TVS Down by 20% in Aug: Scooters Catch Upto Motorcycles

TVS sales August 2019 were down by over 56,000 units and interestingly scooters are on the verge of displacing motorcycles as higher sellers…

A little late but TVS has also joined the list of manufacturers which are reeling under the terrible slowdown in the Indian economy. This list now includes almost every major two-wheeler and car manufacturer in India.

TVS Sales August 2019

Chennai based TVS Motor registered total sales of 2,19,528 units in the domestic market in the month of August 2019. These numbers are down by 56,160 units or by over 20 percent when compared to 2,75,688 units it managed during last August (2018). In its overall two-wheeler numbers (including exports), TVS managed to sell 2,75,851 units in August 2019 as compared to 3,30,076 units in the corresponding period last year.

Interestingly, scooter sales for the brand almost matched up with its motorcycle sales last month. TVS sold 1,09,272 scooters as compared to a very similar number of 109,393 motorcycles – a difference of just 121 units. Last year in August this difference was 5067 units when TVS sold 1,31,743 motorcycles and 1,26,676 scooters.

TVS sales August
Radeon is doing well in the market…

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Month on Month, TVS managed to dispatch 2,90,455 units (including three-wheelers) which were higher than 2,79,465 units it registered in July 2019, signifying a growth of almost four percent!

2020 Apache 200 Leaked

In July 2019, TVS’ premium brand Apache registered a major sales drop to 25,094 units (all models except Apache RR 310). We will come to know about August’s numbers in the days to come.