Milestone: Suzuki Access is Now 50 Lakh Strong

Cumulative Suzuki Access sales have crossed that 50 Lakh mark – which is a big achievement for the Jap – in a segment dominated by Honda…

Back in 2007, Suzuki took charge and introduced a new product in the 125cc scooter space – and called it the Access. Yes, Access was India’s first 125cc scooter and together with its responsive engine, fairly frugal nature and fuss free behaviour, it has been a scooter that is loved by many.

Suzuki has informed that Access has gone onto become a 50 lakh strong brand for the company. It has rolled out the 5 millionth unit from its Gurugram plant and it took around 16 years for it to reach this milestone. This gives us an average of around 26,000 units per month.

Currently, Suzuki consistently sells over 50,000 units of its scooters every month, major portion of which is formed by the Access. In a segment brutally dominated by Honda, Suzuki has managed to keep Access as India’s largest selling 125cc scooter for the last many years.

suzuki access sales
Newly introduced sibling Avenis is also doing good business for Suzuki..

Suzuki informs that Access is on a growth trajectory and the company is ensuring that the interest levels continue to increase by improving it almost every year. This also includes upgrading its feature set regularly – to keep it equal to or better than the competition.

Today, Suzuki sells three 125cc scooters – that are based on a similar platform – however, target different audience set. The Access is a unisex scooter targeted at family buyers who want basic looking, functional scooter. On top of the portfolio is the maxi-scooter Burgman Street that appeals to buyers who prefer big, burly scoots. And somewhere between them is the company’s latest product – the Avenis – that targets people who want all the positives of the Access, but in a sporty avatar. It must be noted that both the Avenis and Burgman are also doing pretty good business for Suzuki.

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