Ultraviolette F77 Gets 200 km Range; Promises Many Betterments

Ultraviolette F77 launch is scheduled for the later part of this year. An interview reveals that the company has carried out a lot of updates in the motorcycle…

The electric two-wheeler segment is all the rage nowadays. Big names like Ola, Bajaj, TVS and new players like Okinawa, Ignitron and Tork all have entered this segment and have launched or are planning to launch various different products in the market. 

But out of all these, one brand that has grabbed eyeballs of performance enthusiasts since their showcase in 2019. The Ultraviolette’s F77, from the moment it was unveiled, has established itself as the most sought-after and most awaited launch in the electric two-wheeler segment. 

ultraviolette f77 launch

Recently, Bengaluru based Ultraviolette have shared certain details and updates regarding the F77 with an online portal. 

The first big reveal they have shared is that, thanks to improvement in battery-tech, the claimed range of the electric bike has increased from 140 km to 200 km. With this claim, the F77 could become the first electric two-wheeler offering in India to have such an impressive range. The closest competitor to this claimed range is the Tork Kratos which claims to do 180 km in one single charge. 

Since 2019, Ultraviolette have been working and developing the F77 continuously. They have confirmed that their main focus has been on the performance consistency of the motor & battery and maintaining the performance even when the charge drops significantly. 

Mechanically, Ultraviolette details that the bike has gained a bit of heft. They have added more cross-members to the frame of the electric bike to make it stiffer. This has resulted in increased weight and moving the centre of gravity upwards. They explain this has increased the stability and the agility of the bike making it easier and natural to maneuver. 

ultraviolette f77 launch

The F77 will feature a combination of portable charger and an on-board charger, which UV claims will be smaller than that on other competing brands. The portable charger is going to completely charge the battery in less than two hours, while the on-board charger will charge the bike overnight using normal charging speeds. 

UV further explains that they have updated the battery management system. They have built multiple fail-safes into it in order to withstand erratic and heavy use and even abuse to the battery and electronics so as to not fail and damage the propulsion system or cause harm to the rider. 

ultraviolette f77 launch

The instrumentation will be digital and will feature custom font, colour and graphics which will be dynamic in nature and will change according to the riding mode and speed of the bike. The instrumentation, unfortunately, has been confirmed to not be touch-controlled, but will get a four-button setup to assist the rider to interact with it. 

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Another change UV have brought to the F77 is that they have changed the headlight bezel design in order to ease mass-production of the electric bike. 

These are interesting developments. If all goes as projected, the F77 is going to be one of the most tempting prospects in the EV segment. UV have confirmed that the F77 could make its debut in the second quarter of 2022 and will be offered between Rs 2 – 2.5 Lakh.