Super Meteor vs Vulcan Price COMPARO (India, UK & France) Reveals Interesting Placement!

Super Meteor vs Vulcan – we do a price comparison in three markets where the RE has been introduced – to find how has the Indian maker placed it…

On January 16th Royal Enfield officially announced the arrival of its flagship cruiser Super Meteor 650 (launch story). Sticking with its global ambitions the company announced prices for India, UK and France together. Here is how much the motorcycle costs in these markets…

Super Meteor Prices UK, France & India

Country       Super Meteor 650 Super Meteor 650 (Tourer)
Astral Interstellar Celestial 
India INR 3,48,900 (ex-showroom,India)INR 3,63,900 (ex-showroom,India)INR 3,78,900 (ex-showroom,India)
UK GBP 6,799 (OTR) (~6.82 Lac INR)GBP 6,999 (OTR) (~7.02 Lac INR)GBP 7,299 (OTR) (~7.32 Lac INR)
France â‚¬ 7,890 (MSRP) (~6.95 Lac INR)€ 8,090 (MSRP) (~7.12 Lac INR)€ 8,390 (MSRP) (~7.39 Lac INR)

Super Meteor vs Vulcan Price Comparison

As you can see global prices of the mid-sized cruiser are almost double of the Indian rates. Here, the Meteor 650 enjoys a massive price advantage against its rival Kawasaki Vulcan S. At 6.40 Lac ex-showroom in India Vulcan is priced almost double of the Super Meteor and there you see the advantage of local manufacturing 🙂 !

Super Meteor vs Vulcan
Vulcan S has got a significant power advantage over Super Meteor…

However, the Super Meteor does not hold the same price advantage in the UK as the 2023 Vulcan S is priced between GBP 7449 and GBP 7649 which is roughly equal to 7.48 Lac to 7.68 Lac in INR. When compared with the top of the line Celestial trim, the Vulcan S Black is just GBP 150 cheaper (roughly 15,000 in INR).

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Similarly, in France, the Vulcan S costs between € 8599 and € 8799 which translates to about 7.57 Lac and 7.75 Lac in INR. A similar comparison reveals that the price difference between these two mid-size cruisers is just €209 (or about 18,000 INR)

Super Meteor vs Vulcan
Super Meteor styling presents it as the conventional tall lanky cruiser

In that sense, it is extreme confidence from Royal Enfield to price and place its Super Meteor against Vulcan S which has much better engine specs and brand recall. It will be very interesting to see how things pan out there. In India also, Super Meteor is the costliest Royal Enfield ever and though it looks very VFM for what it offers, it will be worth a watch how people respond to it…

If you are in an international market looking for a mid size cruiser – which one will you pick considering the nominal price difference between these two…???