The Phenomenal Rise of TVS in 125cc Motorcycle Segment With RAIDER

TVS Raider sales have been extremely encouraging for the company and it is doing higher sales than the 100ccs combined..

In the last two decades, TVS had tried many motorcycles in the 125cc space – like the Phoenix, Flame and Victor 125 (which was actually a good bike) – but none of them worked. All of these were pure commuter motorcycles that were aimed at giving 100cc motorcyclists a wee bit extra – a recipe that every other maker harped on, in this segment. While it did work for Hero, Honda and to an extent, Bajaj, it was simply a no show for TVS.

The Chennai went to the boardrooms and decided to do something different. The idea was to offer a sportier offering instead of a thoroughbred commuter and the Raider was born in 2021. We test rode it around September of the same year and were immediately impressed by what TVS had put in, in the market.

The responsive motorcycle with a quirky face was lapped up by Indians who wanted a light, nimble and sportier looking 125cc and Raider became an instant hit. Initially, TVS did face a few production issues but now, it appears that deliveries of the motorcycle are in full swing and here are the numbers..

tvs raider sales
TVS has recently launched special editions of the Raider…

TVS Raider Sales

Sep 2023Apr-Sep 2022-23Apr-Sep 2023-24
48,753 units73,594 units2,28,268 units

Just look at those numbers! Here are some key pointers about them,,

  • Raider along is now selling more than TVS’ combined 100cc motorcycles.
  • Though I do not have individual numbers of Glamour and Super Splendor, but chances are that Raider is doing higher numbers than both of these.

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  • TVS has seen a massive growth of almost 1.55 lakh units or whopping 210 percent!
  • From 4.90 percent last year, TVS now has a chunky segment share of 14.5 percent in 125cc motorcycles.
  • TVS is still the fourth placed maker here but against a difference of almost 3 lakh units last year, it is less than a lakh unit lower than Hero, the third place holder in this 125cc motorcycle segment this year (April to September period).

If TVS continues to rise at this pace, it could end up toppling Hero – which was once the largest 125cc motorcycle seller in the country – not too long ago. And this is just with one single motorcycle!