SPIED: Is This Bajaj’s First Ever CNG Motorcycle?

Entry level Bajaj CNG motorcycle has already been confirmed by the company’s top officials. Is this the one or is this something else..?

A mysterious, fully camouflaged test mule has been captured somewhere in Pune. Pune and that test number plate hints at the big possibility of this bike being an upcoming Bajaj motorcycle.

Observing carefully, there is not a lot of concrete details that we can decipher. But that engine, exhaust clearly suggests that this is an internal combustion engine product. Looking at the dimensions and parts on offer, this appears to be a small capacity motorcycle – possibly in the 100-125cc range.

That takes us to the recent revelation by Bajaj when it confirmed that an entry level CNG motorcycle is under works which promises to lower entry level buyers’ fuel bills. No other maker has tried the combo petrol+CNG fuel on motorcycles yet and this will be a first for India.

According to a report, the internal codename of the CNG motorcycle is Bruzer E101, however, it is likely to carry either the Platina or CT nameplate when it hits the market. The product was said to be in the final stages of development and this spy pic suggests that Bajaj may have already reached the road testing stage.

bajaj cng motorcycle
This spotting could be Bajaj’s first ever CNG bike that may either take the Platina or the CT moniker..

We see that Bajaj is trying to add a bit of sportiness to this utility product and we have knuckle protectors, sportier looking front mudguards, flatter seat, etc. If this actually is that Bajaj’s CNG motorcycle it could bring about a change in the entry level motorcycle space with cheaper running costs.

If this isn’t that than this could be some other entry level motorcycle that Bajaj may be planning to bring in to the market in either the 100cc or the 125cc segment. With this, let us try to dig deeper in this development.

But on the sidelines of this spotting – what do you think about it? Will an entry level, cheaper to run ‘Platina CNG’ be an alternate you would like to buy…?