World’s First CNG Motorcycle to Come Under a New Brand; Rajiv Bajaj Spills New Details

Rajiv Bajaj has revealed some interesting details of its upcoming Bajaj CNG motorcycle – including fuel bills, launch as well its branding…

As an alternate source of fuel, most of the manufacturers are going full monty on electric vehicles. This has also to do with the government’s push towards it. However, apart from electric 2-wheelers, Bajaj Auto is also exploring other sources.

It has decided to produce a CNG motorcycle that nobody makes yet, in the world. A CNG motorcycle has a lot of challenges and, hence, we do not see a single product that anybody has tried commercially. After confirming the development earlier, Rajiv Bajaj has spilled some more beans on this important development, in a recent interaction.

Upcoming Bajaj CNG Motorcycle – New Details

Here are they, in quick pointers…

  • First up, in their internal tests, Bajaj has received over 50 percent reduction in emissions of Carbon Mono Oxide and other harmful gases as compared to the ICE counterparts.
  • Again in internal tests, the CNG motorcycle required lesser fuel resulting in about 50 percent reduction in fuel bills. This is what will probably become the USP if this new technology has come into play.
  • Rajiv Bajaj also talked about the recent spotting of a mysterious Bajaj product – and almost confirmed that it was the CNG motorcycle that they are working on.
upcoming bajaj cng motorcycle
Rajiv Bajaj has confirmed that the CNG motorcycle will not come under an existing, established brand..
  • About the launch – Rajiv Bajaj confirmed that, if everything goes well, the market launch could take place in calendar year 2025. This means we are still some time away from the commercial launch of the product.

SPIED: Is This Bajaj’s First Ever CNG Motorcycle?

  • Now comes the most important part. There have been reports that the upcoming Bajaj CNG motorcycle could come under one the existing brands – CT, Platina or Pulsar. However, Rajiv Bajaj gave his view on this and said – the new product will have its own, different identity. This suggests that there will be a new sub-brand that Bajaj will create for its CNG motorcycle. And that new brand will only have CNG models.

A CNG motorcycle is definitely an interesting prospect. A lot of its sales have transformed to CNG in the 3-wheeler segment and there is sustained momentum in that regard. This suggests that people are sticking to the new fuel source and we may see a similar trend in 2-wheelers as well, at least in the commuter space which holds a majority stake in the 2-wheeler market in the country.