FINALLY: Tork Kratos Launch Confirmed for 26 Jan; Game Changer?

Tork Kratos launch date has been confirmed by the company officially. The motorcycle is being touted as a game changer in its segment…

It was the year 2016 when Tork Motors showcased their first electric bike concept to the country. They named it T6X. Since then, this concept has been under heavy testing and development. Other than a few glimpses here and there, things were very quiet about the electric bike. 

Few weeks back, T6X came into our conversations again when it was caught being tested on public roads with many visual changes. Ever since then things have started to develop quickly with the company themselves leading the charge. 

tork kratos launch date

Tork themselves teased the name of the T6X concept on their Instagram, letting us know that their electric bike will be called Kratos. 

It has been revealed that the Pune based EV manufacturer will launch the Kratos on 26th of January through a virtual event. Additionally, the bookings for Kratos will begin on the same day itself.

Tork Kratos – Quick Highlights:

  • The T6X concept has been under development since 2016.
  • The T6X is the fifth working prototype which the company has been working on. 
  • Tork claims the Kratos is India’s first indigenously designed and engineered electric bike. 
  • Since the showcase, the bike has undergone heavy visual and probably mechanical changes. 
  • The electric bike feature Torks’s LIION Lithium-ion battery pack. 
  • Their battery pack will run Tork’s self-developed Axial Flux Motor which they claim to have efficiency of 90-96%. 
  • The Kratos is expected to be powered by a 6kW (8 BHP) DC Axial Flux motor which puts out 27 Nm of torque. 

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  • The battery claims to have a super fast charging characteristic and will be charged to 80% SOC in one hour. 
  • The company claims that the Kratos will give a range of 100 km on a single charge and will be able to comfortably cruise at 100 km/h.
  • The Kratos will utilise its own operating system – Tork Response Operating System (TIROS). 
  • The company explains that TIROS is the intelligence that will drive that Kratos and will provide analysis and compilation of data for each ride, power management, real-time power consumption and range forecast.
  • They further claim that the electric bike will also update and incorporate new features via the cloud.
  • The electric bike is made around a Split-Trellis frame made of high-strength Chromoly Steel.
  • Tork claims the whole chassis is created in a way to optimise Center of Gravity.
  • It is expected to be priced around Rs. 1.25 Lakh.

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tork kratos launch date

It has started to become evident that the electric vehicle market of our country is developing tremendously. With Kratos joining the likes of Revolt RV400 and the upcoming stunning looking Ultraviolette F77, the options for the end consumer are going to be numerous. 

We think it’s a good beginning towards adopting the greener mode of transportation. The future is Electric and we hope its rapid adoption will also bring a better future for us all…..