TVS Schedules Media Event on Aug 23: Update – It is a ‘Launch’

TVS 23 Aug Launch, Unveil, new product…what could it be?

UpdateThere is still nothing concrete on this however, in our official ticket’s mailer they have specified “TVS Launch Tickets – 23rd August” and the event is scheduled from 11 am till 4 pm. So, it gets clear that it is some launch – but what product it is – is a well-kept secret even till now!

TVS has scheduled a media event on August 23 in Chennai. They have shared the initial block your date invites in an innovative way by sending cups to select media. Now, there is nothing that they have revealed so far and hence everybody out there has gone berserk with their understanding of the situation.

We have websites speculating anything from the launch of a 125cc motorcycle as a replacement of Phoenix, to yet-another 110cc sharing Victor’s credentials in motorcycles. Some others have predicted the unveil/launch of the production versions of either Creon electric scooter or iQube hybrid electric 2-wheeler.

TVS Zeppelin Launch
Some are also expecting Zeppelin’s incoming. Click pic to know about this cruiser

Let me clarify, at this point of time it is not even known that it is an ‘unveil/launch’ at the first place! Now Confirmed

The only two dots which can be joined at the moment are

  1. it could be something ‘relaxing’ considering the coffee ‘cup’. Last time TVS sent a pit board before Apache RR310 (read review) and one leather glove before 2018 Apache 160’s (watch video review) introduction (the second unit of the pair was given at the event).
  2. the event is something really important for TVS as they have called in a lot of media to the city!

Race-Spec Apache 310 Gets 38 PS of Power & These 4 Changes

Till we have a clue about it (or something from a reliable source), we leave it to you to guess what could it be…