Speed 400 Deliveries Very Soon; Booking Amount Increased

Triumph Speed 400 deliveries will commence in 2-3 days just within this month as dispatches to dealerships have commenced…

Triumph has received phenomenal response for its Speed 400 and deservingly so. Just after 2-3 days of launch Bajaj (which is taking care of complete Triumph production and sales) informed that it has already received 10,000 bookings of the roadster.

In a latest update, Bajaj has started dispatches of the motorcycle from its new Chakan plant in Pune. It has also cleared that deliveries of the motorcycle will commence within this month, as promised in the launch event on 5th. The initial lots may be for the closer dealerships which means people in Pune and Mumbai may be the first ones to get this motorcycle.

The company announced Rs 10,000 discount for the first 10,000 deliveries and will be contacting people who booked the motorcycle for the final formalities. After this, the motorcycles will be handed over to them. Bajaj reiterates that there is a strong booking pipeline for the motorcycle.

Bajaj has also announced that it will ship display and test ride bikes to all Triumph dealerships in India – so that prospect customers can see the motorcycle live and experience it before booking one. In case you are very interested in the motorcycle but you do not have a Triumph dealership near you, do not fret as Bajaj intends to open 100-120 exclusive Triumph dealerships within this financial year.

Speed 400 Tractability | Low Speeds in Each Gear

While we are at it, Bajaj has also increased the booking amount of the Triumph’s 400 to Rs 10,000 from the earlier Rs 2000. However, the good news is that it still remains fully refundable in case you cancel your booking.

If you are still a fence sitter and are contemplating buying the Speed 400, do check out our review below.

It must also be noted that Scrambler 400X’s bookings are also being undertaken, however, its launch and prices will be known in October 2023. In case you are interested in the brawly sibling, here is a comparo video highlighting all the differences between these two models..