Two-Wheeler Sales: Everyone Except SUZUKI in Red in June 2019

June 2019 two-wheeler sales numbers present a very gloomy picture for almost all the manufacturers; Suzuki is the only maker to have done well…

Its recession in the automotive industry and manufacturers are not finding buyers for their products. Sales are at very low levels and this has continued onto June 2019 two-wheeler sales in India as well. Here are the numbers…

June 2019 Two-Wheeler Sales – Numbers

PositionManufacturersJune 2018 SalesJune 2019 Sales
6Royal Enfield72,58855,082
10Harley Davidson286210
11Mahindra437 123
Two-wheeler sales
Access has been the pillar of Suzuki’s growth

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Sales Analysis: Quick Pointers

Here are some quick pointers from this month’s sales…

  • With the exception of Suzuki, all other prominent players among the top seven have reported decline in two-wheeler sales in YoY (year on year) numbers.
  • The overall two-wheeler sales are down by 2.18 Lakh units or about 11 percent.
  • Out of these 2.18 Lakh units, Honda and Hero combined lost 1.75 lakh units.
  • The gap between Hero and Honda has roughly remained similar at around 1.50-1.55 Lakh units.
  • Bajaj Auto was the other maker which did not do exceedingly bad – remained flat and sold almost similar number of units.
  • The biggest loser is Royal Enfield with a degrowth of 24 percent!
  • With its impressive growth, Suzuki jumped two places to the fifth spot beating Royal Enfield and Yamaha!
  • If we include niche players, Kawasaki is having a good time with its Ninja 300 and other motorcycles whereas Triumph had a very rough month with sales falling to almost one third of the last month (June 2018).

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There are various factors involved in this downturn – some of which we have discussed here. No one knows when will the market return to normalcy…