direct sunlight.

On the left side there is side stand indicator, high beam indicator, a Bajaj logo, neutral indicator, and turn indicator lights. There are two switches at the bottom of the RPM meter. Mode and Set buttons. Which are used for resetting trip meters and setting up clock.

RPM meter needle is slowish than Yammie R15. And the handle bar switches are backlit. It is blue in color. A view of all this lights is looking like a mini cockpit. Tanks are designed to keep our knees hanged while in a corner. Bringing this beast under control are done by petal disc brakes. In front there is 280mm big bybre disc brake and in rear there is 180mm discs.

NS has perimeter frame. Then engine is hung from it. Which improves the handling and cornering of the bike. The bike designed in a way that the weight distribution is almost 50-50. And the centre of gravity of the bike closer to the center of the bike which also improves the handling of the bike when leaned. Overall it is great design.


So smooth and refined – all I can say about the ride. Thicker front shocks, rear mono mono shocks which is first for the Pulsar series, not spongy but average cushioned rider seat, clip-on handle bars, 6th gear, wider rear tyres, perimeter frame, knee friendly tank etc., all together made this bike extremely rider friendly.

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Run-in period is a thing which almost all guys not following or hates. To me I love run-in period, because it is the period in which a bikes’s life is determining. Properly run-in followed bike will last longer and it will maintenance free. I’ve followed run-in period for the first 1000 kms and after that I started to give it some revs for some seconds often.

After 2500 kms, tested it’s top speed. It’s so comfort to ride him long rides. One will not feel the miles which ridden. Power of the bike is awesome. Although the top horse power is at 9.5K, it is pulling nicely from the lower RPM’s. For a 200Cc motor, NS’s engine is silent.

There are noticeable engine sounds under normal riding. But post 6K RPM, this changes. It will become incredibly powerful and sound become roar of a lion and like an inline 4’s sound. That sound is a thing to hear in person. Like all NS owners saying post 6K, it’s a rocket. In a matter of seconds, I can touch 3 digits with ease.

Digits are climbing very fast. I’ve managed to top out 130 km/hr. That too in only redlining from 5th gear. Gears are spot on. Shifting is smooth. After 10K kms, have to test it’s true top speed. You can imagine the thrill of me, having only gone top speed of 85 km/hr ever in life in XCD135, topping out 3 digits easily in a matter of seconds.

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Vibrations are there, but it is avoidable. About 75% vibration problem will be loose screws or some parts. A visit to service center might solve it. In my case, there are no problems occurred by vibrations. And till now there were no service visits other than free servicing. Not a complaint.

The NS is a cornering machine. It will automatically lean into every corners. I love that. I love corners too. And when in a corner, it’s easily controllable. Flicking through ‘S’ roads, is superb. Feels very light in corners. As mentioned above, Bybre brakes are bringing him under control from high speeds. Discs are petal discs.

For better heat dissipation and braking. The tyres are TVS Eurogrips – the only ‘no-no’ part of this bike. Those tyres are actually Euro’slip’. Rear tyre is slipping under braking. Front tyre is acceptable. Don’t know whether my braking skills are bad, but almost all NS riders are complaining about slipping tyres. I’ve encountered about 2-3 slips till now. But got used to it.

Some Recent Rides

I love going to long rides. Gone for couple of rides with NS. Very first one was to a dam called Chimmney. There was about 7 riders.

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Me and my friend near to my area started morning 7.00 am. I’ve gone to his place and we rode together afterwards. After some miles, we’ve got a call from other guys who are in the way and they are late. So decided to go to near by beach and sit there some time. Gone to Snehatheeram Beach and relaxed there some time.

After enjoying sea for some time, we started the journey to meet ‘late coming’ friends. Met them about 11.00 am, and all together started riding into the destination. It was my first ride in the bike before first service. Gone some miles in that ride.

Another recent ride was to Athirapilly Waterfalls. It was a hell of ride. Together with team Dukers and Throttlers. Was about 11 Dukes, 2 Ninja 250R ( One was Akrapovic’d), 2 CBR250R, Me, 1 leo vince FZ-s, 2 R15’s and classy 500.

