Hi readers this is Venkata and over the next couple of minutes I would like to take you all to a journey on my Suzuki Access 125. I own Suzuki Access 125; however I wanted to buy a bike with gears but my wife didn’t like bikes with gears, so I thought of buying a gearless Scooter. After Searching in the market for about 2 months I thought I would buy Honda Activa but when I went to showroom and asked for Honda Activa they said it would take around 8 months to deliver and price here in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh region is 59,000 rupees, on road.

Again I was in great dilemma and was not able to decide on what to do further. One of my friends who also owns a Suzuki Access 125 advised me to go for the scooter he was using. At first I was a bit hesitant if I was making a wrong choice by going for a scooter other than Honda Activa, however I decided to go for Suzuki Access 125. So on 1-Jan-2011 I went Vallurupalli motors in Vijayawada (dealers of Suzuki). So the dealers said that it would take one or two months for me to get my hands on the scooter but then again I requested them, so they gave the delivery on the third day.

I choose the bike to be Black and it is an awesome experience riding it. One thing that I most liked about the scooter is its pick up. Initially I faced some starting problems like when I slow down the accelerator bike stops but it was rectified by the mechanic and now the problem is gone. For the last 6 months I have been using this bike and let me tell you one thing that this little machine is just so amazing and comfortable though it is a little bulky for ladies. Mileage comes around 45-49kms/ltr in city traffic stop and start conditions but in high ways it is 50-55kms/ltr.

The on road price of Suzuki Access 125 here in Vijayawada is 54000/- and 2000/- for Accessories. Suzuki Access runs on a powerful mill, no noise just a wind like a sound coming during acceleration though it gives out a little noise during low speeds. I completed 2 servicing; they are taking 280/- for free servicing to change the engine oil.

It has a spacious seat and under seat space is also good and spacious. When compared to Honda Activa it is more comfortable, enjoyable and the price and waiting period also very less. The servicing guys quickly respond to my. The only thing I want to share is that this scooter is one value for money product and I loved it from the moment I laid my hands on it. The machine is so good that even my wife loves it.

I came to know from my friend that the service for the Honda Activa is very bad here. Suzuki Access boasts a list of accessories such as, front fender bending, leg shield bending, front box, inner mat, body colored grips and it goes on. Obviously all these additional parts will make the vehicle look trendier. Access has both the options that of self-start and kick start system.

The gauges and control system are traditional. The seats are comfortable and flat offering good support for the pillion rider. Performance wise Suzuki Access runs on a powerful mill so you don’t have to worry climbing uphill. It sports 125cc engine that produces 8.58bhp at 7000rpm and 10Nm at 5500rpm which kind off make it a reasonably powerful amongst its peers.

The Access engine features XTP (Extra Torque and Performance) which is quite similar to Suzuki Zeus. Although Suzuki promises fuel efficiency of 60kmpl from its Access 125cc, we know about the test conditions (maybe downhill they are talking about…duh!). You should be just happy if your Access gives an economy of little more than 40kmpl. Finally I would say it is really a good bike and you will not regret if you choose Access over its peers.


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  1. One of the best scooters around. Infact its so good, dare I say better than the Honda Activa. However most people are not aware of it and think SCooters = Honda!

  2. i also have the same scooter its nice to ride and powerfull,,,,,,,,but can someone tell me how can increase the torque or horse power of scooter…………………..

    • Tell ur mechanic to adjust the fuel injector/Carburettor fuel port/nozzle screw settings to maximum ie the fuel injection should be set to high position this will inturn increase the pick up & torque bu on the contrary you will not get good mileage as you will be burning more fuel for the same distance..If there is a fuel management system card it can also be rigged to produce more torque..Cheers.

  3. Yeah!
    People think Scooters=Honda ! BUt thats WRONG!
    ACCESS is the new face of powerful scooting and has much more power than Activa/Aviator!
    Go for access ( like me :P, I was also confused for months in Access/Activa)

  4. the scooter well like strong engine like dabang SALMAN KHAN BODY
    if u go express hiway no sound noise free
    if take 65 speed there race bairring kit was copleate free. to side the pulser .
    TRY IT.

  5. Thanks for your review. I have read many comments in the internet that the vehicle stops when it is under traffic or rain. Could you please comment on this?

    Also, is it true that suziki service is bad?

    I have finalized my decision to 3 bikes –

    Activa (safe, tubeless tyres)
    Access 125 (no tubeless tyres)
    Rodeo RZ (looks small compared to other 2).

    Could you please suggest?

    • Among those.. go for Access undoubtedly ..
      for city riding and if you are not fat enough you can go for Yamaha Ray-Z, you feel great and decide to buy it when u ride all above..
      or else go for Access..
      thats it..


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