SCOOP: 2015 UM Hypersport Spied in India; Off-Roaders Rejoice

Almost all two wheeler manufacturers around the world see India as a very demanding but potent market. And why not, it is world’s largest two wheeler market.


After lot of others, the latest entrant to the two-wheeler scene is Miami-based United Motorcycles which debuted and displayed its products for the first time during the Auto Expo in February.

And with their uncanny design philosophy, they were able to raise the interest levels of us Indians. Later when they announced that they are going to launch their range at an introductory prices of around Rs 75,000 to 80,000 rupees, things just got sweeter.

They plan to first attack the nascent cruiser segment with products like the flagship Renegade Commando and Renegade Sport towards October this year.


And for the first time, spy pics have come up on the internet of their range topping 2015 edition Hypersport credit The bike in question is a dual purpose motorcycle which can do best of both worlds – on the roads and off them as well. The Hypersport is sold in America with a single cylinder, four stroke engine with a five speed gear box and three displacement options:

  • 124cc mill producing a power output of 10.45bHP and 9Nm o0f peak torque (air cooled).
  • 199cc producing 14.75bHP and 15Nm of torque (air cooled).
  • 223cc producing 17.27bHP of power and 16.86Nm of torque (air/oil cooled).

United Motorcycles has not talked about the Hypersport yet in India, neither was it kept on display at the Auto Expo. But what the company has cleared is that they intend to launch products above the 200cc displacement which may mean, this Hypersport, if and when it will be launched, may just get the bigger 223cc motor.

UM Hypersport Features:

The bike also boasts of a number of very interesting features:

  • Run flat tires: These bikes will be equipped with tires filled with a special liquid, which the company calls, Anti-Flat Sealant (AFS), which in case of a puncture, prevents air loss by sealing the hole.
  • 360 degrees LED: UM is probably the only bike manufacturer in the world which has equipped some of its bikes with LEDs on all sides to increase the visibility and reduce chances of accidents.
  • USB: All UM bikes have the USB charging port as standard so that one can easily charge their smartphones while on the move.
  • Intelligent Dashboard: The dash board is equipped with a Service Alert System which the company calls as SAM, which informs the rider whenever routine maintenance of the bike is due. It also sports a gear change indicator.
  • Blind Spot Mirrors: The bikes are fitted with special mirrors with Blind Spot Window, to give the riders a little extra range of view. This should be a great help in Indian driving conditions.


These bikes will also be fitted with special seats, Comfort UM gel seats, which have gel pads in them. They take the shape of the rider’s contour, also reducing unwanted vibrations that can lead to cramps.

We really like the way the bike looks. We do not have many choices in this segment either with Hero’s lone offering off-road-on-road ‘Impulse’ failing to do any real good to company’s fortunes majorly because of its under-powered engine! With this spotting, it gets clearer that United Motorcycles intends to slug it out in the niche segments first before venturing out in the mainstream products.

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