TVS Gets FIERO Name; Sportier Model Than Raider?

We expect the TVS Fiero 125 to be a model that could sit over the existing sporty Raider to justify the degradation of the Fiero nameplate…

TVS has burnt its fingers in the 125cc space multiple times. However, this time it seems to have a different strategy. Instead of following other, established brands, the Chennai based maker is trying to create its presence in the premium space.

With the launch of Raider 125, TVS entered this sub-segment and the results have been encouraging. And now, it seems that the maker is getting ready for its second model in this range – Fiero 125.

TVS Fiero 125

We already know that TVS had applied for the Fiero 125 trademark in November 2020. Back then the status was ‘Formality Check – Pass’.

However, as we revisit it, it has been ‘Accepted & Advertised’ and TVS is free to use it on its products. This indicates that all the formalities related to this process have been cleared.

Additionally, we also have spy pics of a mysterious TVS motorcycle that could be the tagged as the Fiero 125.

TVS FIERO details
Fiero of the older times..

If we have to speculate, the return of the Fiero brand could, itself, give a big traction to the company. And if it turns out to be a motorcycle sportier than the Raider, then we are definitely seeing a lot of fight in this segment.

There is no confirmation, however, from TVS regarding this bike or any other development related to it. All these are just speculations until some concrete information is revealed or received. 

Yet, the intentions of TVS are very clear that they are aggressive about grabbing a major share in the 125 cc segment of our country.