Speculation: UM Renegade Commando to be Priced at Rs 1.5 Lakh; Renegade Sport Starts at 75K

The Miami-based United Motorcycles Global had put up an interesting display at the Auto Expo 2014. The company showcased four of their motorcycles – Duty, Sport and Commando from the Renegade Cruiser lineup and the Xtreet from their Sports lineup.


In their official press release, they confirmed that they will launch motorcycles in the 200-280cc segment in India. Recently, speaking with The Economic Times, Mr. Rajeev Mishra, Director of UM India pointed out that the company plans to kick start proceedings with the following four models; all cruisers:

  1. 223 cc, single-cylinder Renegade Commando
  2. Limited Edition Renegade Commando (same engine)
  3. Renegade Sport 223cc
  4. Renegade Sport 200cc

They cleared at the Auto Expo itself that Xtreet is not being considered for now, but will be coming sometime later. UM had previously voiced their intention of sourcing at least 50% components from the domestic market to keep the prices of their bikes competitive and the same plan is being implemented.

Although no specific joint venture has been disclosed but it seems that the company is in advance stage of starting assembly/production of its bikes in the country along with a partner which will be disclosed in sometime.


United Motorcycles India Launch

UM plans to introduce these new bikes (and themselves) during the Festival Season in the third quarter of the year which means somewhere between October to December 2014.

United Motorcycles Bike Prices

UM says it will price its bikes between INR 75,000 to INR 1.50 Lacs. The Renegade Commando/Limited Edition would most likely take the top-shelf in UM’s India product line. These single-cylinder retro cruisers are capable of developing around 18 bhp of power with 15.5 Nm of torque.


The other two bikes are from Renegade Sport, again, single-cylinder four-strokers which produce 15.22bhp of peak power and 14.67Nm of max torque, and are expected to form the base of UM’s lineup.

UM Global motorcycles are known to have some rather nifty gizmos and features, some of which will be seen for the first time in the country; like the blind-spot mirrors for better situational awareness, the 360 degrees LED illumination to help other drivers become aware of your presence on the road. These bikes will also sport anti-flat sealant equipped tires and service due reminder system.

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