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Gurugram Police to Ride Gixxer SF 250s

Continuing with its tradition, Suzuki has gifted ten of its new Gixxer SF 250s to the Gurugram police under the road safety CSR initiative. These motorcycles are customised to suit the requirements.

2020 Hayabusa Launched at 13.75 Lakh; Final BS4 Model

2020 Hayabusa price is similar to the last year's model. It is now available, for a brief period, in two new colour themes - bright and dark!

So Who is Winning the Quarter Liter Race, in Sales Numbers?

Duke 250 vs Gixxer 250 vs FZ25 vs Others - Which ones are biker's favourite? Should we have more options in this segment...? Few years back we...

2019 Gixxer 250 Race Bike Media Endurance Race – Experience

Suzuki invited us for a media endurance race on its new Gixxer SF 250 race bike which has been tuned to offer better performance. Let us discuss its experience...

Many Customers Getting Tired of Royal Enfield’s Styling: Top Suzuki Official

Suzuki's Royal Enfield rival may or may not go to production but the Jap is keeping a close eye on the market's response to this segment... Almost all...

Bike Run-in Period: Some Do’s and Dont’s

You must all have heard about the term bike run-in period (or break-in period). Let us, in this article, quickly talk about its details. In...