Honda Teases NEW Product; Any Guesses…?

We try to decipher the upcoming Honda launch that has been teased by the company. Whatever it is, it is coming soon…

Amidst all this hullabaloo of the modern classics that Harley Davidson and Triumph have launched, Honda has tried to sneak in with its share of fun. It has released a teaser of an upcoming 2-wheeler which is very difficult to decipher.

At first, it appeared to be a motorcycle with some kind of ADV bits and as I was about to post about it, I thought of going through the frames one by one, very slowly. Upon careful observation, it gets clear that it is not a motorcycle, at all!

And yes, like most of you have said on our social channels, it is a scooter. No, it does not appear to be Activa Parle G edition that one of our follower said (:D ), it looks to be a sporty product with apron mounted LED headlamps with side blinkers mounted atop (the headlamp).

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It further gets clear when we read Honda’s tagline –

Its time to level up your style quotient

Here is the teaser…

While Honda has said that it will introduce electric scooters this fiscal, this does not appear to be that. Instead, this may either be an update – a comprehensive one that is – to its Grazia that is not selling in good numbers or it could be an all new scooter specifically developed for our market or it could be one of the many international scooters that the Jap has patented in India – in the conventional ICE domain.

upcoming honda launch
The upcoming scooter could be a comprehensive update of the Grazia or an all-new product…

It is likely to be a ‘bigger-than-110cc‘ product – most probably in the 125cc domain – and if Honda sheds its ‘follow-others‘ approach – a 150cc!

Nonetheless, more teasers are expected to sneak in, in the days to come. Launch, I believe is very close – and the product could be unveiled/launched within this month as well. Anything you would like to add…?