BIG: Bajaj Promises Speed 400 Service Cost to be Lower Than Royal Enfield

There is a very big Bajaj promise on Triumph Speed 400 service cost. We quickly discuss 3-4 questions on this topic…

As I have been iterating time and again, Bajaj has come much better prepared this time in its bid to snatch a small little pie from the emperor of this segment – Royal Enfield! Along with a brand name of Triumph that has a much better recall, the overall ecosystem that it is trying to build is definitely alarm bells for the Chennai based maker that has enjoyed over 90 percent market share so far.

The (first) product Speed 400 is phenomenal, the pricing is unbelievably good and there is a whole bunch of accessories that you can get to personalize your motorcycle – a trait that a large chunk of buyers of this segment have. Community rides and engagements will also begin shortly, for sure. So, what is left then?

The servicing part – the overall ecosystem that is! This is a point of concern for many simply because of Triumph’s brand name and the obvious belief that being a premium maker, it may charge higher for both – labor as well as parts. So, the duo – Triumph and Bajaj are handling this in various ways and here are some quick answers that you may have..

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Speed 400 Service Cost Q&A

Who will service Triumph Speed 400?

Short answer Bajaj! But not at any KTM dealership, not at any Bajaj dealership but at dedicated Triumph service centers, about 100-120 of which are coming up this year.

Speed 400 service – What is Bajaj-Triumph’s plan?

The Speed 400 (and the upcoming models) will continue with Triumph’s best in the industry service interval of 10,000 miles which is equal to 16,000 kms or 1 year (whichever is earlier). So, you do not have to take your motorcycle every 6 months to the service center. And even if you are an avid traveler, you need not worry as an interval of 16,000 is massive. Less frequent scheduled visits plus higher kilometers will definitely save you from a lot of hassles and, hopefully money.

speed 400 service cost

The next question – Will the engine oil be able to survive that long a drain interval. It could even exceed 16,000 km in some cases as well.

Bajaj informs that it will be using a special engine oil for the Speed 400 (and other co-developed Triumphs) that has been developed in collaboration with some oil manufacturer (name not revealed) that will last that long. It has also not been shared whether it will be mineral, semi-synthetic or full-synthetic but I safely assume and believe that it will be a full-synthetic, high performance engine oil that will go to this 398cc motor.

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What about service costs?

So, exact service costs are not known at this point but there is a loud and vocal promise from Bajaj. The Pune based maker says – Three years service costs of Speed 400 will be lesser than Royal Enfield’s 350s! That is something that only Bajaj can pull-off!

Frankly, with such a comprehensively well-engineered and shockingly affordable product, promised affordable service costs (lesser than rivals), I see this motorcycle going a long way in creating a definite mark in the modern classic segment of India!

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