May 2015 Scooter Sales: TVS Beats Hero, Yamaha Overruns Suzuki

Some say the dusk of Hero began on the day it parted ways with Honda (or its the vice versa that is true!). If you have been following our monthly sales articles you will know that TVS was lurching around Hero’s neck for domestic scooter sales for quite sometime. And it has happened – TVS has kicked Hero and snatched the second largest domestic scooter seller tag for the month of May 2015. This is not the first time, TVS has beaten Hero in monthly scooter sales at least in Oct 2014.

The largest scooter seller Honda held onto its pole position by a massive margin. It sold 2.15 Lakh scooters for the month of May, registering impressive growth of 14 percent (over an already huge base). Hero lost a significant market and sold 20 percent lesser scooters for May and its cumulative sales (Apr to current month) also dropped by 15 percent.


On the other hand, TVS registered 4 percent increment in sales for May to emerge as the second largest scooter seller in the country, although by just 500 odd units. However, for cumulative sales, it still trails Hero by about 8000 units. The same story continued in exports –¬†Hero lost a few units, however, TVS gained a few hundred to emerge as a slightly bigger scooter exporter.


In the lower rankings, there is a turnaround – Yamaha overtakes Suzuki, although both ended up in red. Mahindra, with its Gusto showed some improvement, however, much more than this needed… Piaggio, interestingly maintained its market share.


A few days back, we shared with you that in Financial Year 2015 sales, Hero lost in every non-100cc segment. This is concerning for the brand and why we do not feel very positive about them is because of the big transition that has all the prospects of causing further dent on their sales – the transition from trusted Honda’s engines to their own!

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However, in product terms, Hero has a lot of scooters planned for our market. This includes the 110 cc Dash and a 125 cc scooter, both of which are expected to be launched very soon….