Spotting of an interesting Suzuki small capacity motorcycle with the ‘Gixxer’ tag created a lot of stir in the market and today, Suzuki has officially unveiled the motorcycle to the public and did we say it looks cool!


Against the brand name it commands, Gixxer is a 155cc small capacity naked motorcycle for India. It will sit over the current GS150R and is clearly a more premium offering. If you were waiting eagerly to know the power and torque figures, let us disappoint you that they have not been revealed. All what has been officially announced is noted in the following pointers:

  • Gixxer carries a 155cc 4 stroke air-cooled SOHC carburetted engine.
  • It gets rear monoshock absorbers and disc brakes at the front and regular drums at the rear.
  • And the rear tyre is an FZ-rivalling 140/60 17 incher. Front rubber is the regular 100/80 17 inch.
  • Gixxer carries an all-digital instrument cluster.

Further, Suzuki shares that the Gixxer 155 has been developed by the designers of bigger GSX-Rs. Against keeping the power and torque figures hidden, Suzuki has shared that Gixxer will have a new powerful engine which will come with a wider low-end torque along with a punchy mid-range power.

Going by the hints we have got, Gixxer may be a 14-15bhp motorcycle which will also have higher fuel efficiency figures. On the looks front, the Gixxer is a fresh new design and a surprise considering the fact that it is coming from Suzuki India which has so far been making drab looking (but very potent) products.


*Yamaha’s FZ in comparison

The bikini fairing, the humped up fuel tank with a lot of design elements, dummy air scoops, upswept seat, fatter rear tyre and more specifically that real ‘rich’ exhaust makes the Gixxer a very appealing preposition and right up against the FZs which  have enjoyed the dominance so far.

Suzuki will showcase the Gixxer at the Auto Expo and the launch will take place sometime in July this year which is when more details including the power/torque figures as well as the pricing will be revealed.

So, we have two questions for you.

  1. Will you prefer the Gixxer over FZ?
  2. How much will you be willing to pay for this Gixxer?

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  1. FZ looks better…It’s tried and tested product…..I will pay 75K OTR for this Suzuki.If it’s beyond 80k, then FZ is the choice…

  2. With these photos above as reference, except the exhaust, which is only ‘different’ and not ‘better’, the FZ wins for me in looks. Gixxer is not a fresh design. The tank looks like a length-extended-breadth-slimmed-height reduced version of FZ’s tank. FZ’s pillion position is lower and more commuter friendly. And FZ is definitely more muscular.

    Waiting for more pics to see if I need to take my words back but its still FZ for now.

  3. Gixer has attractive looks , 155cc engine might match FZS power , what will make difference is if Gixer comes with 6speed gearbox the it will be winner .. remember Suzuki already has GS150R fitted with 6speed gearbox.
    Other things to note would be if Gixer has a kickstart lever and full pedal gear shift .

  4. The overall frame and stance of this bike reminds me of Pulsar 200 NS. FZ’s rear tyre compliments the masculine image of bike but from this image Gixxer’s doesn’t do that. But its too early to comment abt a bike with only single pic.

    After such “Down-To-Earth” price tagging of Inazuma, i believe Gixxer should also be priced somewhere between 1.5 to 2 lakhs….. 😛

  5. Gixxer looks way better in these picture comparison with FZ. The tail and the tank especially are gorgeous and exude sophistication in design.

  6. No Idea about FZ but it will surely kill Honda’s New Trigger …. and all of the Naked 150 CC bike’s will be killed by Bajaj’s New Pulsar 150CC naked ! Hero Please wake up… join the war 🙁

  7. Looks thin compared to FZ. look wise FZ is way better. suzuki should given head design differently, looks similar to suzuki sling shot. not an impressive design if this is gonna be FZ’s rival.hope this is superior in performance.

  8. Gixxer 150 is much more better than fz-s but july is very much late if u keep the bike in market b4 may I prefer it and cost? I prefer it to be below 1.25lac


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