Top Speed Comparison of All Existing 200 cc Motorcycles

So if you are a top speed craving soul, 200 cc is the entry point in terms of performance motorcycles (strictly in Indian context). Ever since four strokers became mainstream, this segment saw Hero and Bajaj fight for supremacy. Karizma, one of the best motorcycles of its era, was displaced by Bajaj when they introduced the Pulsar 220 DTSi in 2009. And that marked two absolutely different perspectives from both the manufacturers – Hero almost completely neglected the segment and Bajaj paid special emphasis with their new-age Pulsars and the end result is in front of everybody.

But now, with TVS joining the race with the new Apache 200s and Hero also showing its renewed intent with the Xtreme 200S, going will not be easy for Bajaj in terms of dominance in sales. But that will be decided in due course of time. For now, let us compare the top speeds of motorcycles in this segment.

Top Speed Comparo Pulsar vs Apache vs Duke vs Karizma

200-225 cc Motorcycles – Top Speed Comparison

Listing¬†them in ascending order and remember these are company claimed figures (unless specified)…

  • Hero Xtreme 200S (upcoming) – 120 kmph
  • Hero Karizma R – 126 kmph
  • TVS Apache 200 Carb – 127 kmph
  • Hero Karizma ZMR – 129 kmph
  • TVS Apache 200 FI – 129 kmph
  • KTM Duke 200: 134 kmph*
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS200 – 135 kmph
  • KTM RC200 – 138 kmph*
  • Bajaj Pulsar RS200 – 140.8 kmph
  • Bajaj Pulsar 220 – 144 kmph

*We do not have a written proof of KTM’s claims so posted here are widely regarded figures. Rest of them are absolutely spot on and are company announced top speed figures for respective motorcycles. We have not included cruisers like Avenger in this list.

Quick Pointers

  • Upcoming Xtreme 200S will form a new low in terms of top speed performance in 200cc motorcycles. Heck, it may as well be the slowest in acceleration as well (going by its segment-lowest specs).
  • Among the current production motorcycles, Karizma R has the lowest top speed.
  • Surprisingly, in the 200 cc segment we have more fuel injected motorcycles than carbed! Out of these RS200 boasts of the highest top speed (in FI).
  • And despite its age, Pulsar 220 is claimed to be the fastest (not the quickest) motorcycle in this segment.

This brings us to an interesting point – Bajaj has started promoting their new flagship RS200 as the “fastest Pulsar yet” which, in essence, opposes their own claimed figure of Pulsar 220.

Bajaj Pulsar 220F 8500 Kms Review by Manish Singhal BikeAdvice (12)


  • I repeat, these are company claimed figures.
  • Top speed doesn’t signify the true performance of a motorcycle on daily roads – in-gear acceleration is a better indicator of that. Pulsar 220 may be the “fastest” 200 cc motorcycle but a lot of others in this list are much quicker.
  • The top speeds you achieve on your motorcycle’s speedo are actually 5-20% lesser in actuality since there is an error associated with speedometers. Among these, Karizma ZMR has one of the most accurate readings with the least error.

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Do let us know what is the top speed you have achieved on your motorcycle and if they are higher than these…

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