Going on Your First Solo Bike Trip? Note Down These 10 Pro Tips

Ever since you’ve bought your bike, we know a love story has been brewing between you two! You are possessive and protective about it, and love going out with it as much as possible. Now that you’re confident about having it as your companion for all your short trips, why not take it a step further?

Venture out on a long bike trip!!!

Yes, just you and your bike. Won’t that be perfect?

Solo Bike Trip Tips
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If the idea of a solo bike trip got you excited, and you’re already in a mood to venture out for one soon, then here are some tips that may help you:

  • Get Your Bike Ready

First things first. Get your bike ready for the trip. By this we mean that make sure that it’s comfortable for the long journey. See if any modification to the seat or handle needs to be made, or anything needs to be checked or replaced to avoid any problem on the way. You may even want to get better headlights or guards on the sides added to ensure a safe and comfortable ride!

  • Dress Right

It’s going to be a long journey, so dress appropriately for the trip. Ideally, you can choose to wear riding pants, ankle boots, riding jacket and a full-face helmet. For more protection, you may even wear elbow and knee guards, which can be bought online very easily.

Also, make sure that the clothes and the gear are as close to your size as possible, as loose baggy wearables will cause you discomfort while driving. Dressing up well will also make you feel confident to take the journey head on! This way, you’ll ride in style!

  • Pack Light, Pack Well

There’s a range of motorbike luggage that you can choose from. There are metallic bags, soft fabric ones, saddle bags, tank bags, tail bags and many other types that you can find online or in moto stores.

Choose according to your need and budget. However, try to pack light by keeping disposable items, rolling your clothes instead of folding them and using other such travel hacks.

  • Remain Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated throughout your trip as it will cut down your exertion. You can buy a hydration pack which is a water bottle in a bag with an attached tube.

This allows you to drink water without removing your helmet and can be slung over your shoulder. So, drink ample amount of water every time you take a break. 

  • Know the Route

Before you start out, have a fair idea about the directions and routes you need to take. With technology always around to help you, you can use google maps to navigate your way so that you don’t find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere.

You can even ask passerby’s or other motorists for routes if need be, as this will help you proceed further, without wasting much time. However, be vary of thugs or other mischievous elements on the road.

  • Take Enough Breaks

Don’t exhaust yourself by riding non-stop without taking enough breaks in between. Especially in a bike trip, the back and the body are subject to a strenuous posture without any support. So, it is vital that you take short breaks at reasonable durations so that neither your health suffers nor does your travel flow get affected.

  • Start with A Light Stomach

Before starting, eat a light breakfast so that you feel sufficiently full, but not too heavy that it makes you drowsy. On your way, you can later stop for an early lunch. Also, carry light snacks and energy bars along so that you can grab a quick bite when hunger strikes you midway.

  • Be Prepared for Challenges

You can encounter various challenges along the way, so it’s better to start prepared than regret later. From weather turning bad to bike-related issues, you should carry a few important things along to deal with these.

From carrying essential medicines to spark plugs, spare tubes, engine oil etc., make sure you are prepared for all challenges. 

  • Stay Motivated

Solo trips are fun but can also get a little boring if you don’t keep yourself motivated enough. So, don’t let anything dampen your spirits to enjoy all that the trip has in store for you.

From enjoying the landscapes to gorging on street side food stalls on your stoppages, make the most of your solo trip.

  • Get Insurance

Before you even plan such a trip, make sure that you have two-wheeler insurance that can cover you against unexpected challenges like a sudden accident. A two-wheeler insurance policy can provide you for any damage to your vehicle caused by an accident, riot, strike or natural calamities.

Reputable insurers like Tata AIG General Insurance offer reimbursement against liability to the third party up to one lac, personal accident cover to owner driver along with many other such benefits. All these coverages will help you go on your solo bike trip without worries. So, enjoy your ‘road trip date’ with your bike!