Tork Kratos vs Kratos R – What are the Differences?

Six Tork Kratos vs Kratos R differences listed. These will help you decide which variant you should consider buying…

Today, on the occasion of our 73rd Republic day, Tork Motors launched their Kratos electric motorcycle after announcing it almost 6 years ago. They also threw in a surprise by offering the R variant of the Kratos which boasts higher performance numbers than the standard model. 

But, what are the differences between these two models??

Kratos vs Kratos R differences

Let’s take a look:

Kratos vs Kratos R Differences

Design – 

Design-wise, both the variants look identical to each other with two exceptions. The R variant gets a red colored ‘R’ moniker fixed to the Kratos name. Secondly, the R variant gets 4 color options in comparison to standard Kratos’ one colour option i.e. White. The Kratos R comes in White, Red, Blue and Black color schemes. 

Motor and Battery – 

The Kratos and Kratos R get similar battery packs and motor configurations. The only difference between the two variants are the performance figures.

The maximum power of Kratos R variant is 9 kW (12 BHP) compared to standard Kratos’ 7.5 kW (10 BHP). The torque figures also follow the similar trend with the R variant putting 38 NM of peak torque when compared to 28 Nm for the standard variant.

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Performance –

The Kratos R can achieve a higher top-speed of 105 kmph in comparison to 100 kmph claimed for the Kratos. The 0-40 kph sprint times are 3.5 seconds for the Kratos R and 4 seconds for standard Kratos.

Charging –

The R variant also gets the fast charging option which charges the bike from 0-80% SOC in 1 hour while the standard variant only gets normal charging speeds and charges to 100% SOC in 4-5 hours.

Features – 

Both the variants of Tork Kratos get standard set of features like full-digital instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth capability with in-app navigation, USB charging, anti-theft system, front storage box, battery indicator, hazard lights, crash alert, remote charging status and so much more. 

Kratos vs Kratos R differences

However, the Kratos R additionally gets Geofencing, Find My Vehicle function, Motor Walk Assist, Track Mode and analysis, Smart Charge analysis and vacation mode. These are not present on the standard Kratos.

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Prices – 

The Kratos R demands a premium of Rs. 15,000/- over the standard Kratos variant. 

The Kratos is priced at Rs. 1,92,499/- while the Kratos R demands Rs. 2,07,499/- both ex-showroom, Pune. 

After leveraging the FAME II subsidy and State subsidies, here are the prices of both the variants ex-showroom (Phase-I cities):