Hold On! Is TVS Launching a Power Cruiser Tomorrow? TEASED….

TVS cruiser launch tomorrow? Production version of Zeppelin? What….???

So, going by our last update, it is a ‘launch’ tomorrow. And TVS is playing peek-a-boo by revealing information in bits and pieces. Few minutes back, they have teased a tank of what looks like a motorcycle at their official social channels.

TVS Cruiser Launch

Joining the dots – TVS first sent a coffee mug as the ‘block your date‘ invite by which they may have signified ‘relaxed’ nature of the upcoming motorcycle (Their communication team has always been very innovative and such before-the-launch invites have always signified something). And now the tank has a low-slung tear-drop design which hints at the possibility of this being a cruiser.

Furthermore, the tank has a retro feel to it and it isn’t as curvaceous as Zeppelin cruiser concept of the 2018 Auto Expo. There is a rugged looking tank pad as well which reminds of Royal Enfield’s Classic 350! Unfortunately, there is nothing which gets revealed further even by editing the pic (screengrab of the teaser video) a little.

TVS Zeppelin Launch
Zeppelin cruiser concept of the 2018 Auto Expo

However, the caption – THE STRONG RULES THE ROAD, is what suggests that this would be something interesting – real interesting. Ideally, TVS should not be using it for small capacity motorcycles and this cruiser (if it is one) may carry a powerful engine.

Here is the quick teaser video…

TVS Zeppelin was powered by a 220cc single cylinder air cooled engine (yes, the radiator of the concept was a hollow unit) which was mated with an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) which also had a 1200 watt regenerative electric motor along with a 48v Li-Ion battery which, they said, aids in performance. Now, it is not known if it will be this engine or we are talking about something else? Just to remind – TVS doesn’t have such an engine in the portfolio at this point of time – so either it has to be a rebored unit of the Apache 200’s unit (if it is possible) or an altogether a new motor.

TVS Could Launch Entorq 210 with 150cc Engine

The tank design of the teaser is different from Zeppelin

Zeppelin was also announced to sport 41mm upside-down front forks, dual channel ABS, LED lighting, Pirelli Sport Demon tyres and a segment first Bio-Key. Know all the details of Zeppelin here.

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We are already at the venue and are eagerly waiting to see what is it that TVS is creating such a massive hype about – join our Facebook page at 11-11:30 am tomorrow to know the secret…