Upcoming Smallest Triumph TRIDENT Could Look THIS Sizzling…

These Triumph Trident pics (imaginative renderings) give us a hint of how brilliant the roadster may look in its final production form…

Ever since Triumph announced its upcoming motorcycle, Trident, it has garnered a lot of interest everywhere – among the company’s fans and media alike (link to our unveil story).

Apart from the fact that it will be the most affordable motorcycle from Triumph, we do not have a lot of information about the upcoming bike. But what we do have are the styling details of the concept the company shared.

Based on that, we have a couple of imaginative rendering pics that have emerged which preview the bike…

Triumph trident pics
Render by Powerdrift

The first render shows the bike in red color (above), featuring a large, muscular fuel tank with white stickers and white colored frame. It imagines those chunky upside down front forks in golden color and body colored levers and headlamp cowl.

Official concept pic shared by Triumph

Upcoming Triumph’s 2 Lakh Motorcycle Rendered by Our Reader

Apart from this, we also have another render that imagines the bike in matte-leather finish (below). This looks a lot more attractive and in fact, Triumph can take a few cues from it when it sits down to design the color themes of the bike. Unlike the red concept, this one imagines the motorcycle in silver colored USDs and grey colored frame. The rims on this one are however contrast red.

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Triumph trident pics
Render by Rahul Dinesh

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While both the renders look impressive, please note these are just based on imaginations and we will get to see the original and official version in the coming months. Triumph has officially confirmed that Trident will be launched next year and it has all the chances of coming to India as well…

-­Moin Ahmed