Auto Expo: United Motorcycles Debuts in India; Launch This Year: Lineup, Pics & Details

BA ran a story last month about United Motorcycles and their plans as regards to India. They are showcasing their lineup at the ongoing Auto Expo and their stall has on display 4 of their motorcycles – Duty, Sport and Commando from the Renegade Cruiser lineup and the Xtreet from their Sport lineup.

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UM Xtreet

The Xtreet is a small capacity, single cylinder 4-stroker with 3 variants. All variants carry a 5-speed transfer case.

  • 175cc engine producing 14.5 bhp of power and 11.65 Nm of torque.
  • 196cc engine producing 16.1 bhp of power and 13.96 Nm of torque.
  • 223cc engine producing 18 bhp of power and 15.55 Nm of torque.


The bike weighs in just about 120 kg and the bigger 18 bhp variant could prove to be a rather nimble ride. The braking duties are done by discs at both wheels.

UM Renegade Duty

This small-time cruiser comes with a couple of power options – 125 cc and 150 cc. These air-cooled engines are mated to a 5-speed gearbox.


Renegade Duty 125 cc has a couple of variants; one producing 10.79 bhp with 9.15 Nm and the other 125 cc producing a little more power of 11.85 bhp and 9.18 Nm.

The 150 cc Renegade Duty carries a 149 cc engine capable of 12.92 hp and 11.32 Nm.

The cruiser comes with 360-degree LED system and the trademark blind-spot mirrors for better situational awareness. The tires have anti-flat sealant. The bike also boasts of the UM signature UMGel seat for better butt care as well as USB charging point for electronics.

Renegade Sport

The Renegade Sport will be available with three engine options – 137.8cc (10.97 bhp and 10.53 Nm), 180.4cc (16.7 bhp and 13.68 Nm) and 196.4cc (15.22 bhp and 14.67 Nm). All the 3 engines are air-cooled, 4-strokers mated to a 5-speed shifter.

The Renegade Sport has a single disc brake up front and drum at the rear. The bike weighs 110 kg.

Renegade Commando

The Renegade Commando is the big daddy of UM stables and comes with a 250 cc single pumping out 18 bhp and 15.5 Nm. The bike definitely looks the part with traditional headlights and flashy chrome accents. The wheels are steel with spokes with a single disc in the front and a drum at the rear.


The Commando looks hefty in black or military green but surprisingly weighs just 127 kg dry. The Renegade Commando is perhaps the best looking bike from UM’s India portfolio.

United Motors are setting up a manufacturing facility in Delhi-NCR region and plans to source 60% of parts from domestic manufacturers to keep the costs low and price the bikes competitively. Launch could be expected sometime towards the end of this year.

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