Suzuki’s Tomorrow’s Launch REVEALED: Exclusive Details [Pics Added]

Is it a new motorcycle or scooter or is it Suzuki Ride Connect or something else? We reveal the details along with a teaser video….

Because of various leaks and spy shots we generally get to see/know the product that is going to launch before its due date. But in two back to back cases the online media has been caught unawares – the first was the launch of CB350 on 30th September and the next one is tomorrow’s Suzuki event.

Back on 25th September, Suzuki sent ‘block your day’ invites to the media for ‘A Superior Way to Ride‘. This text was written on what looked like a digital console that is not currently on offer on any existing motorcycle or scooter in the portfolio. You can read more details about it here.

On 28th September we did a story about the possibility of the launch of new-generation Swish. Now, just ahead of the D-Day, Suzuki has dropped probably the final teaser with more information. It has shared a ‘Step-by-step guide to experience the incredible‘ which reads….

Suzuki ride connect

So, What is IT…?

Let us clear that it will NOT be a new motorcycle or scooter that the company has scheduled for tomorrow – no Intruder 250, no Swish, no Burgman Street 150, nothing! Suzuki is introducing its smart connectivity system through which you will be able to pair your mobile phones to your rides – very similar to TVS Ntorq and others.

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This connectivity suite, likely to be called as, Suzuki Ride Connect, will be launched on two products first-

  • Access Special Edition
  • Burgman Street

The standard Access is likely to continue with the same analogue cluster. The Access SP will also get one or two new colors (one of them is brown) and LED position lights (pic above). Prices of both these scooters will rise by Rs 3,000-4,000 for the added tech. Here is an exclusive teaser video we have with us..

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