How Many 310s Have BMW-TVS Sold Till Now? Revealed in 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Total 310 platform sales numbers have been revealed by TVS and BMW in their joint press note that celebrates ten years of partnership..

Back in the last decade, BMW wanted a partner that can produce high-quality, smaller capacity, single cylinder motorcycles at low costs. After, what must have been a big hunt, it zeroed in on our Indian TVS Motor Company as its partner. The official deal was signed in April in the year 2013.

This means that the duo is now celebrating ten years – a full decade – of very strong and successful partnership. So far, the partnership has made the impressive 310 platform that currently spawns as many as four motorcycles – G310 R street, G310 GS Adventure and G310 RR sports – are sold under the BMW’s moniker whereas the Apache RR 310 is sold as TVS’ flagship model. Another motorcycle – Apache RTX 310 aka naked Apache 310 will be launched soon (here is the exact date).

Apart from India, all these motorcycles are also exported to different countries of the world. The next question is how many 310s have been sold till now?

In its press release, TVS/BMW informs that it has more than 1.40 Lac customers of these motorcycles globally and reveals that these models are doing well in the Europe, Latin America, Japan, China and USA markets – obviously apart from India. These models are sold across 100+ markets of the world.

310 platform sales
TVS only sells the Apache RR 310 on this platform, but it will be joined by another motorcycle very soon…

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BMW-TVS Partnership – What Next?

So far, after the joint-development of this platform, TVS is manufacturing these 310s at its Hosur facility that serves around 10 percent of BMW’s total volumes globally. Apart from new models on the 310 platform, the scope of the partnership now also includes products on future technologies including electric. In fact, the recently unveiled BMW CE-02 urban electric scooter is a jointly-developed product.

Aside this, the two companies are also discussing expansion of manufacturing network out of India. This partnership is a testimony of how our homegrown makers are doing phenomenal quality that even the German connoisseurs have entrusted.