Suzuki Inazuma Semi-Faired Unveiled: Will the Lightening Strike India Soon?

Suzuki, the auto giant from Hamamatsu, has been charting paths all alone in the tough waters of the price-sensitive Indian automobile market for quite some time now. It made a foray into India with TVS as a partner, then decided to go solo a few years back.

Suzuki-Inazuma-GW250S (2)

There have been quite a few offerings from them in the volume-segment. Access, GS150R, Hayate, and a relatively newer Swish have been doing quite well, though they have never managed to be “Blockbusters”. Notwithstanding this minor setback, Suzuki has not shied away from showcasing it’s true technological prowess. Some of it’s high-end bikes are marketed via the CBU route, and this includes their flagship model “Hayabusa“.

Now, the Japanese giant has started rolling up its sleeves. India is an important market for them, and they are not going to keep playing second-fiddle to Indian automakers, or to any other automaker in the fray. With the competition hotting up in the quarter-litre class, they have decided to bring some real stuff for the “Power-Crazy-Yet-asks-Kitna-Deti-Hai” Indian biker. Here’s what Suzuki is upto!

What you see here is the semi faired version of Suzuki Inazuma GW250S which the company unveiled at Auto Shanghai. Suzuki has always displayed a penchant for naming their bikes well, and this “INAZUMA” is not an exception. INAZUMA is the japanese for “The lightning that strikes in a storm“, and for sure this bike looks like a lightning that will strike on other contemporary models. Inspired by the bigger and more muscular Suzuki B-King, this bike has the looks of a “Rebel”.

Suzuki-Inazuma-GW250S (1)

It’s equipped with a distinctive dual-exhaust setup. The headlamp can be described as “Chunky”, and it definitely does add an identity to the bike. Though not equipped with split-seats, it is still classy and beautiful to look at. The meaty tires lend the INAZUMA a big-bike look. Overall, the INAZUMA belies the modern sport bike look, and has a more “Relaxed” feel to itself. Instead of sharp edges, there are more of “flowing curves” to this bike.


The styling and design cues project exactly what Suzuki has on their mind. They are not looking to wean away riders from their Japanese counterpart’s Ninja. Instead, this bike is aimed at riders who want a heady mix of power as well as a relaxed, comfortable ride. The handlebars are set higher than usual, and the seating position is a lot more upright. If you want a bike for cruising around the city comfortably rather than attacking corners with insane lean angles this is the machine for you. The longish seat, as well as an even longer wheelbase are meant for that.

At the heart of the INAZUMA lies a 248 cc parallel-twin, 4-stroke engine which churns out 26 bhp of power and 24.2 Nm of torque at full blast. The mill is mated to a 6-speed tranny, which transmits power to the rear-wheel via a direct chain drive. The figures may cause the bike to appear sluggish when the kerb-weight of 182 kg comes forward, but then this bike is not projected as a “signal post-to-signal post” drag racer. At the front wheel, a telescopic suspension does the job of eating-up the deformities on the tarmac, whereas a mono-shock takes over at the rear. Slotted discs take care of stopping the motion, both at the front and the rear.


There are 2 variants of the INAZUMA, the naked GW250 and the semi-faired GW250 S. Apart from the fairing that shrouds the GW250 S, rest all is same nut-to-nut. The fairing does bring the much needed wind-protection when on the open highways at cruising speeds.

There has been no official word from the company yet, but it seems the naked GW250 will most likely make the cut. There’s an amazing spyshot of Salman Khan riding the GW250  during a movie shoot. However, if the semi-faired was also to be introduced, we would not regret.

So, will you prefer this Inazuma over CBR250R?



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