Speed 400 Tractability | Low Speeds in Each Gear [Video]

Speed 400 tractability – Top speed, high revs is okay but let us talk about the low speed performance; how does it fare…?

Triumph and Bajaj have brought in a very tractable motorcycle in the form of Speed 400. It churns a very healthy output of 40 PS at 8000 rpm and 37.5 Nm at 6500 rpm. We have talked about the high speed performance, the top speed and related details in this video.

In this one, let us quickly show you the tractability aspect of the motorcycle. The Speed has a flat toque curve and it churns 30 Nm or higher torque all through – from 3000 rpm till 9000 rpm. This enables it to produce some very good low speed numbers in all gears. Check the following video and see what can that motor do in low speeds..

Speed 400 Tractability | Low Speed Performance Video

As you can see, the Speed 400 is a lot more tractable than the other similar displacement motorcycles that Bajaj produces, namely, 390 Duke and Dominar 400. It has a very very meaty mid-range – you flip the throttle and the motorcycle responds, and how! Power build up till the higher rpms is fairly linear and strong. This low end performance from a short-stroke engine is very clever engineering from Bajaj, Triumph.

speed 400 tractability

However, on the other hand, if you are pitting it against the Royal Enfield’s Classic 350s or even the Harley Davidson X440 (both of these come with long stroke engines that have inherent quality of fabulous tractability) the Triumph would not do as well in the bottom end. Both of these are much stronger in this area. However, talk about mid-range to high range and the Triumph would run circles around these (okay, at least around the Classic 😀 ).

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