F77 Launched at 3 Lakh: Can Do 0-60 in 2.9 Sec; Top Speed 140 kph

F77 electric bike range – 150 km and it comes in three variants. We discuss its specs and delivery timelines…

In this growing list of electric two-wheelers another name gets added today but this time it is very interesting because the maker claims that this is India’s first high performance electric motorcycle. Meet F77 by Ultraviolette Automotive which has been under development for the last many years.

F77 is powered by an electric motor which produces 33.5 hp of peak power at 2250 rpm and max torque of whopping 90 Nm right from the word go! As a result, F77 can do 0-60 kph in 2.9 seconds, 0-100 kph in 7.5 seconds along with a top speed of 147 kph. There are three riding modes to play with – Eco, Sport and Insane!

It is equipped with 3 battery packs which have a maximum capacity of 4.2 kWh. Despite such a performance, the motorcycle has a range of 130-150 km. The battery has a charge time of only 1.5 hour through a fast charger. Through standard charger, the motorcycle gets fully charged in 5 hours.

F77 electric bike

Mounted on a Steel Trellis frame, F77 electric bike comes with upside down front forks and 110/70 and 150/60 front and rear tyres respectively – both 17 inchers. Dual channel ABS is standard on the motorcycle which is shod with 320 mm disc at the front and 230 mm rotor at the rear.

F77 is offered in three variants – Lightning, Shadow and Laser and prices range from Rs 3.0 Lakh to 3.25 Lakh on road. Online registrations are now open but deliveries will commence only from the third quarter of 2020. Do note that the first market to get the F77 will be Bangalore with national roll-out planned for next year.

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F77 electric bike

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Ultraviolette will also offer accessories such as portable fast charger, home charging pod, crash guards, wheel caps, panniers, visor, etc.