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In that ride, the sound of the Dukes, leo vince, akrapovic, all made me mad n crazy. Cornered in to the core. Route post vazhachal check-post is a great route to lean your bike. Simply awesome corners. 1 or 2 corners are there like they are made by calculation, perfect corners. Although it is a route with local Buses, one must have loud pipes or loud horns. We cornered and rode hard because we are in a group. Alone there requires extra precautions.

There are guys who look at the name of the bike and will tempt us for a race. I hate those kinda idiots. Returning from that ride, one RX100 started racing with a Duke ahead of me. What was that idiot thought? Duker smoked out him in seconds. I hate road racing.

And one night when I was returning from some other ride, one HMC Hunk with a pillion started coming from side and overtook, and keeps raving his engine. His pillion even readies the mobile came. I just don’t care them and rode straightly. At last he I’ve gone past them slowly and they might have understood, that I don’t wanna race. Fools.


This is third thing that I love in my Dom, after performance and cornering ability. A 200 CC performance motor is not meant for returning high mileage. But I was amazed by its fuel efficiency. It is returning me about 50+ km/l always. Believe me, 50+ kms per liter.

In a highway ride I almost got 60 km/l. In city 45-50. Average 50km/l. Don’t know if it is because, am lean and only 65 kgs. But if there is a pillion, mileage drop down to 42-47km/l. Anyway anything above 45 km/l for this kinda performance is superb.

Good Side

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  • Perimeter frame – cornering
  • 130/70 rear tyres – comfort
  • Bybre petal brakes – better brakes
  • 23.5 BHP and 18.3 Nm torque – performance
  • Engine smoothness and refinement – KTM with Bajaj hands
  • 6th gear – cruising
  • Aggressive street fighter looks – head turner
  • Mono shocks – comfort
  • 65W headlamps – night breaker
  • Cornering Machine – flick ability
  • Long ride suitable – 200cc
  • Mileage – range
  • Handling – easily manageable
  • Under 1 lakh price tag
  • Perfect Value For Money bike
  • Easily available parts and cheap also

Bad Side

  • Eurogrips tyres – a must change thing for better grip and control
  • Bad stock horn – m80 sounds better than this. Stock horns are not suited for the character of 200ns.
  • Weight 145 kgs – which is hard to maneuver while engine off. While parking and all
  • Rear seat is hard – will be a pain for pillion in long rides
  • Pillion foot peg’s side thingy is loosing it’s silver color
  • Triple spark logo in engine cover center is loosely pasted. In a hard wash, it will go off
  • Some of NS owners reported coolant leakage. In my case there is no leakage
  • Missing in 8k RPM when nearing reserve.
  • Fuel cock is bad quality
  • Turning radius could have been better
  • Handle lock only to left side


There are no extreme modifications done by me. But changed the stock horn to 220’s dual horns and changed the stock park lamps to white L.E.D. Thinking of installing a filter after few thousand kilometers.


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A perfect VFM bike ever in the country. You are getting a lot of things under a 1 lakh, which other bikes in that price range is not giving. Short stroke engine. Accelerates faster. Smokes others out.! Only threats to this one are CBR250R, Ninja 250R, Duke 200 and other higher bhp rides.


  • Follow proper run-in period. It determines the life the bike.
  • Wear a helmet. Always
  • Ride under control. Don’t look into unwanted things around you.
  • Don’t drink and ride
  • Let rash riders/drivers pass. It’s your life in your hands and feet.
  • Remember, some one is waiting you back home.

Thanks for BikeAdvice for giving me this opportunity. I love BA, since I found it while I was browsing through net for knowing about Pulsar 135. Since then I am a daily visitor. Has lot of articles helping bikers. Congrats for all admins who are updating the site.

Am concluding my review here guys, please ride safe friends. Can’t see peoples leaving us because of not using helmets and careless rash riding. Photo credits: My friend and bro Sahal Nechottil, My bro Santhosh, Throttlers, and Me. Ride Safe. Take care fellas

Jayakrishnan Pn